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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 759: Constipation, gentleness (1)
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There was a serious look on Demon Lord’s face, and it was impossible to see what was in his heart. That he had almost eaten up Lin Chujiu.

Therefore, Lin Chujiu never thought about guarding against him at all, nor did she think that her “throwing herself into her arms” was not an accident, but someone had the heart to do it.

After carefully distancing herself from Demon Lord, Lin Chujiu gave up her sleeping place, and even asked kindly if Demon Lord had dinner.

Knowing that Demon Lord hadn’t eaten, Lin Chujiu donated her remaining food without hesitation.

“I haven’t touched it, you can eat it with confidence.” A large bowl of old chicken and mushrooms was specially set aside at noon, and it has been kept warm with embers, so it will still be warm. To not make Demon Lord feel disgusted, Lin Chujiu repeatedly emphasized that she had never touched the chopsticks in this bowl of chicken.

“Mmm.” Demon Lord took the bowl unceremoniously, glanced at Lin Chujiu, and ate generously.

Holding a large porcelain bowl and simple wooden chopsticks, this was a very rustic way of eating, but Demon Lord eats very elegantly. His speed was not slow but not eager, just looking at it was pleasing to the eye and very appetizing.

Of course, the premise is to ignore the scary ghost mask on his face.

Lin Chujiu took a few glances, silently looked away, and tried hard not to smell the fragrance in the air.

It was a sin for a hungry person to pretend that she was not hungry while watching others eat deliciously!

Fortunately, Demon Lord’s speed was fast, and he finished the chicken in the bowl in two or three strokes, successfully ending Lin Chujiu’s torture.

“I’m going to wash the dishes.” As soon as Demon Lord finished eating, Lin Chujiu took over the empty bowl.

She was a little obsessive-compulsive, and she was used to washing the dishes after eating. She must not leave the dishes until the next day to wash.

“Mmm.” Demon Lord handed the bowl to Lin Chujiu very naturally, without any embarrassment.

Seeing Lin Chujiu washing dishes at the side, Demon Lord got up and said, “I’m going out for a while.”

“Oh.” Lin Chujiu responded without further questioning.

Go out after eating… There was a high probability that he will relieve himself, so she should not ask, lest he would be embarrassed.

Demon Lord seemed to have guessed what Lin Chujiu was thinking, and gave her a deep look, then got up calmly, bent down, and walked out of the cabin.

“I always feel like he’s not moving at all.” Lin Chujiu shook her head in confusion, thought for a while before she could understand, and continued decisively.

After rinsing the dishes and chopsticks, seeing that Demon Lord hadn’t come back, Lin Chujiu quickly freshen up with the remaining water and then changed into a set of clean clothes.

The clothes on her body were clean, but they were dirty when climbing the tree, and the wound on her leg was also torn. No suturing was needed, but it needs to be re-bandaged.

Lin Chujiu’s speed was very fast. At least before Demon Lord came back, she cleaned herself up and cleaned up the house. She put away any suspicious things.

After the house was cleaned up, Lin Chujiu realized that Demon Lord seemed to have been out for a long time.

“It doesn’t take so long to relieve, does it? Could it be constipation?” No matter how far Demon Lord goes, he should be back at this point.

Lin Chujiu didn’t think it would be dangerous to build a building in the forest. According to Demon Lord’s combat effectiveness, instead of worrying about him getting in danger, she better worry about the danger of the animals that meet him.

“Should I go out and look for him?” Lin Chujiu couldn’t help frowning when she still didn’t see Demon Lord come back after waiting for a while.

Demon Lord went out for more than half an hour, and if he didn’t come back, she would suspect that Demon Lord had left without saying goodbye.

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