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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 2
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With oneself being part of the Vermillion Bird clan, yet the body was unable in cultivating anyone of them, the dou qi and magic. Not only was the body’s strength weak and pitiful and even the brain wasn’t working too well. Undoubtedly that the body was already 13 years old but the IQ was nevertheless barely stopping over the phase of a 4 year old child. She was being called as the disgrace of the Vermillion Bird clan, the trashy seventh young lady.

As for the two people who are standing in front of her bed, they were also from the younger generations of the Vermillion Bird clan. It was just that they were different from her whom was a trash while they sisters were older and talented. The two people respectively improved in the areas of dou qi and magic and both of them are called as the two of them were hailed as the future rising stars of the Vermillion Bird clan.

As for the two of them, apart from improving their dou qi and magic, it was precisely bullying her the trash was what they had taken the most pleasure in.

The reason why Shen Yanxiao was lying on this bed and also riddled with with scars was thanks to the two siblings.

Relying on the Shen Yanxiao’s mental retardation, they had agitated her into infiltrating the dungeon filled with imprisoned magical beast. As of a result, Shen Yanxiao was wounded by the imprisoned magical beast in the dungeon. If it was not for the dungeon keepeer who had noticed an anomaly, it was very likely that she would have already lost her life in the mouth of a magical beast.

At last, after assimilating cleanly the other person’s memories, only now did Shen Yanxiao had the time to deal with these pair of brother and sister scoundrels.

However, it was very clear that at this moment, the two of them were worried about the investigation that was done about this matter by the clan head of the of the Vermillion Bird clan who was also their grandfather. Just as they were threatening her in not exposing out the two of them, they simply did not notice that the original stupid gaze had long replaced into one stroke of sharp gaze.

“You have better obediently listen to our words and do not provoke us in making us not happy or else you ought to know the aftermaths.” Shen Jiayi curled her lips as she looked at this idiot who was nominally her younger sister. If it was not because of worrying that the matter of personally breaking through the dungeon would have affected her, she would be disinclined to waste her words on this idiot.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and with a faint movement in her thoughts, she immediately exercised restrained her sharp gaze. She then exposed out one foolish and blank look. After she blinked her eyes and took a glance at Shen Jiayi, she shyly nodded her head.

“Elder sister, I have already told you that this idiot simply do not know anything. Even if she is to say it is us, grandfather will absolutely not believe the words of an idiot. So, just why are you here talking nonsense with this idiot.” Shen Jiawei, the younger brother of the twins, impatiently snorted.

Shen Jiayi who had yet to respond to the her younger brother’s question, she sized up Shen Yanxiao who was riddled with injuries. After being certain that Shen Yanxiao was still remaining as the same when Shen Yanxiao was still hearing and obeying her words as of before, only did Shen Jiayi felt reassured. Shen Jiayi then lead her brother out of the room.

As for Shen Yanxiao’s injury, whatever wounds she had didn’t have anything to do with them? Even if she was to die in the dungeon,with regards to them, it was simply just one less eyesore of a trash in the clan. If it was not due to the fear of any issues emerging when their grandfather was inquiring, they will certainly be disinclined to speak that much of words towards a trash.

Until after the two brother and sister had left the room, all of a sudden, it was as if the shy Shen Yanxiao had changed into another person. With a ‘whoosh’ sound, she jumped down from the bed.

“Sss” The immense movement had caused pain on the wound around her waist. Shen Yanxiao clenched her teeth as she examined the condition of her injuries on her new body. She inwardly sneered. Since the Heavens had given her one chance of a rebirth, she would naturally and carefully survive on with this new identity. However, according to the current state of conditions, it seemed like there were indeed too many issues with this new identity for she naturally could not proceed with the livelihood of the previous ‘Shen Yanxiao’.

Trash? Idiot?

These two statements could never a part of her.

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