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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce
Chapter 1488 - 1488 Motorcyclist
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1488 Motorcyclist

Xia Xibei played the heroine, one who had a lot of fighting scenes, and Director Smith was very serious when filming.

It was all about the real person, not the body double.

Many parts were shot on location, and only some were shot in front of a screen.

This one was also a live-action shoot, shot in a street.

They closed half of the street just to shoot this one scene.

Soon, everything was prepared, and the motorcyclist was ready.

The motorcyclist wore a helmet, and the motorcycles rumbled.


The director gave the order, and the motorcycle raced toward Xia Xibei.

According to the plan, Xia Xibei had to flip over the top of the motorcycle.

Although Xia Xibei could do this by herself, no one would really believe it.

Besides, who wouldn’t put a little more thought into such a difficult move?

So, this scene needed to use wire.

When the motorcycle arrived at the front, Xia Xibei would be pulled up into the air and then roll over.

Seeing that the motorcycle was coming to the front, Xia Xibei should have been pulled up.

However, Xia Xibei felt light, and then she did not move.

From behind her came a panicked voice, “Wire broke!”

“Stop the motorcycle!”

Xia Xibei didn’t turn around, but knew the wire was broken.

This made her heart jump.

She knew that when she checked just now, the wire was fine.

This was only a few minutes, and the wire broke?

The most frightening thing: the motorcycle rushed towards her, which was very fast!

Director Smith also panicked.

“Stop!” he shouted with a loudspeaker, but to his horror, the momentum of the motorcycle did not stop and continued to rush.

The motorcycle’s speed did not decrease but accelerated, rushing straight toward Xia Xibei.

The distance between the motorcycle and Xia Xibei was rapidly closing, with less than two meters remaining.

“Get out of the way!”


Xia Xibei, who stayed in place, noticed that the helmeted motorcyclist had eyes with a killing intent.

This was not the motorcyclist arranged by the crew!

In a blink of an eye, the motorcyclist came closer.

There were shouts of alarm from the crowd, and others closed their eyes in disbelief.

They knew that it was over!

With such a crazy speed, Xia Xibei couldn’t escape!

The next moment, when everyone was desperate, Xia Xibei jumped up nearly a meter from the ground.

The motorcycle had reached her, but she stepped on the head of the motorcycle, then flipped in the air and flew over the man’s head.

The motorcycle continued to rush forward, and the motorcyclist was stunned by the operation.

She actually flew up?

Didn’t the wire break?

Xia Xibei flew over the man’s head and kicked him hard in the back.

The man suffered a heavy blow to the back of the head, became dizzy, and was unable to control the motorcycle.

The motorcycle rushed out some distance and fell to the ground because of his mistake.

The others were also stunned by this action, and Xia Xibei was the first to react.

She just landed on the ground, then turned around and rushed towards the man.

She pushed the motorcycle off the man and grabbed him.

By the time the others arrived, she already had the man in her grasp.

Watching this scene, everyone was stunned.

Were they… Just making a movie?

Oh yes, they were indeed making a movie, but Xia Xibei’s performance was insane!

Was Hua kung fu this awesome?!

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