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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 493 - 493 Did You Wake Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed?
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493 Did You Wake Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed?

“Why are you here again?!” Mo Yuan strode out and questioned.

Fu Ying was a little taller than Mo Yuan, so he looked down at Mo Yuan and said, “I’m a little older than you.”

Mo Yuan immediately felt an inexplicable sense of oppression. However, on careful thought, Fu Ying had to get past him to woo Mo Rao, so he couldn’t lose his imposing manner. He widened his eyes and said to Fu Ying, “If you want to be with Rao Rao, you have to call me ‘Brother’ in the future.”

When Fu Ying heard this, he seemed to see hope and immediately changed his address. “Brother, I want to eat at your house tonight.”

As expected, this address of “brother” flattered Mo Yuan. He smiled and actually agreed. “Alright, come in.”

This time, it was Mo Rao’s turn to widen her eyes.

What did Mo Yuan mean? Why did he suddenly change his attitude towards Fu Ying?

“Brother, what’s wrong?” Mo Rao looked at Mo Yuan in disbelief.

Mo Yuan’s expression was calm as he replied, “There’s nothing wrong with having another suitor. I’ll help you test them.”

Mo Rao was even more confused. What was wrong with her brother?! Why was he starting to help Fu Ying?

Mo Yuan didn’t explain much and even turned around to help Fu Ying get a pair of slippers.

Could it be that Fu Ying had threatened Mo Yuan?

Even until Fu Ying walked into the house and sat on the sofa, Mo Rao didn’t understand why Mo Yuan suddenly started to treat Fu Ying so well.

“All of you can rest here. I’ll go cook,” Not wanting to tire Mo Rao out, Mo Yuan said.

Fu Ying stood up and followed Mo Yuan to the kitchen. “Let me help too.”

As Mo Rao sat in the living room, she watched Mo Yuan and Fu Ying get along harmoniously from afar. She had yet to recover from her shock.

“What’s wrong with your brother? I heard that he’s very dissatisfied with Fu Ying.” Even Qu You couldn’t understand.

“I don’t know either. Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?” Mo Rao was certain that something was off about Mo Yuan.

In the kitchen, Mo Yuan was cutting vegetables. Fu Ying, who had washed the vegetables, came to his side and asked in a low voice, “Why do you suddenly have no objections to me today?”

Mo Yuan’s hand paused and he glanced at Fu Ying as he asked, “Do you still want me to treat you like before?”

“Of course not. You’ll be my brother in the future.” Fu Ying had to cozy up to Mo Yuan.

After all, Mo Yuan was one of the decisive factors in his future relationship with Mo Rao.

Mo Yuan ignored him and only frowned, as if he had something on his mind.

Fu Ying saw through his worries at a glance and asked, “Are you in trouble? Do you have a favor to ask of me?”

Mo Yuan took a deep breath and said, “I do.”

“Fu Ying, I want you to investigate Gu Ci more.” Mo Yuan looked up at Fu Ying as he said seriously, “I’m afraid he will do something bad to Rao Rao.”

Fu Ying was stunned and didn’t understand what Mo Yuan was thinking.

“Doesn’t he like Rao Rao? He’s probably desperate to bring Rao Rao home.” Fu Ying recalled Gu Ci’s provocation today and was filled with anger.

“Did you see Gu Ci’s interview? The interview in Jiayi Magazine.” Mo Yuan lowered his voice. “He said that he became a jewelry designer for his deceased sister.”

As Fu Ying flipped through the magazine casually, he happened to see the interview, so he nodded and said, “Yes, I remember. However, I’ve never heard of the Gu family having a daughter before.”

“Yes, I didn’t know either.” Mo Yuan smiled bitterly. “But his sister seemed to be my ex-girlfriend.”

“What did you say?!” Fu Ying almost shouted, but he was afraid that Mo Rao would find out, so he could only try his best to control his emotions.

As Mo Yuan cut the vegetables, he continued, “My relationship with her was quite good in the past, but for some reason, her emotions suddenly became unstable. I wanted to accompany her, but I didn’t expect her to suddenly commit suicide.”

“I didn’t even know she had a brother.”

Mo Yuan only suddenly thought of his ex-girlfriend when he saw Gu Ci’s interview.

Because, just as Gu Ci had described, Mo Yuan’s ex-girlfriend liked jewelry design and committed suicide.

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