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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 35
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Chapter 35 Frenzied Part 2

When Shen Yanxiao made her move on the Vermillion Bird Clan, due to the theory that ‘one shouldn’t do anything to harm to one’s neighbors’, she’d only had a little test of her skill, and hadn’t been too heartless by exploiting them too much. As for the other 3 big clans however, it was an entirely different story.

The reason for her doing what she’d done…

Was to truly seize an opportunity that had presented itself! Her ferocity had exponentially increased, until it capable of making one’s hair stand up in anger.

For example, on a certain young master’s bedside that was from the Azure Dragon Clan, where the 7-star sword was hung, the lavish scabbard of the sword had been entirely cleaned of its dazzling precious stones and its gilded golden ornaments.

Another example was a certain wide jade chessboard, that was within a certain madam’s hall that was in the White Tiger Clan, which had all of the chess pieces and the chessboard disappear without a trace. Even the 2 cases that’d been created using gold in order to store the chess pieces had been taken away.

Another example was a certain lady’s dark blue crystal chain and bracelet that hung on her arm and neck,  that were in the Black Tortoise Clan…

It had to be known that both the necklace and bracelet were a present for the young lady of the Black Tortoise Clan upon her reaching adulthood. Even when she was bathing or sleeping, they never left her body. The outcome was still that when she was sleeping, they’d been taken away by someone, just like that. The only thing they knew, was that, from the body of young lady, the certainly utterly heartless thief had directly, and personally…taken them away.

This matter directly caused a certain matchless and chaste young lady to despair, and nearly caused her to bang her head to death at her bedside. In the end, to protect her purity, the clan head of the Black Tortoise Clan forcibly obstructed her; so much so, that the clan leader privately gave a command: In case  the little thief was discovered, that thief definitely wasn’t allowed to be killed, and instead had to be brought back to their residence..

Was this the precursor to a certain young lady wanting to get married?

In short, the chaotic panic that the 3 big clans had experienced during these past few days, was all due to a certain heartless thief who was frenziedly raking in money!

It was also because of Shen Yanxiao’s fierce movements  these three times — and only with the help of these 3 fierce movements — that the number of crystalline nuclei in her hands had reached twenty thousand plus. Adding on the two thousand or so pieces that had previously been used by Xiu, there was only a difference of five thousand pieces before she reached the 30000 mark!

Seeing these twenty thousand plus pieces of crystalline nuclei be absorbed by Xiu, Shen Yanxiao’s heart was like Spring in March — filled with brilliant flowers.

Looking at the seal on her arm, Shen Yanxiao could practically imagine the scene of herself facing upwards and laughing, as she’d be able to collect 30000 pieces of crystalline nuclei to feed Xiu, the great master, within just  few days, and the second layer of seal would be undone.

Only, who’d be the one ‘paying’ for these last 5000 pieces of low level crystalline nuclei?

She wouldn’t consider the Qilin Clan. Although there was a rumor that said that the Qilin Clan was extremely wealthy, it wasn’t good for her to steal their goods and then bring them to their own auction house.

As for the other 4 clans, she’d made her move too fiercely, and  estimated that she wouldn’t be able to peel off much profit from their bodies during this short period of time, thus she directly skipped them.

So, with her surveying the entire imperial capital, it was very likely that there was only one place that would be able to have her break even in a single go.

The imperial palace!

Within the imperial palace, a certain old man who had a precious stone crown on his head. was suddenly struck with a cold shiver.

… …

It was quite a pity that, before Shen Yanxiao could extend her evil claws to the imperial palace, the sage’s troops from the God’s Domain had already arrived at the imperial capital of the Long Xuan Empire.

The arrival of the sage from the God’s Domain startled all of the influential officials within the imperial capital.

From the monarch of the Long Xuan Empire, to the ordinary commoners, all of them were incessantly excited because of the arrival of the sage.

The God’s Domain was an extremely peculiar existence. It simply didn’t belong to anyone of the Guangming continent, instead standing alone on a piece of land that bordered the sea where its area wasn’t too large. It also didn’t have an enormous amount of troops to act as a military force to safeguard itself. However, nevertheless, none of the other countries would dare to even somewhat object to the existence of the God’s Domain.

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