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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 24
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Chapter 24 The Lion Opens Its Mouth Part 3

Even though that “one time of joint attack” had killed most of the demonic beasts within the area where the humans were living, the number of demonic beasts were distantly more than these as there were still many demonic beasts that seized places outside of the human’s living area and those areas were called as ‘Death Zones Areas’. Those areas were left unchecked and were not a proper place for the humans to reside. As for the area that Shen Yanxiao and the others were living at, although it had once been cleansed, most of the demonic beasts that were eliminated were of the inferior demonic beasts. As for those higher level demonic beasts that were able to transform, they continued hiding within the city where the humans were living as before. Merely, they had became more crafty. After each and every attacking incident, they would vanish without a trace as they depart from that crime scene making it quite hard to hunt them down.

Within the Long Xuan Empire, a demonic beast was a very frightening existence. Therefore, in anyone of these cities, so long as there was a transmission that there was someone who had suffered from an attack of the demonic beast, it would immediately trigger an enormous movement.

During this period of time, Shen Yanxiao had somewhat more or less understood many things about this world. With regards to the demonic beast, she too had slightly heard about it. However, she was not that clear on just how was there a link between the undoing of her seal and the demonic beast which was a savage kind organism?

‘I need absorb the power within the crystallic nucleus of the demonic beast to recover my strength. So long as my strength is somewhat recovered, I will naturally be able to help you in undoing one layer of seal.’

“…” Shen Yanxiao was slightly taken aback and looked vacantly.

With the death of a magical beast, it would leave behind a nucleus with its power stored in it. As for the nucleus that stored the demonic beast’s power, it was called as the “crystallic nucleus”. The magical nucleus was absolutely well received because it could be combined onto the weapons of the cultivators of magic and dou qi which would bring forth a formidable strength. The stronger the magical beast was, the power within the nucleus that was left behind after its death would also be even more formidable.

However, the crystallic nucleus and the magical nucleus were different.

The power within the magical nucleus was extremely pure where the people could directly use it. However, within the crystallic nucleus, it was completely mixed with a dense dark presence. Although the power within the crystallic nucleus was also formidable, yet, there were very few people who were able to withstand that kind of a dark presence that was emitted from the crystallic nucleus.

If there was someone who had used weapons that was combined with the crystallic nucleus for a long time, then that person’s body would quickly be subjected to erosion brought by the crystallic nucleus.

In the words of Shen Yanxio, they would be plagued by qi deviation if the erosion was light and they would die a martyr’s death if the erosion was heavier.

Only those few experts that had extremely strong spiritual force would have dared to use the crystallic nucleus. In addition to that, they would only dare to use a crystallic nucleus that was of a lower rank than them.

No matter how it was to be said, this crystallic nucleus was only regarded as a ‘chicken ribs’ to the people which had hardly any worth eating it.

She completely had not thought that “that kind of a chicken rib” would unexpectedly be the thing that was a crucial point in recovering Xiu’s strength. She could only say that when it came to taste, some people liked it heavier…

“Acquiring a crystallic nucleus drop was not that hard for previously after the few countries made a joint attack in eliminating an extremely huge number of demonic beast, a large number of crystallic nuclei were stored up within the hands of each countries and there were not that many people who wanted this kind of stuff. As of now, with a casual walk to the auction, one could buy a large quantities of it right away.” Shen Yanxiao utilised the knowledge that she spent a lot of time in learning this time around. In short, this matter was still considered to be manageable and she didn’t care whether Xiu’s liked it heavier or not.

As of now, the only problem was that…

She was awfully poor!

For she was an idiot! For she was a trash! For she was a specialized rice weevil!

The Vermillion Bird clan would only be in charge of her food and clothing and how would they give her those kind of thing that was called as ‘pocket money’?

Apart from the two purse that she had previously taken from the two servant girls, Shen Yanxiao could practically be said to have no other possessions and what was inside of the pocket of hers was even more cleaner than the face of hers. Although the crystallic nucleus was cheaper than the magical nucleus, there were still not that worthless like those bok choy leaves. With the meager amount of money that she had at the present, it would have been counted as good enough if she was able to buy one or two low level crystallic nucleus.

[TL Note: Lion Opens Its Mouth is an idiom about someone asking for a high price]

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