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Princess Medical Doctor
Chapter 9
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Chapter 9: Chronic Poison

Translated by: Ai Hrist

Edited by: WonderWoman

Lin Chujiu was still lying on the bed and fighting back her urge to eat. She looked at the side of the table, only to see an old servant and little maidservants. Their eyes exhibited ridicule and pride.

Lin Chujiu slowly turned her body, swallowed her saliva, and weakly said: You can go now, I will eat them later.

Lin Chujiu really wanted to throw out all of the food on the table. With its aromatic flavor, wouldnt it further stimulate her hunger?

But the old servant sullenly said: Eldest Miss, let this old servant serve you. Your body is still weak so this old servant will help you get up first.

Meaning: her good stepmother instructed them to look at her as she finished eating them all.

What a vicious and attentive woman. Her stepmother really wanted to kill her.

Lin Chujiu couldnt help but admire that woman, but

Does she still think that shes the original owner? That if she tried coaxing her, she would think that she really is loved. Did she really think she could just toss her aside whenever she wanted too?

Get out of here! Lin Chujiu angrily said. She gathered up her strength and ruthlessly threw the ancient porcelain pillow. It directly hit the old servant.

Bang, Lin Chujius aim was quite good. The porcelain pillow hit at dead center on the old servants forehead. The old servants blood started to flow. The scene looked gruesome and violent.

Ah! The old servant screamed and fell to the ground. The two little maidservants behind her turned pale. They didnt dare come forward.

Dont make me repeat myself. Drag that old woman on the floor and get out of here!

Lin Chujiu hadnt eaten for three days. Her pale face looked ugly and scary. The two little maidservants legs went soft, but they still dragged the old servant. They vacated immediately and left the delicious food.

Most people wouldnt be able to stop themselves from eating the food with its aromatic flavor, but Lin Chujiu is not an ordinary person.

Lin Chujiu has very strong self-control, determination and tolerance. Those qualities were also the reasons why she excelled in her studies and career.

Lin Chujius willpower is very strong and firm. She wouldnt be easily shaken. Although Lin Chujiu is timid at ordinary times, during the crucial moments, she has a fearless spirit. Just like when she sacrificed herself to guard and protect the six NBI officers of Z country. She didnt know them, but she cherished their lives.


Three days without eating, any person who was faced with delicious food on the table would want to eat them. Lin Chujiu also wanted to eat, but thinking about the harm that the food would bring her, she could only be firm.

After she sent out all of the servants, Lin Chujiu opened her quilt and sent the medicine back into the medical system. She repeatedly counted them to make sure that nothing was missing before she got out of bed.

Seeing the table full of delicious delicacies, Lin Chujiu smiled and lifted up the table without any hesitation. Bang, all the dishes on the table fell to the ground. Nothing was spared.

All the maidservants that were guarding her heard the sound and rushed inside. They saw the dirty appearance of the room and shouted loudly: Eldest Miss, What are you doing?

Lin Chujiu ignored them and stared at the food on the ground. Her eyes flashed with a touch of coldness. She didnt want to make trouble, but some people were forcing her to do so!

When the food fell on the ground, the medical system immediately issued an alarm and showed its assessment. The food had toxic substances but it was very low and not fatal.

Because the toxic substances were very low, the medical system couldnt detect it quickly. If the amount was large, it would have sent an immediate reminder.

Hmph, Lin Chujiu sneered. Since Madam Lin wants to play, then she will play with her.

Lin Chujiu retracted the mocking expression on her face and expressionlessly look at the two maidservants near the door: I want to see Lin Xiang!

Eldest Miss, what did you say? The little maidservants face suddenly changed. She seemed at loss while looking at Lin Chujiu.

Eldest Miss called the Master what?

You didnt hear me wrong, I said I want to see Lin Xiang! Tomorrow is her wedding day, so whats there to be afraid of? No family support in the future?

Thats simply a dream. Even if she doesnt cause trouble and stayed good or obedient, the family would still be unreliable.

Eldest Miss, Mas Master The little maidservant didnt know what to do and could not move her feet.

Lin Chujiu had already expected that the maidservants who were guarding her were her stepmothers servants. Lin Chujiu didnt become worried and slowly said: Tell this to Madam Lin, what will she do if Prince Xiao learns that his future wife was poisoned before their wedding day?

The chronic poison inside her body could be diagnosed by the medical system and the other doctors. But, the imperial physicians are not fools so they wouldnt dare to tell the truth easily.

Eldest miss, what are you talking about? The little maidservants didnt really know. But Lin Chujiu didnt want to make things more difficult and just said: You dont need to know. Just say these words to Madam Lin, I will wait for her for a quarter of an hour, if she doesnt come to see me then she should ready herself to face the consequences.

Lin Chujiu pulled the chair out and sat while facing the door: Oh, and give me two bowls of rice porridge. Just use white gruel and dont put in anything else.

The two maidservants looked at each other. They didnt know if they should go or not. Lin Chujiu didnt rush them, but she looked at the hourglass and said: You better weigh your situation, can you afford to bear the consequences if Lin Furen (Madam Lin) gets in trouble?

This, this The maidservants looked embarrassed and lowered their heads. The two of them were scared of getting in trouble. Finally, one of them stamped her feet and quickly ran outside to find Lin Furen (Madam Lin).

Lin Chujius lips curve into a faint smile while looking at the maidservants drifting figure. She lazily leaned on the chair while waiting for her stepmother to come.

At this moment, she really doesnt want to make trouble but that woman refused to let her go. If thats the case, then she will gladly play.

Dare she to test her patience?

She would make that woman regret not completely killing her. She still wanted to be a virtuous stepmother? How stupid!


Lin Furen (Madam Lin) heard the maidservants reports. At that moment, her mind completely went blank. She wasnt able to process the information.

Aside from herself, no one knows that Lin Chujiu has chronic poison inside her body. So, how did Lin Chujiu know this?

However, no matter how shrewd Lin Furen (Madam Lin) is, she still intentionally hides it, even when only facing a servant. She calmly said: That child, what nonsense is she saying? Does she want our family to lose a face so she makes things up?

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) shook her head and sighed. She got up gracefully and said, I will go and see her. That child doesnt want to get married, thats why shes saying such things.

Even if shes only talking with her servant, Lin Furen (Madam Lin) didnt forget to act. No matter when it is, she will never reveal her flaws.

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) went to a spectacular looking garden with her servants. She walked elegantly, while a little bit slow pace, she arrived in Lin Chujius quarter at the exact appointed time.

Chujiu, whats going on here? Did you only want Mother to come here and talk with you? Lin Furen (Madam Lin) looked at Lin Chujiu with much care, like a good mother.

Lin Chujiu didnt answer her and didnt get up. She just faintly smiled while she looked at Lin Furen (Madam Lin).

She wanted to see how long she could act!

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) didnt get angry. She asked a maidservant to move the chair for her to sit and looked at Lin Chujiu full of concern: Chujiu, whats wrong? Are you unhappy because mother didnt come to visit you in these past few days? As you know, Mother has been busy preparing your dowry and has no time to spare because tomorrow is your wedding. But, Ive been planning to visit you tonight with Laoye (Master). Its just, I didnt expect that you wanted to see Mother.

Lin Furen (Madam Lin)looked very kindly at her. As if she really wasnt hiding any dark secrets.

Shes really a vicious woman!

Lin Chujiu had to admit that her half-sister hadnt even inherited half of her stepmothers talent.

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) saw the foods on the ground, she gently sighed and said: Chujiu, you threw the food? Dont you like their taste? Mother wants you to eat your favorite food for the last time at home, but I didnt expect the servants wouldnt do a good job.

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) tried to explain. She pushed the responsibilities to the servants to make herself seem innocent.

Chujiu, my good daughter, Tell mother what you would like to eat and I will ask them to prepare it immediately. No matter how coldly Lin Chujiu looks at Lin Furen (Madam Lin), she still maintained a decent smile.

Lin Chujiu knows that silence wouldnt work with her.

Furen (Madam). Lin Chujiu had only just opened her mouth, but Lin Furen (Madam Lin) was already shocked. She didnt even let Lin Chijiu finish her words as she said: Chujiu, what is going on? Where exactly did mother go wrong and made you unhappy?

The original owner and her stepmother are very close. The original has always been calling her Niang (Mother), as if she really is her biological mother.

The original owner had long forgotten her biological mother, as she was spoiled by her stepmother. But Lin Chujiu is not the original owner. In her previous life, she had lived for more than 20 years and had never called anyone her mother. However, this Lin Furen(Madam Lin) wants to be her mother in her second life? That is not possible!

Lin Chujiu pulled her lips and coldly said: Furen (Madama) had done well, actually an extremely great job.

Lin Furens (Madam Lin) heart slightly stopped beating, her face turned stiff and looked unnatural, but she still tried to maintain her calmness: Chujiu, what exactly happened? Why do you speak like that to Mother?

Did this silly girl truly find out that I drugged her food?

Lin Furen (Madam Lin) secretly clenched her veil and her heart flashed in a touch of uneasiness. But, she quickly calmed herself down in front of Lin Chijiu. How would this silly girl find that out? That is simply impossible.

Thinking about it, Lin Furen (Madam Lin) relaxed. She looked at Lin Chujius eyes with contempt, but she didnt despise her. Lin Chujiu and her elder sister are both stupid and are easily duped by many.

At that time, she was just a simple girl so who would noticed that she killed her elder sister. And now, Lin Chujiu is such silly girl like her mother so it will be easy to crush her like an ant.

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