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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 760: Fooling, didnt work (2)
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Someone was helping, so Lin Chujiu was not polite. She filled half of the water in a stone bowl, lit the small stove and boiled it, and used the rest for washing.

After grooming and washing, Lin Chujiu checked the wound again. After a day, it looked much better, as long as it doesn’t hurt the wound, it will be fine for three to five days.

After washing up, Lin Chujiu planned to go out to find something to eat, but when she opened the door, she saw Demon Lord coming over with a bunch of fish.

“You didn’t leave?” Lin Chujiu rubbed her eyes vigorously as she looked at Demon Lord bathed in the sun and coming towards the golden light.

Not to mention, if he don’t have that ghostly mask on his face, Demon Lord who was surrounded by the sun was simply handsome. His noble demeanor the gestures can strike women’s hearts in seconds.

“What?” Lin Chujiu’s voice was very low, and the words were vague, so Demon Lord couldn’t hear them.

Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to repeat her stupid words, straightened her back, and said energetically, “You’re back!” Of course, Lin Chujiu would never forget to give a bright smile.

“Mmm.” Demon Lord tightened his hand to carry the fish, and the roots of his ears were slightly red.

Lin Chujiu’s eyes were too bright, her smile was also too bright, and her tone of voice was too warm, which gave him the illusion that his beloved wife was welcoming her husband home.

However, this was only for a splitting moment, and with this thought in mind, Demon Lord’s face turned black!

Beloved wife?

Welcoming her husband home?

Does Lin Chujiu, this stupid woman, know her identity?

She was married, so she has a husband. How can you smile so brightly at other men?

Even if this man was himself!

Thinking about it this way, the more Demon Lord looked at Lin Chujiu’s smile, the angrier he felt. He rudely stuffed the fish into Lin Chujiu’s hand, and said stiffly: “Do it!”

After speaking, without looking at Lin Chujiu, he flew down and walked deep into the forest.

“Why did he suddenly change his attitude?” Lin Chujiu was startled by the sudden change of Demon Lord. She stood in front of the wooden house with the fish in her hand, while watching the back of Demon Lord going away. She couldn’t figure out what was going on for a long time.

“Could it be possible that men also have those days every month?” Lin Chujiu thought about it, but she didn’t figure out what she was doing wrong.

She was doing a good job. She was attentive, flattering, and smiling. Demon Lord should not be dissatisfied!

God knows it was because she did so well that Demon Lord was angry.

Lin Chujiu, who couldn’t figure it out, didn’t think about it anymore and went back to the house with the fish. Thinking of Demon Lord’s food intake, Lin Chujiu cooked all the fish. To get rid of the fishy smell, Lin Chujiu added some herbs.

Soon, the milky white fish soup was boiling in the pot. Lin Chujiu poked it with chopsticks to make sure the fish was cooked, put out the fire, then put a small bowl aside, and waited for Demon Lord while eating.

It was out of the question for a hungry person to smell the aroma and wait. Lin Chujiu has no psychological burden at all.

After eating a bowl, she continued to eat and put down her chopsticks until she was full. At this time, Demon Lord hadn’t returned.

Lin Chujiu raised an eyebrow and glanced outside the cabin. She was not sure if Demon Lord would come back, so she simply closed the door and slept in the house.

Demon Lord has legs. She doesn’t need to care whether Demon Lord will come back soon or not after strolling. She can’t control it

As for him leaving her?

Lin Chujiu was not worried, she believed that Demon Lord would not leave her here alone.

She doesn’t need to worry about it. Women were sensitive to men’s affection. She could tell Demon Lord treats her differently. If it weren’t for this, she wouldn’t have been pretending to be stupid and calling his name, keeping her distance on purpose.

Although, the effect was not good… …

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