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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 22
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Chapter 22 The Lion Opens Its Mouth Part 1

“If I haven’t remembered it wrongly, Shen Jiayi had already cultivated her magic till rank 5. Second uncle, are you trying to say that Shen Jiayi who is rank 5 in magic is injured by Yanxiao who is completely lacking in magic and dou qi?” A trace of mild anger had floated up on the face of Shen Siyu which was previously gentle like jade. That trace of angry intention had nevertheless added another share of aloof and remote air to the cultured and refined gentleman in the former days.

Even if it was precisely Shen Yue, he too had finally perceived that share of powerful oppressing feel emitting out of Shen Siyu’s own body and was inwardly fearful.

Just what level of strength had this youngster reached for him to unexpectedly be able to send out this kind of a formidable imposing air!

A person who was of rank 5 in magic and was injured by an idiot who completely did not know dou qi and magic? If that was to be spreaded out, that would definitely be able to become the biggest joke in the Long Xuan Empire in this hundred year time.

There was no need to say as for whether Shen Feng would believe in it or not, even Shen Yue himself would have very likely not be able to accept this kind of  fact. If it was truly so, then wouldn’t it might as well be said that a trash was much more formidable than the daughter of his which he was intensely proud of up till now?

Shen Yue’s complexion had changed from white to green and to purple.

“Jiawei, you tell me, in the end, just what has happened.” Shen Feng wrinkled his eyebrows. The matter had occurred in Shen Yanxiao’s room and according to reasoning as usual, with the appearance of Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei here, Shen Yanxiao certainly would have been the unlucky one. However, today, it appeared as if they had swapped their position. Shen Jiayi was still unconscious while Shen Jiawei’s face was one with that emaciated look.

Shen Jiawei was nevertheless completely afraid of the habitually silent Shen Feng. Even though Shen Feng was his grandfather, Shen Feng was nevertheless completely unintimate with Shen Jiawei ordinarily. In having his name called out, Shen Jiawei swallowed his saliva and he subconsciously looked at Shen Yanxiao who was being protected at Shen Siyu’s back. Shen Yanxiao as of now had as if she had once again returned to her previous state, the confused and ignorant idiot. That demonic and unrestrained look from just now had completely disappeared but with that merely short amount of time, that scene had nevertheless deeply engraved into Shen Jiawei’s mind. Unknowingly without a reason, the moment he looked at Shen Yanxiao, his inner mind was no longer heading to the direction of contempt and despise towards her but there was only that earth-shattering unwillingness.

“Why don’t you speak!” In seeing that the son of his was gazing onto that idiot like a fool, Shen Yue had gotten angry.

With one quiver, Shen Jiawei hurriedly speaked, “I… I also do not know anything at all, sister only asked me to guard the door.  As for what has taken place within that room, I am completely unclear about it.”

Usually, Shen Jiawei would have bounded to ‘throw stones at the person who fell down a well’. Therefore, even if, he had not seen Shen Yanxiao making a move, he would have absolutely shifted the blame onto her. However, as of now, his mind was like a rock that was pressed down and no matter what, he would have also not dared to speak any hint of words to slander Shen Yanxiao.

He definitely wouldn’t want to see that kind of a smile that would have made people’s blood running cold for a second time.

“Guarding at the doorway?” Shen Siyu shot a glance at Shen Jiawei and Shen Jiawei was like a startled quail shrinking its neck. Shen Jiawei then shrinked back  at one side.

Shen feng wrinkled his brows more deeply. As of now, there had not been any sort of clues. Shen Yanxiao’s wisdom was only at a standard of a 4 year old and those things that was inquired from her mouth could not be counted on. As for Shen Jiayi, she was still in the midst being unconscious and it was more unable to be counted on.

“Have these people withdrawn first and then I will have Shen Qiu to look at it. You people think we don’t have enough things piling up, do you? What are you loafing around for? Go do something or other!” Shen Feng was having quite a headache for as of now, all of his mental and physical strength was placed onto the matter of rousing the Vermillion Bird and where would he still have the mood to manage those trifling matters that those brats are pointlessly arguing about.

Under Shen Feng’s command, everyone couldn’t help but to handle them in a glance.

Shen Yue exceedingly and unresigningly left together with Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei. After Shen Feng had passed down a few words, he too then walked away.

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