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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 17
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Chapter 17 Death Penalty Exemption Golden Medallion Part 2

Within the period of a time, Shen Yue and Shen Duan had advocated that Shen Yanxiao was to be punished severely. As for the others from the second generation, there was an unwillingness to speak any more words about it. Shen Feng’s brows tightly puckered up as if he was thinking over something.

Just like this and she would be sentenced to death penalty? Shen Yanxiao did not anticipate that this matter would have unexpectedly developed into such from the direction of the joyful feelings of hers. However, thinking about it, at this moment, it was related to the Vermillion Bird clan’s reputation. If they were to miss this chance, they wouldn’t be sure as to when or how long they’ll have to wait for the Vermillion Bird Clan’s capability to be recovered. What’s more was that she was an orphaned, foolish crippled idiot. Using her to suppress everyone’s fury was a choice that could not be better.

On top of that, in eliminating a child of the third generation that is precisely a trash would also be somewhat beneficial for the children of the third generation and what could they have against it?

Without having any patron and anyone to depend on to, Shen Yanxiao who had just recently arrived onto this new world was suffering from the malice which was all around and was thrown at her.

Concealed within her sleeve was the little hands of hers that was clenching tightly while Shen Yanxiao was secretly grinding her teeth.

They had better hope that she wouldn’t make a comeback from this or else what these people had given her, she would absolutely pay back to them by ten times or hundred times. Vermillion Bird? Clan head of the Vermillion Bird? So long as she was able to live through this today, she would be determined to have the entire Vermillion Bird clan thoroughly change their clan head!

“Second uncle and fourth uncle, there is such a huge grievance from you two! What grandfather unknowingly needed was indeed this bastard!” Accompanying that gentle and sweet sounding voice that came through from outside of the door was the tightly secured entrance of the main room being slowly opened. That juvenile with that slender body appearance was wearing onto a white cloth and that gentleness like jade seemed as if the god had descended down to the world. That smiling expression was as if the juvenile was given a joyful news. The juvenile then dignifiedly stepped into the main room.

Behind the juvenile’s back was 4 robust men lifting up a huge iron cage as they sluggishly entered into the main room.

Within that iron cage was a white snow fox with half the height of a human quietly leaning onto the metal cage. It had a pair of dark green pupil of the eyes were slightly bent upwards and that lustre of that snow white fur which generally captivated person.

“Shen Siyu……”

That juvenile that had came trippingly had drawn uproar from everyone within the main room.

The juvenile wasn’t really the kin of the Vermillion Bird clan but rather an orphan that Shen Feng had brought back to the Vermillion Bird clan ten years ago to be fostered. There wasn’t anyone that had knew about his ancestry and they had only knew that Shen Feng had named him as Shen Siyu. His seniority in this clan was similar to the children of the third generation.

Shen Siyu was just 18 years old and that handsome complexion of his would have overshadowed Shen Yifeng’s elegance. If it was to be said that Shen Yifeng’s handsomeness was like the stars in the night sky then Shen Siyu would precisely be that moon in the night sky.

How could the brightness of a star could be a contestant to the moon’s splendor?

The appearance of Shen Siyu had went beyond everyone’s expectation for he would often emphatically not be at the Vermillion Bird clan for most of the time he would be dispatched by Shen Feng to elsewhere and his whereabouts were erratic. With regards to every movement of Shen Siyu, all of the movements were following the personal arrangement of Shen Feng. There was no need to say about Shen Siyu’s whereabouts, even the depth of his strength itself within the Vermillion Bird clan was an enigma.

If it was really not due to the fact that Shen Siyu was not the descendant of the Vermillion Bird clan, it was very likely that Shen Duan and Shen Yue, the children of the second generation would long ago joined hands in eliminating this godson that Shen Feng had valued the most.

It had to be said that these past years, Shen Siyu had matured and became more handsome with that air of elegance. The loftiness that was emitted from every one of his movement had made Shen Duan not daring to be acting rashly.

“Before this grandson had returned to the city, I have heard about the matters from the God’s domain and have learnt that the sage needed a Snow Spiritual Fox as a gift. On my journey in returning back, this grandson has fortunately meet this little thing and easily brought back to give to grandfather. I still hope that grandfather will please kindly accept this.”

Within Shen Siyu’s canthus was a smile that was contained and that handsome complexion of his was like the most perfect work of an art from the Heavens.

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