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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 5
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Chapter 5: Ostentatious, Is That You?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

‘Coold is trying to add me?’

Ye Lingchen raised his eyebrows ever so slightly. He could feel the beautiful streamer’s rage through the screen. He wondered if she was adding him so she could scold him.

Ye Lingchen pondered about that in his mind while he clicked the approve button at once.

‘I’m only capable of gaining so many fans in such a short period due to Coold. This person is a divine magnet that draws in fans. There’s no reason for me to reject her request at all.’

“Did you do that intentionally?” Coold sent over a voice clip followed by three angry emoticons.

“No,” replied Ye Lingchen softly.

Coold reckoned that Ye Lingchen was trying to entrap her and made her lose all three rounds of her earlier solo matches intentionally.

“Then you must have done it out of ill intentions!” Three more angry emoticons followed once again.

“I didn’t.” Ye Lingchen added an innocent-looking emoticon.

“You have to make it up to me. Be my carry player.” Coold sent over a pity-looking emoticon soon afterward.

“Alright, sure!” Ye Lingchen agreed with a grin.

The fan magnet had actually proposed to team up with him. This was simply as good as pennies from heaven.

In the next moment, a conversation request bubble popped up. Ye Lingchen hesitated for a moment before he hit the approve button.

“Err… hello.”

“Hmmph!” A cold groan was heard from the other end of the conversation. Next, a sweet female voice was heard. “I’m telling you now that I won’t let you off if you make me lose in his round!”

‘Her voice sounds so charming despite her anger. It is no wonder that she is such a popular streamer.’

Ye Lingchen exclaimed with emotion in his heart. He then assured Coold repeatedly before he teamed up with Coold and joined the queue.

[F*ck. What’s going on? Why is Coold Goddess suddenly teaming up with Y-God now?]

[Goddess, what happened to solo matchmaking. You’ve changed…]

[F*ck you! My goddess will never fall into the enemy’s hand just like that. God, why are you so cruel!]

[Shut up, person above. I’m the first person that will object to this unionization!]

The live stream channel was boiling with comments. A number of fans expressing their objection one after another.

“Everyone, wait and see. The fellow has entrapped me into such a difficult situation. I won’t let him off easily for sure!” In the stream, Coold cracked into a smile with ill intentions. She displayed an outlook that appeared to be too profound to be fathomable.

[That’s epic. I know that Goddess won’t be so easily conquered. I shall wait and see.]

[Everyone, don’t ever head over to Y-God’s channel as an informer. Hah-hah-hah, this is going to be interesting for sure…]

[So it turns out that Coold has some other plans of her own. Hah-hah-hah. A moment of silence for Y-God.]

[A moment of silence +1.]

[A moment of silence +10086.]

Only Ye Lingchen was still kept in the dark. He was filled with fighting spirit. He chose the Shadow Fiend skilfully then he embarked on the journey to mid lane.

Ye Lingchen was fighting against the melee hero, Kunkka on the same lane this time.

In the battle between a ranged hero fighting against a melee hero, the Shadow Fiend had a slight superiority over Kunkka. Ye Lingchen gave Kunkka the Admiral a slap whenever he had the opportunity and cast a spell occasionally to damage his HP.

“Kunkka’s second ability is Tidebringer. The legendary sword grants increased damage and cleaves with a large area of effect. The enemy in the surroundings will be hit simultaneously when it is attacking the creeps.” Ye Lingchen explained to his viewers out of a strong sense of responsibility. It was also due to his professionalism and responsibility, many of the viewers here to join the fun originally chose to stay.

“The creep’s HP is dropping. He will certainly come forward for the last-hit.” Ye Lingchen continued to explain to his viewers while he controlled the Shadow Fiend’s positioning. “I’m walking to the side-front. This allows me to not only walk out from Tidebringer’s cast range but also get closer to him so I can stand a chance to kill him!”

He had intentionally damaged one-third of Kunkka’s HP earlier. It was a rather awkward amount of HP because the Admiral could not possibly return to his side and he was rendered incapable of using a Healing Salve.

Before his voice died away, Kunkka could be seen walking forward for the last-hitting just as mentioned in Ye Lingchen’s original script.

Ye Lingchen began to engage Shadow Fiend in auto-attack mode to exhaust Kunkka’s HP as much as possible. When the Admiral realized that something was wrong and was about to retreat, Ye Lingchen unleashed a wave of Shadowraze to drain Kunkka’s HP completely.

‘It’s too late to retreat now. He is already a dead man.” Ye Lingchen spoke in an incomparably confident manner, “I will only need to auto-attack him three times in addition to casting two Shadowrazes to take him.”

“First attack!” Ye Lingchen counted and unleashed a blast.

“Second attack!” Soon after, the second blast followed!

At present, Kunkka had just made his way to the Shadow Fiend’s cast range.

“Third attack!” The attack blasted out while Ye Lingchen turned around confidently.

“First Blood!”

“Y-God, I’m dead. Please don’t kill me!”

‘That’s amazing. It’s a waste of the streamer’s talent if he is not playing professionally.’

‘Oh oh oh. Excellent control. Streamer, why aren’t you revealing yourself. You sound like a handsome boy…’

‘Subscribed. I’m a Diaosi. Here’s a lollipop for you as a token of my appreciation.’

Following the First Blood, Ye Lingchen was completely immersed in the gameplay. The Shadow Fiend was snowballing and growing rapidly. He killed his way through the midlane before unleashing a wave of attacks on the top and bottom lane each.

10 minutes into the game.

“Holy shit.”

“Y-God is beyond godlike, someone kill them!”

At the sound of the resonant announcement, Ye Lingchen finally completed the first Beyond Godlike feat in his lifetime at last.

“What do you think, I’m Beyond Godlike now,” said Ye Lingchen to Coold in a voice clip.

“Jeez, what’s there to boast about Beyond Godlike. It’s nothing impressive.” Coold scoffed coldly in disdain. She was clenching her teeth in hidden rage. Her kill count still remained at 0 so far.

“Nothing, I was just about to ask if someone is enjoying the tag along for free victory.” Ye Lingchen laughed aloud as he said in an exceedingly provocative manner.

Coold scoffed. “We are not done with this round. There’s no certainty to the person who will laugh in the end.”

Ye Lingchen hummed a tune. “Bros, I’ll be presenting you with the most show-off version of Shadow Fiend today!”

As he was speaking, Ye Lingchen bought Eul’s Scepter of Divinity from the Main Shop at once.

At the moment, his items included Boots of Speed, Blink Dagger, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity and Magic Stick.

Blink Dagger: Allows the user to teleport to a target point. Cannot be used for 3 seconds after taking damage from an enemy hero.

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity: Sweeps a target unit up into a cyclone, making them invulnerable for 2.5 seconds.

The Shadow Fiend was usually in the pursuit of superb burst damage because he would commonly use attack items.

Ye Lingchen’s tactics could be described as exceedingly eccentric and unprecedented.

[What sort of eccentric item build is that? The streamer is becoming conceited!]

[This is nothing but showing off. What a fool for giving up on your own superiority.]

[He forcefully turns his DPS into a mage. That’s epic…]

The viewers expressed their disapproval in unison. Coold was also frowning ever so slightly to express her confusion in the situation.

Ye Lingchen did not bother to explain further despite being confronted with doubt. He continued to play the game in a calm and composed manner.

14 minutes into the game, Ye Lingchen harvested another kill once again. He used his third powerful item, Ghost Scepter.

Ghost Scepter: You enter ghost form for 4 seconds, becoming immune to attack damage but are unable to attack and 40% more vulnerable to magic damage.

Such items appeared to be similarly useless and served no other purpose.

“What are you doing?” Coold could not restrain herself anymore so she asked in curiosity.

“The item use is done. Next, it’s time for individual show-off.” Ye Lingchen spoke in an incomparably narcissistic manner, “You should hide behind me later. I’m going to go ahead and lure out the enemy. I’m sure that we can wipe out the opposing team.”

Coold rolled her eyes ever so slightly. “Alright, go ahead!”

Ye Lingchen had no suspicion of her. The Shadow Fiend swayed from left to right arrogantly within the opposing team’s vision.

“Judging by the opposing team’s hatred of me, it’s possible that they will spare no effort in launching a sneak attack on me so they can break my Beyond Godlike streak.” Ye Lingchen explained in the live stream. “The opposing team has already vanished from the map. It seems like Spirit Breaker is heading toward me.”

The opposing team’s Puck the Faerie Dragon appeared out of the shadows cunningly and cast a spell as soon as it appeared.

Dream Coil: Creates a coil of volatile magic that latches onto enemy Heroes, stunning them for 0.5 seconds, damaging and leashing them. If the enemy hero stretches the coil by moving too far away, it snaps, stunning and dealing an additional 200 damage.

Soon afterward, Spirit Breaker dashed straight toward Ye Lingchen with a dash of wild aura. He was stunned!

Following that, Puck launched an Illusory Orb in addition to Waning Rift. The appearance of these two heroes had damaged half of Shadow Fiend’s HP. Shadow Fiend was in a critical state.

“Coold, now’s the time.” Ye Lingchen spoke in his voice clip. However, he received nothing but silence.

At the moment, Coold controlled her hero to retreat without taking even a glance at Ye Lingchen.

“Hah-hah-hah. He entrapped me so badly and yet he still wants me to save him. Does he think that he is allowed to provoke me as such!” Coold sounded incomparably proud of herself. “If he is seeking doom, I won’t keep him company!”

[Coold, you’re nasty, but I like it…]

[That’s a good show. Everyone, let’s calculate the area of psychological trauma in Y-God’s mind.]

[I loathe it when teammates do that to each other. However, I’m smiling without virtue this time.]

[Next, we should be hearing the sound effect of Y-God being terminated from Beyond Godlike. I’m sure it’s a pleasant sound…]

“Double Kill.”

“Holy Shit.”

“Y-God is beyond godlike, someone kill them!”

“Triple Kill.”

“Holy Shit.”

“Y-God is beyond godlike, someone kill them!”

“Ultra Kill.”

“Holy Shit.”

“Y-God is beyond godlike, someone kill them!”


“Holy Shit.”

The entire game was flooded instantaneously.

Coold’s live channel sank into a death-like silence at once.

[What… is that for real? One against five and the opposing team is wiped out?]

[Those are actors! I’ll eat sh*t if the opposing team are not actors!]

[F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! I’ve just returned from Y-God’s channel. The viewer above me is eating sh*t for sure!]

[All of you didn’t manage to see earlier. I would use my honor to guarantee that Y-God’s control can make it to Top 10. That was so epic!]

Ye Lingchen’s live channel had also broke out in a huge commotion.

[F*ck! My 24k titanium eyes have been blinded!]

[My mom was asking me why I kneeled as I was watching. I told her I peed myself from the shock.]

[Ostentatious, is that you?]

Coold refused to be misled so she switched over to Ye Lingchen’s live channel. She traced back to the time when Ye Lingchen was beset.

There was only half of Shadow Fiend’s HP left. Crystal Maiden walked out from her concealment in the dark corner and cast Frostbite at Shadow Fiend immediately. Kunkka had also summoned two Ghostships, finely poised and ready to attack. Spectre had similarly unleashed his ability and descended behind Shadow Fiend.

No one would survive this situation for certain!

However, Shadow Fiend used Eul’s Scepter of Divinity on himself at this crucial moment!

The black Shadow Fiend was blown into the sky and dodged Kunkka’s two Ghostships perfectly. Upon landing on the ground, Shadow Fiend launched the Ghost Scepter at once!

The five heroes from the opposing team had just cast their spells and were still in a period of cooldown. They were rendered incapable of launching attack damage at Shadow Fiend but they could only surround Shadow Fiend without doing anything.

On the other hand, Shadow Fiend began to raise his hand and cast Requiem of Souls within the siege!

Shadow Fiend’s handsome silhouette raised his head and chanted loudly as if he was summoning the dark lord.

Requiem of Souls: Shadow Fiend releases his captured souls as lines of demonic energy. Units near Shadow Fiend when the souls are released can be damaged with its movement speed and attack damage reduced.


Countless souls were released from Shadow Fiend’s body. Powerful damage swept through the entire scene instantaneously. The situation had evolved into surpassing everyone’s expectations in such a short two seconds.

Crystal Maiden and Puck were instantly killed!

On the other hand, Kunkka, Spirit Breaker, Spectre did not have much HP left while Shadow Fiend remained in the death trap of being surrounded.

However, Shadow Fiend used the Blink Dagger in a calm and composed manner!

His silhouette appeared on the other end in an instant. Soon after, he turned around and cast three linked Shadowraze spells!

He was elegant, unrestrained, overbearing! It was the perfect rampage!

The scene was so shocking that the majority of the people were still immersed in his gameplay for a very long time.

“So it turns out that the Shadow Fiend can be used like this too!” muttered Coold involuntarily.

For the very first time, she was curious about this Y-God.

As a professional streamer, she was blessed with exceedingly high natural endowments in gaming. Moreover, she was acquainted with many of the professional God gamers. However, she had never seen anyone playing Shadow Fiend in such a manner. Whether it was his use of items or control, Ye Lingchen was absolutely the most deserving flamboyant player.

[Epic epic epic epic epic!]

[I think Coold has gotten herself the world’s biggest progamer. I envy her.]

[I would like to arrange an interview with the Goddess. How does it feel to do nothing and tag along for free victory.]

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