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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 4
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Chapter 4: In Truth, I Really Am A God

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

[Look, the streamer is about to rage. It’s him again, Y-God!]

[Don’t panic, streamer. There’s a change to the situation this time. Y-God is in… the opposing team!]

[F*ck. It’s going to be a great round now that Y-God is in the opposing team.]

[I can finally vent my anger on him. There’s no need to show mercy, Coold Goddess. Hit Y-God hard!]

Coold’s live channel burst into an uproar. It had turned into a punitive force against Y-God.

“It seems like everyone is hating this Y-God to the bone. Don’t worry. I shall play with him slowly in this round!” Coold’s charming eyes were filled with cold radiance. After two rounds of entrapment, she had already remembered Y-God’s name deeply into her heart.

She used a new account for the solo MMR:0 rated match earlier. Due to the two losing rounds since the start, the account was useless now. It could be said that this was the worst entrapment in her gaming history.

Ye Lingchen had no idea that he had already caught the beauty’s attention. He entered the game interface and said to the live streaming viewers in a manner as if he was too profound to be fathomable, “I’m going to show you how a god controls this round.”

He was well aware that a streamer needed to have his own gimmick so he immediately issued a strict order, “I’ll live stream myself eating sh*t if I lose!”

[A hot meal of sh*t has already been prepared. Please enjoy your meal, streamer.]

[The most terrifying thing in this world is not encountering a noob, but it is most terrifying when the noob is unaware that he is a noob.]

[Streamer, I bet you have no idea who is in the opposing team yet, right? What a pity…]

[Everyone, stop fighting. Coold Goddess has already said that she is buying the meal of sh*t for the streamer!]

‘God-Y has chosen Shadow Fiend.’

Coold’s lips curved into a cool arc as she watched the familiar words appeared on the screen. She made the same choice in her hero. It was Lina the Slayer!

Lina had one of the best ultimate abilities in the entire DotA world that was capable of delivering a massive burst of damage. Moreover, she possessed immensely damaging capabilities. She could be described as Shadow Fiend’s archenemy. One could tell how deep was Coold’s hatred toward Ye Lingchen judging by this hero pick.

This round, Ye Lingchen chose the mid lane confidently. The Shadow Fiend walked with long strides and left behind a black path where he walked. He was incomparably handsome.

As soon as he made an appearance, Lina unleashed her Dragon Slave ability one after another. The red flames cut through the path and slashed across Shadow Fiend’s body, drawing away a tube of blood.

Next, Lina was about to unleash another wave of Dragon Slave after the CD1 to disrupt Ye Lingchen from hitting back while damaging his HP2.

Ye Lingchen did not panic at all but cowardly hid under the tower to accumulate experience. He unleashed his Shadowraze occasionally to reinforce his team. It appeared that he was in a terrible condition due to the suppression.

[Coold hasn’t bought any new supplies for this battle. She is only carrying along some magic potions to replenish her magic continuously so she can continue hitting the Shadow Fiend.]

[Bad, that’s bad! The reality has proven that one should not offend a woman.]

[All of a sudden, I pity the Shadow Fiend a little.]

In the streaming channel, everyone showed sympathy to Ye Lingchen in unison. At last, a golden light flashed once upon Shadow Fiend’s body. He had been raised to 3-stars while the cold Lina had already been raised to 3 and a half stars now.

“There’s no need to show pity to me. Every hero has its own advantages. Lina is genuinely capable of suppressing Shadow Fiend during the earlier stage of the battle, it’s very normal.” Ye Lingchen had already put himself into the position of a streamer gradually. “3-star now. Look, everyone. I think that Coold from the opposing team is a huge streamer as well. I wonder if she’s beautiful. I’m going to take 1 HP from her now.”

[F*ck! That’s epic…]

[Oh no. Coold was too cruel in her suppression earlier. She has driven this person to madness.]

[If you wish to damage my goddess’ HP, over my dead body first!]

Ye Lingchen’s rather frivolous remark was passed into Coold’s live channel by countless fans. They broke out in uproar wildly.

Coold was enraged. She blurted out in disdain, “trying to take my HP? More like I’m going to take his HP!”

[Err… Coold Goddess. If you take 1 HP from him and he takes 1 HP from you, it doesn’t seem to make any significant difference though…]

The powerful fans grasped the ambiguity of her words subconsciously so the uproar was growing more intense as well.

“Lina is constantly unleashing her abilities such that her magic potion is utterly insufficient to replenish herself. She is only capable of unleashing each of her first and second abilities once.” Ye Lingchen disregarded the uproar in his live channel but he explained about his tactics while he controlled the Shadow Fiend to continue to seize the last hit.

While he was attempting to seize the last hit, it was as if he had made a mistake. Shadow Fiend was approaching the attack range of Lina’s second ability. Coold noticed the mistake soon as she unleashed her second ability Light Strike Array to enshroud the Shadow Fiend!

The Light Strike Array ability summoned a column of flames that damaged and stunned the enemy!

“As expected.” Ye Lingchen spoke in a calm and composed voice, “judging by Lina’s attack speed, she can only attack thrice during the stun effect!”

One, two, three!

The Shadow Fiend made a move. In a flurry of ‘panic’, he appeared to unleash a blow and damaged Lina’s HP. Next, he retreated in a ‘panic’.

“Next, Lina will be unleashing an ability in an attempt to maximize her attack, while only a minute amount of my HP will remain.” Before Ye Lingchen’s voice died away, the Dragon Slave arrived closely!

The Shadow Fiend’s HP bar turned black at once. He would die upon receiving one more attack!

“Lina will never give up on such an opportunity like this for sure. She is going to chase after me!” Ye Lingchen’s Shadow Fiend broke free from Lina’s attack range. He commentated calmly. Lina’s actions were exactly as he had predicted.

Lina’s attacks had drawn in the creeps’ hatred. She was starting to be attacked by the creeps. Moreover, she had also entered the attack range of Ye Lingchen’s team defense tower!

However, Coold paid no attention to that but she continued to pursue and attack.

One hit, she needed only one hit!

Coold’s eyes reddened in anticipation.

Her speed was quicker than Ye Lingchen. After catching up to him, she raised her hand in preparation to deliver a fatal blow. However, Shadow Fiend’s body swayed once as he entered the forest!

It was a vision block!

Lina was rendered incapable of continuing her attack when she had no vision over Shadow Fiend. On the other hand, Lina’s blue health bar was drained as well such that she was incapable of casting spells anymore.

After bracing Ye Lingchen’s wave of Shadowraze in the beginning, in addition to the attacks from the creeps and defense tower, Lina’s HP had already dropped more than half. Coold was beginning to panic with a slight intention of retreating.

However, Shadow Fiend behaved as if he was provoking the opponent. He walked out from his original shadow before he launched an attack at Lina.


Coold could not help blurting out the cuss word aloud. Coold was prepared to make a prompt escape after the momentary hold up as well as Lina’s depleting HP.

In the next moment, a wave of Shadowraze appeared out of thin air and destroyed Lina’s final drop of HP.

“First blood!”

“Y-God killed Cooled-V!”

At the sound of the high pitch announcement, Coold’s entire person was stunned while her entire live streaming channel quieted down.

Soon afterward…

[Sh*t! 1 HP. The world’s biggest noob has truly taken 1 HP from Coold!]

[What an awesome analysis and flamboyant control. I’m sure that the streamer has been substituted!]

[Hah-hah-hah. Have all of you been to Coold’s live streaming channel? She is so enraged she almost crushed her keyboard.]

[Whether it was her attack or HP, he was able to predict it perfectly. That’s crazy right!]

Thanks to Coold, Ye Lingchen managed to attract even more viewers with his game control. His live streaming channel was flooded to the point of bursting.

“In truth, I really am a God…” said Ye Lingchen innocently.

The laning continued. Coold stopped speaking but one could tell from the look of her eyes that she was determined to kill Ye Lingchen. The viewers could sense the murderous aura between both of them.

Whether it was his equipment or rank, Shadow Fiend had already triumphed over Lina after gaining the First Blood. In addition, there was Ye Lingchen’s flamboyant control. The tide had turned for both of their characters now.

Ye Lingchen did not have the slightest intention to show compassion toward the woman. He would launch an attack at Lina every time he had a chance such that Coold harbored hatred toward him endlessly. She had no choice but to begin to send out an alert on the minimap to her team in search for reinforcement.

“There’s a red dot on the minimap that disappeared for 30 seconds. Someone didn’t even bother to accumulate experience anymore. It’s highly possible that the person is working together with Lina to launch a sneak attack on me.” Ye Lingchen spoke slowly. He remained vulnerable to the potential gank1 recklessly just as before without the slightest intention to hide.

As he was speaking, he switched over the map rapidly. “Ymir the Tusk is no longer online. I think he’s coming to work together with Lina. It’s not that hard to kill Shadow Fiend.”

“However, I will be counter-killing him if he’s bold enough to come!”

[The three misconceptions about life are vibrating phone, she likes me, and I can counter kill.]

[The streamer’s analysis sounds impressive. This has already proven that Ymir is truly coming for him.]

[Don’t mind me. I’m just sitting here while watching the streamer seek his doom.]


At almost the same moment, Lina unleashed Dragon Slave. Soon after, a humongous snowball rolled toward Shadow Fiend from a dark corner.

The sneak attack had begun!

The Shadow Fiend retreated swiftly but the snowball still managed to catch up to him. He was stunned on the same spot.

Lina came chasing after him soon afterward. The Light Strike Array was unleashed seamlessly after Ymir’s attack. Shadow Fiend was stunned again. By the time Shadow Fiend awakened from the stun, half of his HP bar was already drained.

Shadow Fiend was about to retreat to the tower but his retreat path was sealed by Ymir the Tusk using Ice Shards.

At this very moment, Shadow Fiend appeared to be cornered. He staked everything he had by hitting all three Shadowraze spells to exhaust Lina’s HP by two thirds and a half of Ymir’s HP.

By the time the sealing effect of Ice Shards worn off, Shadow Fiend had a half-emptied HP bar similarly. He began to retreat in a haste.

Ymir and Lina continued to pursue and attack under the cover of the defense tower.

“He must die this time!” Coold clenched her teeth. She was waiting for her Dragon Slave to CD before she could take Shadow Fiend’s life.

“Dragon Slave!”

A wave of bright red flames burst out from Lina’s body. However, the Shadow Fiend that was walking straight ahead suddenly made an S-shaped maneuver to dodge Dragon Slave’s attack ingeniously.

Her attack missed. Coold’s heart was throbbing as an ominous premonition shrouded her heart.

It felt, as if to confirm her motive, the escaping Shadow Fiend suddenly turned around. He took Ymir’s life with one strike of Shadowraze before he used the second Shadowraze to reap Lina’s life!

“Double kill!”

“Y-God killed Coold-V!”

“Y-God killed Ymir 10000Year!”

“Y-God is on a killing spree!”

The overbearing sound echoed. Half of the screen was flooded with Y-God.

[I’m sorry. I can’t speak. I can only use the word ‘epic’ to show my admiration for the streamer.]

[He looks to be as nervous as a cat, but in reality, he is as steady as an old dog. Epic…]

[I’d say that his control could match a pro’s. No objection from the crowd, right?]

[I think Coold is about to cry. What sort of opponent is this?]

In the third round, Ye Lingchen achieved victory at once by exercising his complete suppression tactic. He relied on his skilled control, precise analysis, and flamboyant commentary to draw in a bunch of fanatics. He took a glance at the channel’s statistics and found that he had over three thousand fans. He had actually made three hundred bucks from the gifts and donations.

‘I’ll be d*mned. So it turns out that I can make money from live streaming!’

Meanwhile, a notification box popped out from the lower right corner of the page. [Coold-V just sent you a friend request…]

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