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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 36
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Chapter 36 Frenzied Part 3

Within the God’s Domain, there were no common people — everyone there was called an envoy of God by foreigners, and all of them possessed strength that could make the people exclaim in admiration.

There was no need to speak about a division of the country,  for even if the few countries of the Guangming continent were to act together and attack, it was very likely that all of them together would still be incapable of breaking through even a single layer of the God’s Domain’s defense.

Everyone from the Guangming continent carried a kind of revere towards the God’s Domain.

The arrival of the sage caused the 5 big clans to arrive in full strength and in formation at the entrance of the Imperial Capital to welcome the arrival of the sage.

When the troops of the God’s Domain stepped onto the Imperial Capital’s soil, the common folks on both sides of the road sprinkled fragrant petals from within their hands. As for the guardsmen that were standing above the city walls, they set off festive fireworks, and the melodious sound of a trombone resonated throughout the entire horizon.

The sky was ravaged with fireworks as they blossomed above in broad daylight. Even if it was still daytime, after undergoing the modification of magicians, the fireworks still blossomed out with radiance that was dazzling to the eye.

The monarch of the Long Xuan Empire personally brought a troop to welcome the sage, and when everyone prostrated down in worship, the monarch welcomed the sage into the Imperial Palace.

The liveliness that was accompanied with clamor was nevertheless, unrelated to Shen Yanxiao.

Because she was the shame of the Vermillion Bird Clan,  she wasn’t permitted to appear in the presence of the sage at all. Thus, she alone remained inside the Vermillion Bird Clan’s mansion.

She somewhat gloomily sat on her bed, but it wasn’t because she couldn’t meet some bullshit sage; rather it was because as of now, the sage had entered the Imperial Palace. The plan of her going to the Imperial Palace and taking advantage of a crisis for her own personal gain could only be temporarily halted.

During the time where everyone was crying tears of joy because of the arrival of the sage, a certain little thief whose plan had been disarranged was gnashing her teeth while gazing at that fraud of a sage.

This was because it was an extremely immoral action to disturb other people’s work!

According to the usual practice, the sage would need to enter the Imperial Palace on arrival first. Therefore, after having finished the entire welcoming ceremony, Shen Feng brought everyone from the Vermillion Bird Clan to return to the mansion.

From the higher up Shen Feng, to to the lower down attendant of the Vermillion Bird Clan, a matchless and complacent smile was brimming on everyone’s face.

“Haha, those people of the Azure Dragon Clan are still thinking about just what the sage arrived for. Looking at that face of theirs, if they were to know that the arrival of the sage this time around was to rouse the Vermillion Bird, then they would’ve likely been so angry that it’d have put their mustaches out of bent.” After thinking about the expression the other 4 clan leaders had shown today, Shen Jing, who was following behind Shen Feng, just especially refreshed.

Shen Feng had been relatively much more steady since a long time ago—it was a habit for him to not show his feelings when he was happy and angry. However, after what he’d heard and seen today, the corner of his mouth was still unable to conceal the trace of a smile.

“Don’t spread it out too much that the sage will be arriving at our residence tomorrow. Have you all prepared what you ought to have prepared?” Shen Feng once more verified.

Concerning the reputation of the Vermillion Bird Clan, he had to be careful.

“Everything’s prepared.” Shen Duan said.

“En.” Shen Feng nodded his head, satisfied. Immediately, it was as if Shen Feng had remembered something. Turning his head to Shen Duan, Shen Feng said, “Have some of the witty maids sent to Siyu’s place, because all the people that he has are only those few retinues, and it’s not convenient to only have them freshen up that little servant girl.”

“Eh?” Shen Duan somewhat didn’t understand what had been said, after the sudden arrival of his father’s words made him be at a loss.

Shen Feng said, “Tomorrow, when the sage comes, the candidates that can make a contract with the Vermillion Bird are to be brought to the lava ravine. Although the little servant girl’s wisdom isn’t much, she can’t be too sloppy and she can’t be lacking in manners in front of the sage.”

Just what he’d heard!!!

Shen Duan dumbstrokenly stood at his original position as he rigidly gazed at Shen Feng. He was doubting himself on whether his ears had misheard or not.

Even if he was an idiot, he too was clear from the words ‘little servant girl’ that Shen Feng had spoken from his mouth was referring to the disgrace of the Vermillion Bird Clan – Shen Yanxiao!

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