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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 760: Fooling, didnt work (1)
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After you gained benefit from someone, you will have to return the favor to that person. The meat on the table was hunted by Demon Lord, Lin Chujiu saw that Demon Lord didn’t move his chopsticks, so she felt embarrassed to do so.

“Devil Lord, don’t you want to eat?” Lin Chujiu retracted her chopsticks nonchalantly and asked with an embarrassed expression.

She felt a little shameless to ask people if they eat or not after eating.

Demon Lord didn’t answer immediately but stared at Lin Chujiu who was feeling embarrassed, then raised his hand and put a chopstick in his mouth.

“Demon Lord!” Before eating, Demon Lord spat out these two words heavily.

“Huh?” Lin Chujiu wanted to continue eating, but stopped halfway through the chopsticks, and looked at Demon Lord in confusion.

Why does he call himself by his name? Weird!

“I don’t want you to say it again if you said it wrong again next time…” Demon Lord didn’t say the latter, but just picked up a piece of meat and put it in his mouth.

“Dev, Demon Lord… I know, I won’t call it wrong again.” Lin Chujiu had a flash of inspiration and immediately understood his meaning.

Well, she didn’t dare to pretend to be stupid anymore.

“En.” After finally correcting Lin Chujiu’s address, Demon Lord ate all the meat on the plate contentedly, leaving no piece of meat for Lin Chujiu.

As soon as Lin Chujiu stretched out her chopsticks, she found that the plate was empty.

“Uh…” Lin Chujiu raised her head, glanced at Demon Lord, and silently looked away.

Well, it was fair enough.

Lin Chujiu took the plate away, the two of them tacitly did not speak, and even after the pheasant was cooked, the two of them ate in silence.

“I’ll open the door to dissipate the smell.” Lin Chujiu resigned to rinse the bowl and used up the last bit of water.

The room was filled with the smell of roasted pheasant. There was only one door and a small window that could let in the air, so the smell didn’t dissipate after being opened for a long time. Lin Chujiu was sleepy so she asked Demon Lord’s opinion: “Why don’t we just sleep like this?”

Demon Lord took a deep look at her and nodded.

Lin Chujiu has already made a decision, why still ask him?

“There is only one quilt, you can use it. I’ll just cover myself with clothes.” Lin Chujiu’s quilt was not a quilt, but soft hay, which was very rough and prickly. After touching it, he directly threw the quilt to Lin Chujiu, then pulled Lin Chujiu’s clothes, and said: “Sleep!”

Lin Chujiu pulled the quilt on her body, looked at the clothes on Demon Lord, and wanted to cry.

How will she tell him that she wore that dress?

She doesn’t want others to use the clothes she wears. She felt it was too intimate. It was not good for her to be intimate with other men as a married woman, right?

Well, she forgot, she also offer her quilt!

However, no matter how much Lin Chujiu complained, Demon Lord remained unmoved. With his clothes covered and smelling the familiar smell, Demon Lord ignored the smell of meat in the room and slept soundly.

In the past few days, he has been exhausted. He has been running all around. His heart was hanging high and he has no time to rest well. Finally, he can sleep peacefully tonight.

Lin Chujiu stared at Demon Lord for a long time but didn’t see him move, so she knew it was over. She honestly wrapped herself in a quilt and went to sleep!

The next day, when Lin Chujiu woke up, Demon Lord was not in the house. Lin Chujiu had no intention of looking for him again. He won’t be in danger. What was in danger were those animals who will meet him, right?

Lin Chujiu got up, tidied up the house briefly, and was about to fetch water when she found that the bucket was full of water.

Lin Chujiu was taken aback for a moment, and then showed a big smile, “I didn’t see that Demon Lord is so considerate.”

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