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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 759: Constipation, gentleness (2)
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“Wait a little longer, it’s unwise to go out at this time.” Lin Chujiu walked to the door and silently retreated.

She was not Demon Lord. She will die if she goes out at this time, she’d better be obedient and don’t go looking for death.

*Pa…* At this moment, the sound of a tree branch snapping sounded outside the cabin. Lin Chujiu’s eyes lit up, she got up and looked out through the small window, just in time to see a figure walking over.

In this forest, besides her, there was only one big living person, Demon Lord. Lin Chujiu opened the door unguardedly.

A faint smell of blood came with the wind. Lin Chujiu’s expression changed as she asked anxiously, “What happened?” Could it be that Demon Lord was being hunted down and not passing by?

“What happened?” Demon Lord approached, raised his eyebrow in confusion, and at the same time handed the cleaned rabbit and pheasant to Lin Chujiu, “Do it!”

“Huh? Did you go out to find something to eat?” Through the dim candlelight, Lin Chujiu realized that the bloody smell she smelled was not human, but an animal.

“That little food of yours is only enough to fill my teeth.” Stupid woman, doesn’t she know she’ll get hungry if she won’t eat at night?

“Uh…” Lin Chujiu looked embarrassed, “I’m sorry, the hospitality was not good.” She was alone, and it was not easy to support herself, and there was no food left.

“Hmph…” Demon Lord snorted arrogantly, passed by Lin Chujiu, and walked into the cabin, then sat down where Lin Chujiu slept at night, acting naturally as if he had been here countless times.

Lin Chujiu took a look, then silently turned her face away.

Lonely men and widows… Fortunately, this person was Demon Lord, so no one will be misunderstood. Otherwise, even if she jumped into the Yellow River, she wouldn’t be able to clean up her reputation.

Demon Lord was very considerate, all the prey brought back were cleaned, and Lin Chujiu only had to chop them up and cook them.

As for chopping…Lin Chujiu only had a scalpel, so there was no way to chop it, but it was no problem to slice rabbit meat and chicken.

*Shua, Shua, Shua…* Lin Chujiu had no intention of showing off her knife skills, but when she moved her wrist, that technique was so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes off it.

In the blink of an eye, the rabbit and pheasant that Demon Lord brought back were sliced into pieces by Lin Chujiu, whether they were roasted or fried in a stone pot, they were easy to taste.

Considering that it was too late, Lin Chujiu looked for the dried mushrooms she kept and stewed them with the peasant. As for the rabbit meat?

Lin Chujiu marinated it a bit and baked it cheaply on a slate.

There was only salt, but the rabbit caught by Demon Lord was fat and oily, and the fragrance comes out only with salt.

The meat slices were thin, and they were cooked after a while. Lin Chujiu didn’t have any extra plates in hand, so she couldn’t divide them. She had to wait until they were all cooked before serving them to Demon Lord.

“Demon Lord, it’s ready.” Lin Chujiu’s cooking skills were not high, and the conditions here were also limited, but the advantage lies in her good knife skills. The food looked very appetizing.

Demon Lord took it but didn’t rush to eat, but pointed to the seat opposite, “Sit down, let’s eat together!” If it wasn’t for this stupid woman, why would he go hunting at night?

Finding prey at night was not easy, especially with such small, agile prey.

“Thank you, Demon Lord.” Lin Chujiu was not polite, and cut a pair of chopsticks with a scalpel, sat down opposite Demon Lord, took a piece, and put it in his mouth.

Perhaps she was hungry. Although there was only salt as seasoning, Lin Chujiu still ate with great relish. She moved her chopsticks to the left and the right and ate happily.

After eating almost half of it, Lin Chujiu suddenly found that Demon Lord hadn’t moved his chopsticks… …

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