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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 27
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The Strongest Magical Beast (Cleaning Process) Table Of Contents (Cleaning Process) Ranking, Settings & Others Character List Alchemy Info The Team About me Chapter 27 The Godly Thief Makes Her Move Part 3

In fact, there truly was that kind of little thief that was at a godly level which did not belong to the ‘Silver Hand’. There was no need to talk about “that” certain thief joining the ‘Silver Hand’ for at this moment, as it was very likely “that” certain thief still had never heard of the ‘Silver Hand’.

During this moment when everyone from the Vermillion Bird clan had been at their wits’ end about yesterday’s matter, where they had been collectively been plundered, a certain little thief was returning from a rewarding journey. That certain little thief sat on top of that pile of stolen goods and was beaming with pleasure as she was listing down the harvest she had this time.

People like Shen Duan had an illustrious identity and so, the amount of money in his hands was naturally not less. However, the true huge amount of money of his would all be stored in the credit institutions and so, the amount of money that he would carry on his body would simply be not a lot. Therefore, the amount of money that she had looted this time around would simply be regarded as not huge at all but the highlight were actually those precious stones and golden tools that she had seized her chance is bringing them back.

However, the question was how would she exchange them into money?

She could only consider sending them to the auction houses. After that, the people from the auction houses would naturally exchange those goods into equivalent value of money and delivered those money into her pocket.

Merely, the problem was that she could try her very best in making it so that those things would not have any special way to distinguish them but could it be possible that those owners of the Vermillion Bird clan would not be able to recognise their lost items. She was quite confident that the people from the Vermillion Bird clan would not publicise this matter. After all, this matter would severely harm the prestige of the Vermillion Bird clan. However, it simply was not impossible that they would privately inquire the auction houses regarding the seller of these goods,

Although those information regarding the sellers are somewhat protected, those general auction houses would leak out some information as it was difficult for them to protect against the powers of the Vermillion Bird clan.

Therefore, if she wanted to sell off these things, then she had to find an auction house where the Vermillion Bird clan would not be able to ask and obtain any information out of it.

The Vermillion Bird clan was situated at the imperial capital of the Long Xuan Empire. Within that big imperial capital, there were a dozen or more auction houses, yet there were 3 which were of a considerable scale. Within these three, one of them was opened by the Qilin clan which was one of the 5 big clans which was the Qilin Auction House.

Although the Vermillion Bird clan and the Qilin clan were members of the 5 big clans, with everything that she had heard at the main room at that day, she was certain that the big 5 clans may have seem to be polite and amicable on the surface but it was likely that they already hated each other to teeth gnashing degrees in private.

If she was to auction those things at the Qilin Auction House, it was certain that even if the people from the Vermillion Bird clan had discovered those stolen goods, it was very likely that it would be an inconvenience to inquire about the seller of those goods because they knew that if they asked, the people from the Qilin clan would also absolutely not tell them even one word.

Regarding those riches of the human race, Xiu simply did not have any interest in them. The only sole thing that he was interested was whether he was able to exchange these things for sufficient amount of crystallic nuclei or not.

As for Shen Yanxiao’s divine stealing skill, although there was some doubt in him, he still simply decided not to ask much about it.

Since she had set the QIlin Auction House as the target, Shen Yanxiao then couldn’t help but to make the next step of planning. Although there were very less people who had seen the shame of the Vermillion Bird clan, it was hard to say that she would not be recognised out by the people of the Qilin clan at other locations sometime later. Therefore, Shen Yanxiao had decided on the spot to go to another auction house in advance and used the money that she had and bought a few bottles of face changing medicine.

The face changing medicine was a rather common kind of medicine and had three subdivisions to it which were the ‘low’, ‘middle’ and ‘high’. Different subdivisions of the face changing medicine would all have a different duration for the disguise and their price would have even more disparity.

On that night, Shen Yanxiao just wore a huge mantle and slipped out of the Vermilion Bird clan. She then ran up to a small auction house which was located at the center of the imperial capital and bought five bottles of low level face changing medicine. Don’t look down on these 5 bottles of face changing medicine for just these 5 small bottles had already cost Shen Yanxiao to spend 500 gold and this had made Shen Yanxiao who had low supply of money to feel pain on her flesh for a moment.

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