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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 17
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Chapter 17: Admit and no difference in attack

Lin Chujiu knows very clear that this time no one will come to save her, so she can only rely on herself!

When the assassin rushed to her again, Lin Chujiu didnt dodge and let the left side of her body exposed. Especially, her left shoulder.

Naturally, the assassin wouldnt let this chance passed by and immediately reach out his hand to catch Lin Chujiu.


Lin Chujius bone got dislocated. The terrible pain made her face change in color and she couldnt help but cry a painful sound, while her heart is cursing: This bastard its really painful ah!

But this time, Lin Chujiu didnt move even though the assassin is holding down her left shoulder. Instead, she decided to access the medical system. Lin Chujiu used the ten points she accumulated and exchange it for a pack of lethal self-protection powder drug.

This self-protection powder drug is very effective. The medical system reminded her that this one pack is enough for her to take down hundreds of elephants and made them unconscious.

Lin Chujiu brought out the powder. While, the assassin in front of her grab her neck and said: If you dont want to die, then dont move!

Ah Lin Chujiu couldnt move back and breath. Her face turns reddish-purple.

The assassin didnt consider her condition and just dragged her toward Xiao Tianyao: Prince Xiao, your bride is in my hands, you

The assassin hasnt finished his words when suddenly he saw a white powder was tossed toward his face and he got hit: Shit!

The assassin shouted and immediately releases Lin Chujiu. He tried to hold his breath multiple times, but

Its too late!

Lin Chujiu directly spread one third of the powder on him. The assassin only took three steps behind and then fell on the ground.


When they heard the sound, not only Xiao Tianyao got surprised, but also the three assassins. The three of them exchange a line of sight and decided that two of them will stay to fight Xiao Tianyao and the other one will kill Lin Chujiu.

I was hated? Lin Chujiu didnt pay attention to her left shoulder and retreated fast.

That assassin let down his guard thats why she was able to attack him. But this time, she cannot guarantee if she could save herself. However, Lin Chujiu once again ready herself to toss the powder. She doesnt have much powder so she doesnt want to waste too much.

The injury on her left shoulder got even more painful. But right now, she could only grit her teeth. Every step she takes the pain drill inside her. However, that is not her most concern. Her most concern now is the assassin that is blocking her way. This time, she could only go back, but inside

There were only one bed and a wall, so where will she hide ah?


Lin Chujiu hit the table behind her, the table shook and the glass hit the bowl and the wine bottles together. The wine spread on the table and some bottle fell on the ground. Lin Chujiu smells the wine and her eyes flash a trace of light. The wine can start up a fire, but not enough to burn a house ..

She got an alcohol now!

So, there is a way for her to get out!

Lin Chujiu refused to give up and out of thin air she took a bottle of wine, then ran towards the burning dragon and phoenix candle while laughing.

As soon as the wine got contact in the fire, the fire in the candle instantly fires up. Lin Chujiu felt the heat as if she was burning.

Lin Chujiu didnt dare to stay any longer and tossed the powder drug she grabs earlier. The powder drug started to sparks when it hit the fire.

That powder drug is already effective, but its the effect this time is more obvious after it gets burn. The smoke started to spread, but fortunately, Lin Chujiu already covered her nose and mouth and hold her breath earlier.

The assassin prepared himself to avoid Lin Chujiu when she decided to toss the powder on him. But, he didnt expect Lin Chujiu will decide to use the fire. He took a deep breath and walk in front of Lin Chujiu. He wanted to hold a bit longer, but


The assassin fell on his knees, he could no longer hold his breath and waved his hand to avoid the smoke. However, soon enough his body shake a bit and fell on the ground.

Naturally, Lin Chujius plan to save herself was successful. But still, she didnt dare to move forward. So, she continued to act like a mouse and secretly hide in the corner of the bed and get a medicine to the medical system.

This medicine bottle has a green syrup, as long as she put a drop of it onto her nose she wouldnt get affected by the powder drug.

Lin Chujiu hold back her breath for a long time now, but still, she didnt dare to breathe even though her face almost turns purple. Aside from this green syrup, nothing else could help her and the result

The spicy pungent smell almost chokes Lin Chujiu to death.

Is this made out of pepper? Lin Chujius eyes and nose turns red. And her tears and snot flow out.

Fortunately, the smell might be bad, but its effect is excellent. At least, she can now breath without any fear to fall down because of her own powder drug.

After she save up herself in danger, Lin Chujiu immediately took out the medical supplies she needed to save Cao Lin. She look for a box and saw the jewelry box near the bed. She remove all the jewelry and decided to use it as a medical box for the mean time.

Lin Chujiu put the medical supplies inside and ready to leave to save Cao Lin.

Although the medical system is irritating, but saving people is its fundamental purpose. So, each time it will send out a work the medical system will provide enough medical supplies. Lin Chujiu doesnt need to get worried about the lack of supplies.

And because her left shoulder was still aching, she couldnt carry a heavy object. Lin Chujiu can only hand pick the medical box. After grabbing the medical box, she was about to go out, but she saw

Prince Xiao Tianyao!

Is my eyes not properly working?

Lin Chujiu got dumbfounded. The imperial physicians diagnosed Xiao Tianyao as crippled and paralyzed, but he actually stood up!

This world is full of fantasy!

Originally, your legs are not crippled! The assassins were shocked, but also Lin Chujiu.

Now that you know, your life will end here. Xiao Tianyaos facial expression was unchanged. But, the way he attacks changed. The sword in his hand approaches the two assassins face.

The two assassins martial arts are not weak, they can be regarded as one of the strongest among their group. But, they just smell and suck up the smoke with powder drug. Although their internal force can resist it, but their strength gradually reduced. Lin Chujiu is not a God, but how could she give Xiao Tianyao a great solution.

His sword skills are very fast!

Lin Chujiu doesnt understand swords skills, but she knows that Xiao Tianyao is very powerful. However, she is not happy at all, because

She seems to know too much now. So, isnt it the right time to run?

Lin Chujiu cried and quietly step back to hide, but its too late!

From the outside, the assassins and the guardsmen gradually felt tired because of the powder drug and they fell on the ground one by one. Xiao Tianyao saw them, but he didnt go out. Instead, he turned around and looked at Lin Chujiu.

He pointed out his bloody sword on her and slowly walk toward her. Originally, there were only a few steps away from them. And if Xiao Tianyao walks three to five steps more and if he put a force on his sword. He can take away Lin Chujius life instantly.

Lin Chujiu, can you tell what benwang (I) wants to do with you? Xiao Tianyao thin lips said gently. But his deep eyes and whole body were emitting a cold and murderous aura. Lin Chujiu couldnt help but swallow a mouthful saliva and raised her hands: Wangye (Prince) I have something to say.

This man is really gonna kill me!

You now know benwangs (my) secret, so you only have one end. Xiao Tianyao admitted that he is very interested in her, but

Before, he wanted to give Lin Chujiu two more days to live. But now, he must kill her!

Xiao Tianyao didnt give Lin Chujiu an opportunity to speak, his wrist move and didnt hesitate to point his sword in between of Lin Chujius eyebrows: Lin Chujiu, the next time you live make your eyes a bit more bright.

The sharp sword rushed toward Lin Chujius pale face and didnt retreat back

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