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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 23
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Chapter 23 The Lion Opens Its Mouth Part 2

Shen Yanxiao and Shen Siyu were the only two remaining person within the room.

“Don’t be afraid.” Shen Siyu patted Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder. In seeing that thepile of present have already been burnt into ashes, he said, “Yanxiao, you do not have to be worried for I will send someone again to deliver some of those presents tomorrow.

“Just who would be worried about those things?” Shen Yanxiao silently rolled her eyes in her heart. Except for those edible things which was somewhat regrettable for her. As for those fine but completely useless toy belonging to ‘preschool children’, there wasn’t a slightest distress for her.

Shen Jiayi’s unluckiness had caused those two brats into not going and harass Shen Yanxiao anymore for these past few days. Due to the reason with Shen Feng, Shen Siyu had very less time to accompany Shen Yanxiao by her side. Therefore, Shen Yanxiao who was idling had once again been dragged by Xiu to carry on that devilish type of training.

As for the initial cultivation of the dou qi and magic, it was the most fastest. However, as one approached rank 6, the speed became slower in trying to reach the next rank. Even with the 4 days of devilish training, it had barely made Shen Yanxiao’s dou qi and magic to have advanced to rank 4 and rank 5 respectively. From the perspective of an ordinary person, this speed was freakish but to Shen Yanxiao, it could only be said to be a tortoise speed when it was compared to the previous day where she had advanced one rank.

“Damn it. Just why is there even not a slightest bit of progress at all.” Around nighttime, Shen Yanxiao concluded that one day of cultivation of hers. It could be said that today’s advancement was like the ‘jamming of a cartridge’. The dou qi could still be considered to have a slight increment but there was still a certain amount of distance to reach rank 5. As for her magic, there actually wasn’t even the slightest bit of movement.

These had made the Shen Yanxiao who was used to that rocket speed of advancement to be unable to get used to it.

‘My undoing of the first layer of your seal will only enable you to have the physique to cultivate both magic and dou qi. So long as the second layer of seal is not undone, your advancement in the later ranks will only become slower and slower. In reaching until a certain rank, you will no longer be able to make any more advancement.’ Xiu’s voice echoed in a timely manner.

“Just what is this seal?” Shen Yanxiao was a little bit depressed for didn’t she had properly said that she would have made ‘a counterattack for that danger spot’ and would climb up the ranks to become the clan head of the Vermillion Bird clan. If it was truly like what Xiu had said, then it would have been very likely that after she had advanced into the a certain rank, she would be unable to make anymore advancement. The feeling in undoing the seal was fun but the follow up question would definitely not be small.

‘Didn’t I say that it would have inhibitions on your strength. Undoing the first layer of seal is only but the beginning. If you want to become stronger, then you have to continue to undo the later seals. In this way, not only you can continue advancing but also, those strength that was previously inhibited would subsequently gush out.’ Xiu’s voice was still the same as before where it was tranquil without any ripple and a hint of chilliness was carried together.

“Then, what is needed to undo the second layer of seal?” Shen Yanxiao asked.

Xiu went silent for a moment and then only said one statement, ‘Demonic Beast’

Demonic beasts were vicious organisms that were scattered everywhere across the Guangming Continent and resided in dark places. They were not humans, magical beast and even not those ordinary animals. They were a type of a very vicious existence which fed on domesticated animals and humans. The more larger it was, the more formidable its strength was. As for those ordinary demonic beast, they were merely savage but for those higher level demonic beast, they could nevertheless transform into the shape of a human. They could then conceal themselves inside the area where the humans live and used this opportunity to look for their own targets.

With regards to the demonic beasts, the human’s visceras were their most favourite food which was similar to those enticement from the gourmet food. In Guangming Continent, countless number of humans had died in the mouth of the demonic beasts. There was a period of time where the number of demonic beasts had reached to a critical number and were able to endanger the survivability of the human race. This had caused several countries in the Guangming Continent which couldn’t help it but to join hands to attack. They integrated their armies in carrying out the disposing of those demonic beasts.

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