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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 4
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Chapter 4: Provocation and regretful life in this world

January 24, 2017Ai Hrist

Translated by: Ai Hrist

Edited by: WonderWoman

Lin Chujius brain was starting to hurt and she almost vomited when the man and the woman continued showing their affection in front of her. She had thought that maybe the couple would leave eventually after their show. But, Lin Wanting seemed to not have that kind of intention

Lin Wanting cried in the arms of crown prince Xiao Tianrui for a long time, but acted surprised by their actions and quickly pushed him. Then

She acted like a guilty primary student while standing in front of Lin Chujiu. Lin Wanting immediately explained: Eldest sister, please dont get angry. The Crown Prince and I almost revealed our deep affection, which Im sure you dont want to see.

Lin Chujiu silently looked up at the sky: What she really wanted is peace and quiet. She also wanted these two people to quickly get out, and for them to stop bothering her, as her mind is currently still chaotic

Wanting, you dont have to explain it to her. We love each other deeply and instinctively. We cant just restrain our emotions Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui stood behind Lin Wanting, trying to coax her in his most gentle and soft voice.

Suddenly, his face turned gloomy as he turned to tell Lin Chujiu: Lin Chujiu, you listen! This Crown Prince doesnt care about your rude attitude. But soon Wanting will be my crown princess. If you dare to bully her, I will make you regret living in this world.

The Crown Princes majestic presence was frightening. If Lin Chujiu was not aware of his identity, she would really have gotten scared

Lin Chujiu bowed by lowering her head in a way to cover up her cold eyes. She gently said: Yes

Her body is still very weak and she is not in the condition to argue with these two. Her top priority is to figure out her exact situation and to send them away immediately

So obedient?

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui was surprised with Lin Chujius reaction. He rarely saw her so quiet. Lin Wanting also looked shocked, but she hid it immediately. Her watery eyes flashed with confusion and anger

When Lin Chujiu saw the Crown Prince earlier, shouldnt she have rushed into a fight and scolded him?

How come shes so obedient today? Shouldnt the Crown Prince also be seeing how vicious she bullies her half-sister and how she causes drama?

However, after seeing the injury on Lin Chujius face, Lin Wanting understood that Lin Chujiu was doing this because of fear. She must also know that their father will not help her.

Thinking of this, Lin Wanting became more prideful. Of course, shes not stupid enough to show that in front of the Crown Prince.

Lin Wanting stood behind the Crown Prince, with an aggrieved look on her face

But the Crown Prince couldnt see her reaction since he had been staring at Lin Chujiu. The Crown Prince felt relieved when he saw that Lin Chujiu was really determined to comply, and said: Lin Chujiu, your willingness to be obedient is for the best. After all, the decree has already been made, and you cannot change it even if you are not willing to marry Fourth Uncle. After that everyone in the palace will call you Fourth Aunt.

The Crown Princes tone could not mask his satisfaction

Lin Chujiu was dumbfounded.

What? She needs to marry the Fourth Prince!?

Lin Chujiu glanced on the white silk on the ground

What? So, the original owner died because she refused to marry the uncle of the man she loves, the Fourth Prince

Wait! Since she is going to marry the Crown Princes uncle, then in the future she will be the Crown Princes elder, and yet he still dares to teach her a lesson?

I am really going

Prince of what?

Lin Chujiu lifted her eyes and fiercely stared at the Crown Prince. Her mouth didnt speak but she used her eyes to express her thought: I am your elder but you have no manners?

Unfortunately, Lin Chujius momentum was not enough, due to her half pig-like face. And of course, the Crown Prince didnt understand the meaning behind her gaze.

Not only that, when the Crown Prince saw her half pig-like face, his eyes flashed with disgust

But he promptly hid it and substituted it with his proud attitude. He also tried to say some gentle words to comfort her: Well, Lin Chujiu Its already late, so have a good rest now. My Fourth Uncle and your wedding day will be after three days. Just stay obedient and dont make trouble. Dont make my Uncle unhappy.

His tone had changed when he gave her another lesson, just like before

This Crown Prince, is this how you should speak to your future Aunt?

If only her left face and body were not in pain, she wouldnt have stayed silent and would have made his eyes roll.

At the very least, Lin Chujiu found the truth, she decisively got up to see them off, but

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