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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 3
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Chapter 3: True love and white lotus sister

January 23, 2017Ai Hrist

Translated by: Ai Hrist

Edited by: WonderWoman

For Lin Chujiu, marriage is a serious problem.

She had lived for twenty-six years in her previous life, but she hadnt gotten married and shes also never been in love

Dont get it wrong, Lin Chujiu is not a loner. Her living condition was not bad and she had never experienced a tragic first love. She was simply, too busy.

Even if she has a high IQ and a strong learning ability, it was still not an easy task for her to finish a medical course in just five years and obtain a physician license in M country.

In her previous life, she only used her time studying and working. There was no time for love

Also, due to her secret identity, it was impossible for her to fall in love. Although she is not lacking in suitors, she would never allow herself to fall for any of M countrys men.


That is not the issue. The issue is that her slag dad said, marriage, but who will she marry?

Lin Chujiu sat down on the table. She unknowingly turned her head and saw a white silk and a garden stool on the ground.

This is? Lin Chujiu felt at loss, she tried to find reason from the originals memory. But at this point in time, she heard footsteps from outside the door. Suddenly, the door was opened to reveal

A man and a woman!

Specifically, a man and woman in yellow. They elegantly walked under the sun while sparkling

And it wasnt the sunlight that was twinkling!

Lin Chujiu used her hand to block her eyes for a moment until the door was closed. Lin Chujiu tried to look properly.

Holy Mackerel! Are these peoples whole body littered in gold?

What an outdated nouveau riche!

Lin Chujiu thought of a few more adjectives.

Yellow Apricot? Yellow Goose?

How much did this pair love yellow?

And so on

Wait, this is the ancient time.

The only man that can wear a yellow colored dress is the East Countrys Crown Prince, Xiao Tianrui.

Since Lin Chujiu was trying to guess the identity of those two, she carefully examined them

The man has an imposing appearance, tall stature, handsome face, fair white skin and a noble temperament. Every trace of him screamed superiority

As for the woman that standing next to his Royal Crown Prince, she has pale skin, a pretty and charming face Lin Chujiu doesnt need to analyze anymore, this girl is definitely her half-sister, Lin Wanting.

Seeing these two people, she understood why her slag dad despised her. Maybe her slag dad and her aunt had already hooked up before and was just waiting for her mother to die so they could get married. Or else, how does it explain that the aunt who was already eighteen years old, was not yet married?

Sister When Lin Chujiu was still thinking about their identity. Lin Wanting walked in front of Lin Chujiu. When she sees her not looking at her, she showed a very concern face: Elder sister, is your face ok? Is it still painful? Do you want me to blow it? My mother said that it wont hurt anymore if you will blow it.

See? This is what a good sister is supposed to be. If only she hadnt taken away the original owners fiancee.

Elder sister, why are you ignoring me? Lin Wanting acted like a little girl when she saw that her own silly sister didnt care about her. Her eyes immediately turned red in grievance. But, before Lin Chujiu can react she automatically recognized her crime: Eldest sister, are you still mad at me? Wu wuwu Im sorry elder sister! Im sorry! But, I really didnt mean it, I, I

Her words got on and off as her tears dropped one by one like beads. Her small figure made her look pathetic and pitiful. If any person had seen her pearl-like tears, they would most definitely feel bad about it.

But, Lin Chujiu enjoyed her good show. Behind Lin Wanting was the distinguished Crown Prince with an imposing appearance. He came forward and held Lin Wanting in his arms: Wanting, dont cry. You didnt do anything wrong. You dont need to apologize to this vicious woman.

Your Royal Crown Prince Lin Wanting called him, with mild sweetness. Lin Chujiu almost wanted to vomit, but

It seemed that the Crown Prince enjoyed this moment, he continued to express his love and comfort: Wanting, dont cry. If you continued to cry, the heart of everyone in the palace will be broken. Wanting, you are too kind, you shouldnt feel sorry for this vicious woman, because we really are in love. You also have to remember that even your mother agreed to our marriage.

Your Royal Crown Prince is truly kind. Lin Wantings tears finally stopped

Arent these two people mistaken?

Obviously, her half sister robbed her marriage. So, how could they call her a vicious woman? Can they be anymore shameless?

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