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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 761: Protect, where to go (1)
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Demon Lord didn’t leave willfully, but he didn’t come back for breakfast, and of course, he didn’t come back at noon. It was not until the sky was dark that Demon Lord returned to the cabin.

“I have found a way out, and we will leave tomorrow.” Demon Lord was not discussing it with Lin Chujiu, but telling her about it.

“Okay.” Lin Chujiu was not surprised and she didn’t think there was wrong with it.

It would be great if Demon Lord would take her out, she doesn’t dare to be picky and choosy.

Lin Chujiu’s straightforwardness made Demon Lord very surprised, and asked with a raised eyebrow: “I thought you didn’t want to leave.”

“Ah? Why do you think so?” Lin Chujiu was dumbfounded by Demon Lord’s question.

Which eye did he see that she didn’t want to leave?

She can stay in this ghost place if she was full of food. But only God knows when she will become the food of the beast in the next second.

“Isn’t it? You even built a house, do you want to leave?” This dead woman, if he doesn’t come to look for her, surely she won’t want to leave, right?

“Of course, I want to leave, but I can’t find anyone, and I dare not walk around alone. I built this house because I encountered heavy rain when I first arrived in this forest. I was almost drenched to death. After the rain stopped, I happened to come across a tree that was knocked down by a wild animal, so I built this cabin to be my shelter from the rain.” The house looked wooden, but most of it was made of branches and rattan, which was not solid. If the wind and rain were a little stronger, this cabin will be scrapped.

“Really?” Demon Lord was suspicious.

Based on Lin Chujiu’s ability, it was not too difficult to go out, at most, it was a little risky.

“Of course, I don’t need to lie to you.” Demon Lord was not Xiao Tianyao, she doesn’t need to lie to him.

“Indeed, you don’t need to lie to me. If that’s the case, pack up and we’ll leave tomorrow morning.” After getting the answer he wanted, Demon Lord stopped entangling. He went directly into the cabin and ordered Lin Chujiu to prepare food.

The cabin was already narrow and cramped, but because of Demon Lord, it was even smaller when walking in. There was no place to turn around, but Demon Lord ordered her to go in and prepare food for him.

There was a lot of fish left in the morning, Lin Chujiu continued to cook the fish soup, and then divided it into two portions. However, she gave more serving to Demon Lord than herself.

The two ate the fish soup quietly, and neither of them spoke. After eating, Demon Lord handed the empty bowl to Lin Chujiu, the action was as natural as if he had done it a thousand times. Lin Chujiu didn’t think there was anything wrong, took it, and washed it.

Just like last night, after opening the window and door to breathe, Lin Chujiu hugged the “quilt” and slept in the corner. However, Demon Lord couldn’t find the clothes to cover himself tonight because Lin Chujiu had put away the clothes.

“Stingy woman!” Demon Lord muttered in his heart, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rise.

This stupid woman finally knows her identity and knows how to avoid suspicion!

Early the next morning, when Lin Chujiu woke up, Demon Lord was not there again. With what happened yesterday, Lin Chujiu got used to it. After washing up, she packed up the things she needed to take on the road and packed them in a big cloth bag.

Carrying a big burden was not good and not easy. Lin Chujiu didn’t think that Demon Lord would help her carry things. Even if Demon Lord was willing, she probably doesn’t have the guts. How dare she instructs Demon Lord to help her carry things, does she want to die?

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