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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 32
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Shen Yanxiao smiled for what could be up to thousands be counted as? The amount of the crystallic nuclei that she needed was up to 30000. To her, this figure of up to thousands could simply not be counted as anything.

“I am sure. As for the commission that the QiIin Auction House ought to receive, you could use it for yourself.” Regarding the matter in the field of business, Shen Yanxiao was a layman but she believed that with the reputation of the Qilin clan that he simply would not covet for that little amount of money in the hand of hers.

Since the employer was already that determined, Qi Meng naturally would not speak much about it. Once again, after signing an agreement, this time around, Shen Yanxiao’s objective could be considered to be accomplished perfectly.

It was just that, the thing that had made her somewhat curious was that youngster that was continuously sitting inside the rear hall and all along, he had used that pair of eyes that were concentrated with interest to look at her.

Even after she had changed her appearance which was much more better than before, however, at most, it could also only could only be counted as delicate and when compared to that juvenile, it was simply as different as heaven and earth. If it was said that the counterpart was a female, then she could perhaps comprehend as of why the counterpart had showned a little interest towards her appearance.

However, he obviously was a handsome youngster that was much more good-looking than her in countless folds!

As a handsome youth, why aren’t you staring at pretty girls, but staring at this ‘new fresh girl’ of the same gender for?

In assessing that the time of the face changing medicine would be running out, Shen Yanxiao had no intention to stay any longer. After giving another few courteous words to Qi Meng, she got out as soon as possible.

With the eyes of his following onto that petite figure who was hastily leaving, Qi Xia couldn’t help it but to give a light smile.

“Third young master?” Qi Meng suspiciously looked at Qi Xia’s sudden arrival of his smiling expression. In the bottom of his heart, he was somewhat gooseflesh.

Qi Xia lazily shot a glance at him and said, “What are your thoughts on the goods that this little bastard had brought?”

Was the third young master testing his eyesight? Qi Meng immediately put forth an extreme amount of thought into it as he said, “All of the goods are of the top-notch quality. To be able to take tremendous amount of luxury goods in one go, this customer’s influence is certainly not small. Therefore, this subordinate would only be bold to continue on this business transaction. Moreover, according to the his last request which was the purchase of that huge batch of crystallic nuclei, they definitely are bound to have another usage for them. With that huge amount of crystallic nuclei, even if there were up to hundreds of people using them, they would be unable to use it up. It is very likely that a certain big clan had wanted to acquire the crystallic nuclei in the dark to temper their members.”

Qi Meng’s analysis was very sensible for the advantage of the crystallic nuclei lied in its price being cheap and the negative effect of the low level crystallic nuclei was not high. Therefore, it was very fitting to be used on those few clans that were unable to buy a large batch of weapons that were applied with the fusion of the magic nuclei to temper their members.

After having finished listening, Qi Xia only laughed and indifferently said, “Influence is not small.”

That huge amount of luxury goods were absolutely not what an ordinary rich household could obtain. Having placing his eyes onto that may golden tools that were within that pile, all of them were sufficient to be equal compared to the gadgets in his room. As for this grade of quality of golden tools, there were only three to four gold shops in the Long Xuan Empire that could make them out. Moreover, most of these finished goods from these gold shops would all enter into each and every major powers within the imperial capital and in just concentrating on to the proportion of the 5 big clans, they took up most of the proportions.

However, with the financial resources of the 5 big clans, it was simply unlikely for them to go as far to auction these golden tools to obtain wealth.

Qi Meng’s judgement was not wrong but he had overlooked one point which was those badly damaged precious stones that he had neglected. Although their quality were original, would there be anyone from the clan that would have paced these badly damaged goods together with the pile of luxury goods to be sold?

The corner of Qi Xia’s mouth curved into a smiling expression with interest. Towards the history of these goods, he had already guessed most of the parts.

To be able to get hold on these grade of quality and quantity of luxury goods, that youngster’s technique was seriously out of the ordinary!

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