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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 8
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Chapter 8: Starved to death to kill people

Translated by: Ai Hrist

Edited by: WonderWoman

Crown Prince Xiao Tianrui and Lin Wanting had left her quarters. Once again, Lin Chujius room was locked from the outside to prevent her from running away.

At this moment, Lin Chujiu didnt care about whether or not she could go out. After all, she had just arrived in this strange place and was still injured. Shes not yet familiar with the state of this place, so in order to avoid accidents, she wouldnt run away.

However, if they want to keep her inside the house, why arent they giving her food or drinks?

Water, ice and medicine for her swelling face were sent, but these things are not edible. Staring at them would not stock up her belly!

Lin Chujiu felt depressed. No matter what she said, the people that were guarding her outside didnt respond and didnt bring her food. Ignoring her as if she didnt exist.

Did this group of people want her to die of hunger? But, she didnt want to die. Please dont abuse this prisoner.

After several attempts at fruitless communication, Lin Chujiu decisively gave up: You ruthless people!

People under hardship had to bow!

After Lin Chujiu dealt with the injury on her left cheek, she lied on the bed. Since this group of people didnt want to give her anything to eat, she went to sleep. She still needed strength to fight with them, right?

Lin Chujiu felt both physically and mentally exhausted. It didnt take long for her to fall asleep and wake up the next morning.

She touched her left cheek and found out that the ice and the medicine was quite effective. At least, her left cheek is no longer in pain, but her empty stomach started growling

Im so hungry!

Lin Chujiu didnt know how long it had been since this body had eaten. Because its been more than 10 hours since she had taken over, she started to feel dizzy. They didnt even give her water to drink.

You people really dont want to give me anything to eat? Do you want to starve me to death? Then I wont agree to marry! Lin Chujiu weakly shouted and walked back to the bed. She continued to organize the original owners memory

Because the Crown Prince and her white Lotus sister had said that she was about to marry the crippled man, she remembered some of them

Crown Prince Xiao Tianruis Uncle is the current Emperors brother. He was the first person to be bestowed with the title of Prince Xiao by the emperor. Three months ago, he gracefully and exceptionally protected East Country. East Country became victorious against their enemy and since then he was called the God of War.

If it was only three months ago, with Lin Chujius identity and appearance, how could she marry into Prince Xiaos Mansion? Even Prince Xiao would have surely despised her. It really sounded like a toad was trying to swallow a swan

Of course, she is the toad and Prince Xiao is the swan.

Unfortunately, before the war ended, Prince Xiao encountered a disaster and his lower body became paralyzed. Without his lower body he couldnt perform any martial art skills and could only stay in bed

Terrible, right? But, it gets even worse. Since he couldnt perform martial arts and couldnt walk, the emperor deliberately took away his military power and ordered for Prince Xiao to personally turn it over.

Worse? Whats worse than meeting a robber when you dont want too? Lin Chujiu mockingly smiled

Although she doesnt have much knowledge when it comes to politics, at least shes much better than the original owner. Her stepmother had spoiled her and so, she hadnt completely understood it.

If they say that what had happened to Prince Xiao was a complete accident and that the emperor is innocent, Lin Chujiu would never believe it.

Marrying such a husband is very unfortunate ah! Lin Chujiu sighed, but then decided to put it aside.

Although she is not a strong person, she doesnt want to live like a weak woman who only relies on men. If Prince Xiao is a good man, then she wouldnt mind being with him.

Anyways, she didnt like dealing with someone who doesnt care about his own people. They could protect each other and she could take care of him forever. If they could stay away from political struggle, then that would be even better.

Her previous life was too hard, every day she felt nervous and worried about the exposure of her identity. If this second life could be plain and dull, then that is better, but

Lin Chujiu realized that wanting to have a plain life seems to be a luxurious dream. She found out that she had brought the latest medical research of M country. But, she didnt know when it happened.

This is too unscientific!


Lin Chujiu didnt know when exactly the six NBI officers of Z country had put the stolen medical system in her body. Who is that person that put this medical system in her? And why?

This is not good, right?

Lin Chujiu really wanted to cry. As a reputable doctor in M country, she mixed with them very well. Plus, because of her special status, she knows more things about the research than the others.

This medical system of M country is very powerful, it enables a high-tech portable small hospital that could diagnose a patients condition and provide sufficient medicine.

In other words, this medical system is a dream come true for doctors. It can store enough medicines and medical equipment. It also has advanced treatment rooms and storage space. This medical system is definitely a great invention, but of course, has some disadvantages!

Once the medical system is activated, it cannot be removed, and will be with her for the rest of her life. The other problem is that the medical system will force or require the owner to heal patients just like a medical supervisor.

Its understandable that Lin Chujiu didnt know the circumstances. The medical system had already started and now she became its owner.

Even though she is called the owner, shes more like the servant. If the medical system found a patient, who else would be the doctor?

If she refuses, then she only needs to wait for her punishment!

Lin Chujiu simply wanted to burst into tears

However, having this medical system is not actually a bad thing. At least she doesnt have to worry about her injuries. And now, the medical system found its first patient, herself.

When the medical system detected her as its patient, it immediately showed her a complete assessment of her condition. In addition to the injury on her left cheek and her bodys current fatigue, she was also diagnosed with a slow acting chronic poison.

Slow acting chronic poison?

Lin Chujiu was surprised. She instantly bounced up from the bed when she saw the results from the medical system. Lin Chujiu was angry. She wanted to kill. This is murder

Even if Lin Chujiu had already experienced life and death, she still couldnt help but feel scared. The medical system showed that the slow acting chronic poison inside her body is lethal and that it was the cause of her body becoming so weak.

And now that the poison had accumulated inside her body, it was about to spread. If it is left untreated within three months then it would become a corrosive toxin.

This is too much, the original owner will still die!

The original owner has a chronic poison inside her, Lin Chujiu doesnt need to think further about the identity of the person who would have done such a thing. If it isnt her stepmother, who else could it be?

This Lin Family is really terrible. At this moment, Lin Chujiu felt that shes still lucky because shes able to leave this place in three days

Furthermore, thanks to this medical system, she can save herself!

Lin Chujiu heaved a sigh of relief. This medical system is really useful.

She had learned Western medical surgery, but if it werent for this high-tech medical system, she wouldnt have found out that she was poisoned. She also wouldnt know how much estimated time she had left to save herself!

Lin Chujiu was very concerned and became increasingly careful. This is about her own life, after all. She immediately gave her consent to the medical system to get her the appropriate medicine.

And because it is a slow acting chronic poison, it couldnt be swiftly detoxified by western medicine. She could only slowly nurse herself back to health. The medical system gave her a months medicinal supply and replacement medicine once the toxins have been reduced.

Lin Chujiu was very satisfied with this high-tech medical system. She took her medicine for today and had personally given herself an injection.

Aside from the medicine, she also added some glucose and electrolytes. Otherwise, she wouldnt have the strength to attend the wedding after two more days.

Will this medical system treat Lin Chujius crippled and paralyzed husband, or exclude him?

Can this medical system even save him?

Although three days is not a long time, Lin Chujiu could still use the time to familiarize herself with this medical system. Starting with the injury in her face, right?

But, the slap she received was too strong. Even with the help of the medical system, it was only able to treat her swelling cheek within those three days. It was still impossible to completely erase the bruises on her face.


In these three days, the servants did not completely disregarded Lin Chujiu. They brought her diluted porridge once a day. Lin Chujiu felt hungry, but didnt put any effort into getting out from bed.

Thanks to the injection, she didnt lose her life and she was able to toss aside the food that her vicious stepmother had prepared.

Still, Lin Chujiu felt uncomfortable due to hunger!

Her stomach had started to twitch in pain. After all, hunger cant be completely resolved through injection. Lin Chujiu vowed that she would not let herself go hungry again. She had never experienced such hunger before, not even in the orphanage.

Of course, in the orphanage, she hadnt eaten much even though it was not lacking in food.

Lin Chujiu could understand why her father and stepmother had deliberately not brought enough food for her in these three days. They didnt want her to have the strength to run away or commit suicide. But after three days, they had suddenly brought her a greasy and fragrant meal. What did it mean?

Eldest Miss, the food is specially prepared by Madam Lin for you. Shes afraid that you are feeling hungry, which is bad for your body. The servant arranged the dishes with a smile while flattering her. Their malicious intent seemed completely invisible.

If it was still the original owner, she would have certainly been fooled. Perhaps, while eating the meal, she would complement her stepmother for being truly kind. But the current Lin Chujiu is not stupid. Although she was terribly hungry, she wouldnt eat the meal. Her stepmother had almost destroyed her body with chronic poison.

Her stepmother and half sister used up all of their efforts to force her to marry a paralyzed man in bed, but they are still not satisfied. Now they want her to make a fool of herself on her wedding day?

This mother and daughter pair is too detestable.

The delicious fragrance of the meal filled the room and made Lin Chujiu drool. However, she cannot eat, she must not eat!

If she eats them, surely her stomach would be upset. She might even have diarrhea on the wedding day and induce a foul smell

If that happens, who else would be humiliated but her!?

This stepmother ah!

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