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After Leaving The CEO, She Stunned The World
Chapter 494 - 494 Seeing the Real You
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494 Seeing the Real You

Fu Ying frowned when he realized that this matter might not be simple.

“How did Gu Ci meet Mo Rao?” Fu Ying asked.

Mo Yuan replied truthfully, “Gu Ci met Mo Rao when Mo Rao was working a part-time job overseas. Later, Gu Ci became her boss. I was worried that Gu Ci would harm Rao Rao because he thinks that I killed his sister.”

Although Mo Yuan was very satisfied with Gu Ci previously, he could tell that Gu Ci was very cunning.

Gu Ci was the same as Fu Ying. They were both geniuses in the business world. Fu Ying was usually also a shrewd man, but compared to Fu Ying, Mo Yuan couldn’t understand Gu Ci even more.

Fu Ying acted as if he was willing to do anything for Mo Rao now, so he didn’t seem to have any bad intentions.

However, Mo Yuan didn’t know if Gu Ci was sincerely in love with Mo Rao.

“Why didn’t you tell Mo Rao about this directly?” Fu Ying suddenly thought of something and asked.

If Mo Rao knew, Gu Ci was no longer be a formidable love rival.

Mo Yuan sighed. “These are all my guesses. I don’t want Rao Rao’s social circle and life to be affected because of me. What if Gu Ci doesn’t have any bad intentions? So, I want you to help me investigate.”

“Investigate Gu Ci?” Fu Ying was puzzled. “So, even you don’t know him well.”

“Only the wealthy know about the grudges of the wealthy, right? Moreover, his family has been overseas for a long time, and we don’t have many connections overseas,” Mo Yuan explained.

Fu Ying was about to say something when he heard Mo Rao shout outside the door, “Why are the two of you chatting so happily? Are we still eating or not?”

Mo Yuan immediately changed the topic and shouted at Mo Rao, “Coming.”

“I’ll help you find out about Gu Ci,” Fu Ying promised in a soft voice.

“However, you can’t stop me and Rao Rao from getting back together from now on.”

Mo Yuan gritted his teeth. For Mo Rao’s safety, he could only agree. “Alright, but who Rao Rao ends up with is her choice. If she doesn’t choose you, I hope you won’t disturb her again.”

Mo Rao and Qu You had been sitting on the sofa and chatting. She could hear voices coming from the kitchen, but she couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

She was extremely curious about what Mo Yuan and Fu Ying were talking about, but she could only listen to Qu You tell her about Yang Shu.

“I asked Yang Shu out on a date with me this weekend. What do you think I should wear?” Qu You supported her chin with her hand as she said with a troubled look. “A man like him probably likes gentle and cute girls, right?”

“I think you should be your true self in front of him,” Mo Rao said bluntly.

Qu You exclaimed, “That’s a bad idea! You know that I’m very crazy and wild. I’m also a domineering heiress.”

Mo Rao had to admit that Qu You knew herself very well.

“Then let him see the real you. It’ll be tiring for you to pretend to be an demure and docile girl for an entire day. If he really starts to like the persona you show him, are you going to pretend for the rest of your life?” Mo Rao asked.

Qu You fell into deep thought.

She had been free-spirited and carefree since she was young. Words like demure and docile rarely appeared in her dictionary.

She didn’t want to be this type of girl.


“You’re right.” After thinking about it, Qu You agreed with Mo Rao. “If I keep pretending, I might go crazy.”

“That’s right. Besides, if that’s the case, it means that he only likes your facade,” Mo Rao advised. “Besides, why do you assume he likes demure girls? Perhaps opposites attract.”

With Mo Rao’s consolation, Qu You’s mood instantly improved. “That’s true!”

“Fu Ying said today that he will help you ask around. Get him to ask later.”

With someone she could use, Mo Rao naturally had to help Qu You.

Qu You winked at Mo Rao and asked softly, “Why do I feel that you and Fu Ying have become quite intimate recently? Tell me, what exactly happened between the two of you in the South Island?!”

“Nothing happened, really!” Mo Rao’s first reaction was to deny it.

She didn’t want to admit that she had kissed Fu Ying on the South Island, nor did she want to admit that she had even been tempted for a moment at that time.

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