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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 28
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The Strongest Magical Beast (Cleaning Process) Table Of Contents (Cleaning Process) Ranking, Settings & Others Character List Alchemy Info The Team About me Chapter 28 Qilin Auction House Part 1

A low level face-changing medicine could only be maintained for a period of three hours. However, to Shen Yanxiao, that amount of time was already enough.

For convenience purposes, she still bought an inferior storage ring.

Storage rings were a type of spatial goods. There may seem to be no difference from an ordinary ring but so long as the holder opened it according to a particular manner, there would certainly be a fixed area of space emerging out which could be used to any non living substance.

At Guangming Continent, storage rings were very common goods and it was merely that, a different grade of storage ring would have a different size of space in it.

With the dimension of space as basis, every one storage ring would also had an entirely different price. As for the storage ring that Shen Yanxiao had bought, it was a of a middle grade storage ring and the space within it was roughly about five cubic meter which was enough to store those stolen goods that were in her room.

With everything ready and all she needed was an east wind, Shen Yanxiao slipped back to the Vermillion Bird clan. She then had those stolen goods and face changing medicine deposited into the storage ring. After that, she leapt back on her bed. [TL Note: With everything ready and all she needed was an east wind basically means that everything was ready except for the most crucial thing. This was an idiom based on this story]

In waiting till around tomorrow’s nightfall, she would only go to the Qilin Auction House to exchange for her genuine ‘first pot of gold’ at this life of hers!

The Qilin Auction House was located at the north side of the imperial capital and had an enormous floor area. It was also the richest and had a famous reputation among the 3 auction houses. All of this was because behind it was the Qilin clan which was extremely well received in the imperial capital. Everyone all knew that within these big 5 clans, the Qilin clan was the richest among them all. This was because at that time when the Qilin clan was being established, the founder of the Qilin clan had used his status to launch a trading activity that covered the nation. With several hundred of years of accumulation, the amount of wealth that they had produced was so much that it could not be counted.

There was once a rumour that the Qilin clan’s storehouse could be compared to the state treasury.

The nightfall arrived with the moon suspended high upwards.

The auction houses belonging to the Qilin clan was brightly lit for the quiet night was precisely the time when the auction house was most lively. Numerous buyers came quite early to the auction house with each one of them sitting at the hall.

Within that big auction house, it was quickly jam packed with the previous competitive tender customers.

At the rear of the Qilin Auction House’s hall, a youngster of the age approximately 16 or 17 years old was sitting upright on that chair that was spreaded with the tiger skin and was lazily folding his legs. The peerless attractiveness on the face had carried a trace of indolent and that pair of narrow phoenix eyes were hanging low as he looked at the list of items that were handed over by the person who was in charge of the auction house.

“Is that all?” That attractive juvenile raised his eyebrows for today’s items that were to be auctioned were somewhat unconcerned.

Qi Meng who was barely fifty years old was the person who was in charge of the Qilin Auction House. The aloof and remote him of the past days at this moment was standing before the juvenile with his head filled with cold sweat and did not dare to take a deep breath.

“Third young master, the number of trusted customers that were auction selling were simply not a lot. However, I have contacted the people from the Feng Qi(Phoenix Perching) City. Not long after a few days, they will appoint a man right away to send those precious things.” Qi Meng continuously wiped the cold sweat that was on his head. It was not that he was making a big fuss out of the small problem but rather it was the juvenile that was before his eyes. That juvenile was not an ordinary person for he, Qi Xia, the third young master was already formulated to be the next clan head by the current clan head of the Qilin clan!

The richness of the Qilin clan was world renowned. However, every single one of the clan head had to have an achievement in some extent at the trading industry and only then could they take up the position. Within all of the members in this generation, the third young master was the one that had the strongest capability. With the age that was barely sixteen years old, he had already accumulated a monumental amount of capital for himself. Even those few trading commercials that were recently built on the Long Xuan Empire within this recent few years were secretly all brought about by the third young master.

It could be said that within nearly up to this past hundred years, Qi Xia could be regarded as the number 1 genius in trading of the Qilin Clan. Even if it was a pair of broken copper and scrap iron, he would be able to sell it at sky high price after they had went through his hands.

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