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Necropolis Immortal
Chapter 1778: Battle Flag and Star Diagram
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Chapter 1778: Battle Flag and Star Diagram

“It’s…” Lu Yun gaped at the abrupt appearance of a scarlet ape—Goldenlight.

Goldenlight and Silverlight had sworn fealty to him after Wuzhiqi’s arrival and become the protectors of the Dao Academy at Mount Xuanhuang. The scarlet ape’s actions moments ago overturned Lu Yun’s impression of him.

“I’m now the disciple of the reincarnation inspector and he’s taught me all of my new knowledge.” Goldenlight bared his teeth in a toothy grin. “You’re my master’s brother, so I should call you martial uncle.”

“Your master is Jin Gushen, isn’t he?” Lu Yun rolled his eyes.

“Hehehe…” Goldenlight cackled and didn’t respond.

“So where’s your master?” Lu Yun asked involuntarily. Jin Gushen had been training under the Metal Potentate and thus had a proper identity and place in the Land of Reincarnation. But when Lu Yun swept the Hongmeng with his consciousness, he found that Jin Gushen was no longer in the third realm.

The reincarnation inspector possessed tens of thousands of replicas to monitor the events of this land. It was an easy task for some of them to take a few disciples.

“My master’s gone to the secondary worlds to protect someone,” Goldenlight responded.

Lu Yun immediately understood—he’d gone to protect Chu Xingran. The latter had once saved Jin Gushen; now that the Land of Reincarnation neared its end, the inspector was also freed from his duties and could freely walk the realms.

Lu Yun had wanted to bring back Chu Xingran and the others when he returned to Earth, but he’d still been unable to break the World Jail layout. It looked like the same problem stumped the inspector as well.


A tattered cloth bag the size of a palm fell from the sky, crashing heavily onto Lu Yun’s head. He pitched toward the ground from the impact and a muffled grunt. Standing next to him, Qing Yu jumped with surprise and quickly helped her beloved stay on his feet.

“What is this?” She caught the bag and looked at it skeptically. It was a tattered bag as light as a feather, but it’d raised a bump on Lu Yun’s head.

“Nothing much. Your cousin hates that I married you, so he threw this thing at my head.” Lu Yun grimaced with pain and quietly put the bag away. Word of this could never get out—if it did, another enormous disturbance would develop in the land.

He knew what was in the bag and suddenly felt extremely grateful toward his mysterious brother. Ten thousand heaven and earth ancestral veins were incredibly crucial and vital for him. Not only could they construct a complete world, they could construct a world of sequence and strengthen it!

The outsiders stared covetously at the world of immortal dao sequence because it was too weak, so weak that it would belong to whoever owned it.


The grand priest of the sea temple had traveled to Kunlun Mountain with cap in hand and a marriage proposal. Someone had crushed him to death with their grip—this was the perfect excuse for the temple and the third faction on Earth, World Hall, to declare war! They were perfectly ready to do so, but both fell silent when they realized that it was the inspector’s disciple who’d killed Forefather Primordius.

The reincarnation inspector represented the will of the Land of Reincarnation; his authority in this land was great. If the reincarnation guardian was a watchdog that the master of the land had set, then the inspector represented the master’s will.

Not even the soul ghost dared offend the inspector.

Those from the outside realm had tried to eliminate the inspector during the last thirty-three loops, but they’d failed. His emergence now was likely a reckoning for their actions, and he was so strong that even the soul ghost trembled with dread.


Although the sea temple and World Hall didn’t start their war, Lu Yun wasn’t about to let them get away with their impertinence.

The day after Forefather Primordius’ death, Lu Yun came knocking on the World Hall with Goldenlight in tow. They wordlessly captured all of the hall’s non-Earthling cultivators and imprisoned the outsiders in the Disordered Hell.

Most of the captives were from the chief worlds in the outside realm. They were similar to the previous Kun Sovereign King and Peng Sovereign King—outsiders who’d obtained a fourth realm identity and inherited their destiny.

They’d been hidden in the dark all this time; the world of immortals and Hongmeng were littered with their hidden agents. But when Chu Xingran dismantled his setups, he’d also removed their schemes. Once the seed of nothing appeared, the outsiders couldn’t bear to remain hidden and traveled to Earth to fight over the seed.

Of course, not all of them fell under the World Hall banner. Some of them had also joined the Hun Clan. There was more than just Hun You present in the Land of Reincarnation, he’d just been the unlucky one to fall to a plot.

“You need to think carefully on this, Lu Yun. If you destroy the World Hall today, then in the future—”

“If you dare touch Earth in the future or harm a single hair on the head of an Earthling, I promise that I’ll make you wish for death,” Lu Yun sneered at the master of the World Hall—a ninth level sequence expert.

“You bastard!” the expert snapped. “It was the sea temple who made trouble for you yesterday, why are you seeking revenge from us?!”

He was far stronger than nine levels, but this was the greatest amount of strength he could bring to bear in the fourth realm. With both Lu Yun and Goldenlight beating down his door, he had to keep a firm grip on his temper. He didn’t want to die yet.

“Wu Qun… I remember that’s your name, right? You’re the overlord of the Wu Cluster in the outside realm,” Goldenlight suddenly chuckled. “You brought your Wu Clan to the Land of Reincarnation when it first started and set up roots here. Instead of inheriting someone’s destiny, you created your own.”

Wu Qun quieted down when he heard the scarlet ape’s words. The Wu Clan had once been a powerful clan in the chief worlds with multiple major worlds in their possession. They were stronger than even the current Darklake, but all of that was in the past. The clan’s survivors had come to the Land of Reincarnation in search of any hope to revitalize their glory.

If he died, so did the clan’s last hope. He was the one who’d built the World Hall and there were very few who knew his true identity. Now that Goldenlight exposed him, there was nothing for him to do but grit his teeth and nod.

“Swear fealty to me,” Lu Yun suddenly said. “Swear fealty to me and become my subordinate. When I make it out of this land, I promise to return your clan to its glory days.”

“You?” Wu Qun sneered. “You’re on the chopping block yourself. You’ve accompanied the final withering of immortal dao countless times and always die alone in the void. You’re just taking a few extra spins around your destiny at the moment, you won’t escape it in the end.”

“Forget my offer, then.” Wu Qun had likely arrived in the first loop and experienced all of the cycles for himself. He’d personally witnessed Lu Yun’s ending numerous times.

“Will you enter yourself, or do I have to personally extend an invitation?” Lu Yun waved open the doors to the Disordered Hell.

“Hmph!” Wu Qun snorted and walked in with a brandish of his sleeves.

“Since you’re here, Princess Mu, why not come out for a chat?” Lu Yun smiled after Wu Qun was fully in the hell.

“How do you know that I’m the princess and not the soul ghost?” Gentle giggles sounded as Princess Mu appeared in front of him. There were no traces of a zombie on her and she seemed the same as a normal person.

“Is there a difference?” Lu Yun shook his head slightly. “Princess Mu is the reincarnation of the soul ghost and returned to her origins after the Corpse Refiners turned her into a zombie.”

“Did… the ghost ancestor tell you that?” Princess Mu blinked.

“Yes,” Lu Yun nodded. He’d fully won over the ghost ancestor and the latter had recovered everything about himself. In return, Lu Yun had used unparalleled virtue to dispel the endless resentment wreathed around him. “It’s just you left and it must suck to be in a state that’s half alive and half dead. If I can revive Fuxi, I’ll be able to revive you. So how about…”

“Sure,” the princess smiled. “I’m not a stick-in-the-mud like old geezer Wu Qun.”

“Old geezer?” Lu Yun raised his eyebrows.

“He’s older than me and the Wu Clan was once the most preeminent clan in the chief worlds. He was their patriarch. What a pity that this land has worn away his fire and courage, leaving behind pointless pride.” The princess crooked her finger at Lu Yun. “I’ll let you know that there’s another group of people attempting to refine the seed of nothing. They’ve set up a new world next to the seed and will devour the planet called Earth after a while…”

“What?!” Lu Yun jumped with shock and let loose with his consciousness. He didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, whether on Earth or around it.

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