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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 6
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Chapter 6: Online Curses

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Xia Wanyuan was indifferent at Jun Shiling’s antipathy. She had no interest in being Madam Jun, which was a position that appeared to be glamorous but was also in fact much more than that.

Having been in the political quagmire for a long time in her previous life, she knew very well that the higher one stood, the greater the responsibility. Now that she had finally left that treacherous center of power, all she wanted to do was to experience her current life.

“Young Master.”

Upon seeing Jun Shiling walk out of the study with an unhappy expression, the servants did not even dare to breathe loudly. Instead, they carefully observed his expression.

Xiao Bao, also known as Jun Yin, wore the teddy bear pajamas that Xia Wanyuan had prepared for him. He wriggled his way to Jun Shiling’s side.

Looking at the soft and shrunken version of himself that had been steamed by the hot steam of the bathroom, the cold air around Jun Shiling finally dissipated a little.

“Put on your clothes and go back with Daddy.”

The little dumpling shrank back and furrowed his tender little face when he heard Jun Shiling.

“Daddy, I want to stay with Mommy… Can I?”

There was a pleading look in his round eyes. Jun Shiling initially wanted to take him away by force, but he saw his soft gaze…

He was suddenly reminded of the fact that his parents had passed away when he was young. Although the Old Master had brought him up, he still lacked the warmth of his parents. The life he had grown up in was lonely and cold. Was it right for those cruel feelings to be imposed on this child?

So Jun Shiling pursed his lips and compromised. “Sleep early and wake up early. Don’t mess around. I’ll pick you up this weekend. We’ll be going to Great-Grandpa’s house.”

“Alright, daddy!” Having finally obtained Jun Shiling’s approval, the little dumpling jumped up and down in joy. He excitedly ran up to the second floor to look for Xia Wanyuan.

Looking at the child hopping around in his teddy bear pajamas, Jun Shiling’s gaze turned warm, but it was soon covered by a layer of ice.

No matter what, Xia Wanyuan was Jun Yin’s biological mother. It was normal for the child to get close to her. If she behaved herself and did not cause trouble, he could consider giving her an additional severance fee for the divorce.

Jun Shiling looked around the house. The lighting was warm and he could see Xiao Bao’s school bag that had the shape of a white shark on the sofa. On the table was a half-flipped book, “Whistling Manor”, and a small plate of strawberries. The water droplets on the strawberries had made them glisten under the light.

Although it was a little messy, this room actually gave him a faint feeling of warmth. Jun Shiling shook off the thoughts in his mind and turned to walk out of the door. A surging darkness instantly swallowed him into the night.

When the car finally left the villa, the voice of Xia Wanyuan telling stories could already be heard from the bedroom on the second floor.

The night used tranquility to protect the warm people, but it also used darkness to cover up countless ill intentions.

“Sister Ruan, Xia Wanyuan has finally been pulled down. With her acting skills, how could she have the ability to act as the female lead? Now that the Xia family is bankrupt, let’s see how arrogant she can remain.”

In a high-class apartment in the city center, Ruan Yingyu, who had changed roles with Xia Wanyuan, was on the phone with her manager.

In the past, Xia Wanyuan had taken advantage of her family’s wealth and acted arrogantly. Furthermore, because she had invested a large sum of money into this production team, she had bulldozed the production team into giving her the role of the female lead.

Ruan Yingyu and Xia Wanyuan had debuted in the same year. Although her acting was better than Xia Wanyuan’s, she had been suppressed by Xia Wanyuan all this time. A lot of anger had accumulated in her heart.

There was divine justice after all. Now that the Xia family had finally gone bankrupt, Ruan Yingyu took the chance to switch roles with Xia Wanyuan with the help of her company.

“Ha, I’ll make her pay for suppressing my roles so much in the past. I’m going to make this last drama of hers unforgettable.”

Her pretty face contorted in rage as she recalled those memories from the past. After ending the call, she opened her Weibo and reposted the latest Weibo post from the production team of “The Long Ballad”. Once she finished typing a line of words and then switched off her phone. Her red lips curved up. She no longer cared about what was happening on the Internet.

However, there was already a small commotion on the Internet.

Nowadays, films and television series adapted from online novels are popular in the film industry. “The Long Ballad” was one of them.

It was a very traditional story of an ordinary man who obtained martial arts secret manuals and cultivated and then turned into a powerful man with a strong sense of justice. And while he tried to help the world, he fell into the thing called love.

Because the author wrote the story well and the details were thoroughly immersive, the novel had gathered many fans.

It was common for boycotting by fans to happen when a novel was adapted into a film. But the boycott situation for this book was exceptionally serious. There was no other reason other than the female lead, Xia Wanyuan.

Xia Wanyuan was very popular when she first debuted, and she had even attracted a large number of fans. After all, her face was indeed very good-looking.

Even in the entertainment industry where many stars were gathered, Xia Wanyuan was also one of the top existences. In addition, from time to time, she would sell her image of a princess-like rich second-generation heir. The number of fans increased, and it seemed like she was on the verge of becoming a popular starlet.

Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. The company’s constant concealment of Xia Wanyuan’s arrogant and despotic nature was eventually exposed. This so-called starlet snatched endorsements, disrespected her peers, and spouted nonsense in interviews.

Reputation would take a very long time to build, but the destruction would only require a small opening. Furthermore, Xia Wanyuan’s situation was no longer a small opening, but a total breakdown.

As a result, all of her fans turned into haters. However, because Xia Wanyuan had her own capital, even though she no longer had fans, she continued to throw money at the production team to buy herself resources.

Although she had the resources, Xia Wanyuan’s actions had incurred public wrath in the entertainment industry. As long as she participated in a production, that production would gain tremendous hate.

The female lead that Xia Wanyuan had originally taken a fancy to in “The Long Ballad” was a naive and sweet type who was gentle, considerate, and would be very popular with both the male lead and fans.

Associating the character to Xia Wanyuan, who had a vicious heart in real life, fans of the novel had almost overturned the production team’s Weibo. Xia Wanyuan acting as an innocent young girl???? The director’s eyes must have been blurred by sh*t!

On the other hand, the official Weibo account of the production team, which had been criticized by fans for a long time, had been feigning ignorance for a long time. When it finally posted again after many days, crowds of people instantly gathered.

“The production team of ‘The Long Ballad’ has always received everyone’s attention. Due to the mobilization of internal staff within the production team, the relevant details will be updated as follows: The female lead, Tian Ying Er, will be changed to Ruan Yingyu, and the second female lead, Shen Pei, will be played by Xia Wanyuan. Thank you for everyone’s attention. We will announce the follow-up to everyone on Weibo.”

When the news of Xia Wanyuan bringing funds into the production team so that she could act as the female lead, Tian Ying Er, was exposed, she was cursed like a dog. Now, seeing that the female lead had finally changed to Ruan Yingyu, who had gained support to play the role, everyone began to cheer.

Carrot Loves To Eat Rabbits: “Oh my god, has the production team finally come to their senses? A snake-like woman like Xia Wanyuan isn’t fit to act as my innocent and cute Ying Er!”

Aiyu: “Wow! Looking at how pure and cute Ruan Yingyu looks, she’s perfect for the role. I’m certain she’ll bring a very good interpretation of Ying Er. I’m looking forward to it!”

User 18767678: “Looks like the Xia family is done for! Serves them right! What kind of family can raise such an idiotic woman? Congratulations, the entertainment industry has finally lost a malignant tumor.”

As soon as the comment was posted, everyone instantly recalled the news of the Xia family’s bankruptcy a few days ago. They all agreed that the entertainment industry would no longer be plagued by Xia Wanyuan.

A Preserved Chicken: “Can I say this though? Although she’s no longer acting as the female lead, she’s changed to acting as my noble and beautiful Heavenly Spirit Princess! I’m crying!”

It turned out that in the novel “The Long Ballad”, there were two important female characters. The female protagonist was kind, understanding, and gentle, which won her a lot of fans.

On the other hand, the other admirer of the male lead, the Heavenly Spirit Princess, had a noble status and was extremely beautiful. She loved the male lead but could not get him. The contrast between her domineering personality and her soft heart made her an extremely attractive character as well, so she also had a large group of fans.

This comment immediately reminded everyone! Although Xia Wanyuan had let go of the role of the female lead, she had extended her claws to the second female lead!

In an instant, a group of people began to insult Xia Wanyuan, one after another expressing their desire to tarnish her reputation for the rest of her life. Various personal attacks flooded Xia Wanyuan’s Weibo.

When they clicked on her Weibo profile, they saw that her latest Weibo post was still her showing off her latest global limited edition bag. This only served to arouse people’s hatred for the rich, and the scolding became even more intense.

Meanwhile, Xia Wanyuan was completely unaware of the turbulence on the Internet, but even if she saw it, she wouldn’t think much of it. After all, these people were only venting. Compared to the real mountain of bones of the dead that she had seen on the battlefield, this was nothing to her.

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