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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 33
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Being perfectly content by having completed the first business deal, Shen Yanxiao returned to the Vermillion Bird clan in an especially good mood. During the next several days, the cultivation of her Dou Qi and magic was especially satisfactory.

During this period of self-cultivation, Shen Jiayi finally managed to reinstate her health. It was merely that on the day that she’d threatened Shen Yanxiao, the raging blaze had completely burned away all of her hair and her eyebrows. The current head of Shen Jiayi was similar to an egg — where, apart from the her facial features, had a bare surface upon her head.

This had thoroughly caused Shen Jiayi, who loved to be beautiful, to crumple . For the entire day, she incessantly wailed, and wasn’t even willing to take a step out of her room at all. As for what had exactly happened on that very day, Shen Jiayi tightly closed her mouth, and was absolutely unwilling to speak. This made Shen Yue, who had the intention to cause trouble for Shen Yanxiao, also have no place where he could make a move.

Shen Yue could only visit all of the nearby auction houses and use huge amounts of money in order to buy medicine that could make her hair grow faster, and that would also easily save Shen Jiayi’s bare head.

Shen Feng couldn’t have another mishap in the invitation of the sage, so he immediately sent people to have the Snow Spiritual Fox delivered to the God’s Domain. Not long afterwards, he then received information that had arrived from the God’s Domain.

In 10 days, the sage of the God’s Domain would personally proceed towards the Long Xuan Empire,  to the Vermillion Bird Clan, in order to rouse the Vermillion Bird.

This one piece of information had everyone from the Vermillion Bird Clan crying tears of joy.

Their hundred years of misery would finally be seen through to an end.

Within these 10 days, everyone put out an extreme amount of effort, and it was a rarely seen sight where the elders and the youngsters of the Vermillion Bird Clan integrated together to make concentrated efforts. They were properly ensuring that on the day that the sage arrived, they could give the sage a superb impression.

As for Shen Yifeng, Shen Jiayi, and Shen Jiawei, who were entitled to compete for the right in inheriting the Vermillion Bird, they were more focused  with closed door lessons, brought on by their respective fathers. After all, for the few of them, this one opportunity was too hard to come by, and in case one of them succeeded, it would then be ‘reaching the heavens in a single bound’. (instant success)

In another 10 days time, the Vermillion Bird Clan would once again reach the summit, and would embrace the honor that had been lost for a long time once again.

As for Shen Yanxiao, who completely didn’t have any relations with the Vermillion Bird whatsoever, was there any relation to her as to whether or not the sage came? With each and every one of them being so busy, she was even more happy to leisurely take some time out of her day that was normally spent painstakingly cultivating Dou Qi and magic, in order to make a trip to the Qilin Auction House to have 3728 crystallic nuclei brought back that had prepared by Qi Meng.

On the way to  collect the crystallic nuclei, she naturally forgot to change her appearance, and this time around, she didn’t come across that handsome youngster again. Actually, because of that delightful cooperation, Qi Meng had given her a high grade storage ring as a present, which had a storage space of up to a hundred cubic meters. There wasn’t a need to speak about that trifling 3728 crystallic nuclei anymore — even if there were 30,000 of them all together, she could still have easily stored them inside.

Shen Yanxiao was very suspicious towards Qi Meng’s sudden arrival and his expression of his goodwill, but not seizing the advantage was the act of an idiot. What was more was that Qi Meng was completely ignorant of Shen Yanxiao’s status. This type of good thing had many advantages and no disadvantages. Therefore, if she didn’t receive it, then she was precisely an idiot.

Three thousand plus inferior crystallic nuclei were brought back to the Vermillion Bird clan by Shen Yanxiao. She impatiently closed the door of her room, and within the storage ring, she grabbed hold of a handful of crystallic nuclei in preparation to feed a certain great master.

However, quite regretfully, Xiu simply didn’t have any special moves at all, for he was still existing inside Shen Yanxiao’s body. Therefore, he could only absorb the power within the crystallic nuclei through the means of Shen Yanxiao.

As she saw the crystallic nuclei within the her hands change into strand after strand of daybreak light and enter the space between her eyebrows, Shen Yanxiao felt that it was exceedingly wonderful.

In only one night, Xiu had used all of the crystallic nuclei. It was a pity that this speck of an amount, in regards to him, simply wasn’t counted as anything at all.

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