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Necropolis Immortal
Chapter 1779: Master of the Land of Reincarnation
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Chapter 1779: Master of the Land of Reincarnation

“You’re just a tiny fellow at the moment, so you can’t see any of this. The Dao King foresaw all of it long ago and made certain arrangements in the cosmos around Earth. He laid his plans starting in the era of the great wilderness,” Princess Mu thought for a moment before continuing, “Mount Buzhou sits at the spot of that world, suppressing and keeping it under control. You should go seek out the Dao King and retrieve his star diagram and battle flag.

“Ah, yes.” Two beams of faint crimson light radiated from her eyes as an aura of violence emanated from her body. She immediately tamped it down. “I am indeed Princess Mu—a new personality born after the soul ghost reincarnated. I am able to keep the soul ghost under control with help from the Three Pure Ones after coming to Earth, but my control seems to slip by the day.”

She looked at Lu Yun.

“Take these.” He suddenly understood why the incredibly savage soul ghost had turned into the delicate and airy Princess Mu, why she’d built a sea temple instead of a nest of ghosts. Qing Buyi had likely let her in for the same reason.

He took out several karmic fruits and gave them to the princess. He didn’t dare use something like the Netherdark Talisman since that would likely dispel both her will and lingering resentment.

She left after accepting the fruit; Lu Yun watched her go with worry in his eyes. He turned in a certain direction—his master could be found there. For some reason, he didn’t have the courage to face the man. Not even Lu Yun knew why.

“Never mind, let’s go retrieve the battle flag and star diagram first,” he murmured to himself.

“You want the battle flag and star diagram?” Goldenlight smacked his forehead. “Haotian gave them to me before I came.”

He brought out a star diagram and a black flag that was one meter across. Haotian was the disguise that the Dao King had assumed when journeying the great wilderness, era of primordial dao, human dao, and immortal dao. Goldenlight knew Haotian, but not the Dao King.

“Weird, why couldn’t I remember that I had those two things before that woman showed up?” Goldenlight swung his head around. “Haotian must’ve done something.”

“These two treasures are very important. It’d be a disaster for you, me, and the Dao King if they’re exposed to any degree.” Lu Yun carefully put the star diagram and battle flag away.

“It looks like Qing Buyi also allowed the sea temple to be built. Although it appears that three factions are fighting bitterly over Earth, this is how we’re able to stabilize the situation on the planet and prevent more factions from intervening.” Lu Yun frowned. “At the same time, war draws the most potential out of geniuses and is the best shortcut to raising a crop of true powerhouses.”

At some point in time, he’d started considering everything from the perspective of the bigger picture. Perhaps the battles between the three were too brutal for the denizens of Earth, but from the consideration of the entire race, war was necessary.

Lu Yun didn’t have much time and neither did Earth. When outsiders charged in after six hundred years, the planet would be one of their primary targets. The greatest heavyweights among the invaders would naturally meet their match, but Earthlings themselves had to be strong if they wished to protect their home.

One thrived in calamity and died in soft living.

Goldenlight looked at him. “Are we heading to the stars now?”

“No,” Lu Yun shook his head. “Time to kick down the sea temple.”

“Huh??” Goldenlight’s jaw dropped. Wasn’t Princess Mu on the same side as them?

“It only looks like there are three factions on Earth. Who knows what kind of unsavory characters are hidden among us? We need to see the full act through!” Lu Yun turned into a streak of golden light and flew toward the sea temple.

Experts abounded at the temple and it also possessed an incredibly strong sea goddess. Lu Yun wasn’t able to gain the upper hand and slunk away with his tail between his legs. Finally, they headed to the stars.


Princess Mu rubbed her forehead with some resignation.

“Strange, the soul ghost reincarnated into the World of Sea, so why wasn’t I born alive? My soul is still dead after rebirth.” She shoved a karmic fruit into her mouth and pondered the issue through bites of the sparkling fruit.

She was different from Fuxi’s family since the latter’s primary bodies had been buried in tombs. Only their replicas of the mind roamed the land. Even if they reincarnated and completely lived out their lives, they were still dead.

Princess Mu was the complete reincarnation of the soul ghost and should’ve been alive. The past should’ve remained in the past and everything started anew. But somehow, she remained dead and the soul ghost returned after she entered the yang tomb. In fact, it was slowly replacing her!

If it wasn’t for her meeting Fuxi’s kind self after coming to Earth, the personality that belonged to Princess Mu would likely have already vanished.

Sighing gently, she lifted her head and looked up at Lu Yun in the stars. Lu Yun could help her come back to life as a real, living person. He’d resurrected Fuxi in the hell tomb, after all.


Lu Yun and Goldenlight’s entrance into the cosmos raised quite a bit of attention. But due to the Dao King’s measures, all news was sealed off and no one knew what the two were doing among the stars.

It was a boundless sea of celestial bodies and cosmic phenomena, but the stars were derived from the corpses of connate demon gods. They were buried in this vast expanse upon death and later transformed into stars due to influence from the laws of the stars. Space around Earth was a massive mausoleum; the stars here were both the bodies of connate demon gods and real stars. Lu Yun’s star diagram and battle flag were meant to collect the expansive mausoleum.

He’d seen both flag and diagram before. Hong had wielded the battle flag while Meng kept the star diagram. It was also proof that other than the Dao King, the original emperor was also involved.𝗳𝙧𝑒𝚎w𝗲𝚋𝑛𝚘𝙫𝑒𝚕.𝑐o𝙢

However, Meng Wang never raised the issue to Lu Yun—evidence that he’d deleted the relevant memory from his mind. When Princess Mu spoke of the matter, she’d also done so with an expression of deep thought. She’d told Lu Yun that another world was going to refine Earth, but he knew that this wasn’t the case the moment he entered the void with the two items.

There were layers upon layers to the schemes at hand and lies abounded at every turn. Even he didn’t know what he was doing in the cosmos and why he wanted to collect the mausoleum.

The seed of nothing played a crucial role in all of this, but it wasn’t the final goal. That it’d returned to its origins and suddenly appeared at this point in time was only meant to set other events into motion.

Lu Yun and Goldenlight both landed on Mount Buzhou. Hongjun had anticipated their arrival, so was already waiting for them.

“You should’ve come here first two hundred years ago, not gone to the rest of the worlds.” Standing at the peak of Mount Buzhou, Hongjun gazed into the vast expanse of stars ahead of him. He’d sealed Goldenlight into a piece of crystal the moment the scarlet ape appeared—he couldn’t see, hear, or say anything.

“Everything was for this place?” Lu Yun frowned.

“Do you know what the mountain suppresses?” Hongjun asked.

Lu Yun opened the Spectral Eye and looked down to the foot of the mountain. He didn’t see anything.

The mountain hadn’t been here during the great wilderness. It’d appeared to seal off the fissure leading from the chaos to the worlds. The fissure was long gone, but the mountain remained; it suppressed another terrible existence.

Lu Yun shook his head.

“It’s the corpse of the master of this land. He’s become a corpse demon and is furiously raging against the seal,” Hongjun responded lightly. “The entire mausoleum in the cosmos was prepared for him so he could be laid to rest and buried here. Sadly, it failed.”

Lu Yun shook. The body of the master of this land?

“I thought you wanted to use the battle flag and star diagram to recreate the Major Cycle Worlds,” he inhaled sharply. “If the Corpse Refiners find out about such a terrible corpse demon here…”

“They’re here precisely for it,” Hongjun nodded. “The master’s body has mutated primarily due to influence from their corpse dao. If you’d sealed it into the battle flag two hundred years ago and then gone to eliminate the foundations of corpse dao… we might stand a chance now. But now, it’s obtained corpse dao and will become the new foundation for corpse dao in the Land of Reincarnation.”

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