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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 7
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Chapter 7: It Was A Mistake

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Lingchen was immediately dumbfounded when he returned to the live stream channel once again.

The previous game had yet to end. More importantly, the opposing team had already fought its way to his team’s lair. Leng Leng clenched her teeth and she was still putting up stiff resistance against them.

At last, he had lost after the Ancient collapsed.

He took a glance at his live stream channel and discovered that it was filled with hoots of rage.

[F*ck you, Y-God. You’re a swine. Come out, f*cker!]

[Scram, you Afk-er!]

[I’m shocked! Some streamers can quit in-game yet gain thousands of fans. That’s epic…]

[You made my goddess cry, you’re a swine!]

Ye Lingchen was dumbstruck. He picked up the streaming microphone anxiously. “Cough cough. Hello, everyone. I’m sorry that I was caught up in something earlier.”

[F*ck you! How dare you come back, Afker. Brothers, let’s beat him up!]

[Heh-heh. Such character. I’ve already unsubscribed!]

[Quick, toss eggs at him and beat him up!]

The uproar in the live stream channel became even louder at Ye Lingchen’s appearance. The hoots of rage grew even more ferocious.

In the voice chatroom, Leng Leng had not gone offline yet. It was only that she was unusually quiet on her side as if she were waiting for Ye Lingchen to give her an explanation.

“Leng Leng, are you still here?” asked Ye Lingchen softly.

“Humph!” After a long while, a soft scoff was heard followed by her voice saying, “Y-God! Where the heck did you go?”

Her voice carried a tinge of hoarseness from sobbing. Could it be that she had truly cried?

Ye Lingchen’s masculine character burst out instantaneously. He said without further consideration, “Did you cry for me earlier?”

“Bah!” Leng Leng expressed her contempt almost without the slightest hesitation. “I would rather cry for a pig than you!”

She was genuinely crying.

The battle’s situation took a steep turn after Ye Lingchen left. Also, she was using a new account so she had not expected to lose all four opening rounds. These were the worst opening games in gaming history. She could not help feeling aggrieved and insulted.

Also, she had not heard from Ye Lingchen ever since he left. She had even wondered if Ye Lingchen did it out of anger because of the earlier round. Amid her thoughts, she could not help feeling even more aggrieved and insulted. Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.

[Is that their public display of affection to each other? My heart has been hurt ten thousand times, I can’t take it anymore!]

[This is an unexpected public display of affection, I think I have enough of that.]

[Cold Goddess, stay strong, stay strong! There’s no other man that you can rely on other than me!]

“After you left in the previous round, the opposing team grouped up and pushed constantly so that Spectre could level up. It dragged on until the later stages of the game. We were no match for Spectre in the late game and that was how we lost.” Leng Leng noticed that her tone of speech earlier sounded flirtatious as well. She had no choice but to explain the battle situation hastily.

Ye Lingchen was enlightened.

His side had one less teammate which resulted in a drop of their overall capability. On the other hand, the opposing team had also realized that and seized the opportunity quickly. They grouped up and pushed against the weaker side. Besides, they even had Specter harvesting in the late game. They dragged his team to death at last.

“It’s true that there was an unexpected accident earlier. I’m very sorry, everyone.” Ye Lingchen took the blame frankly. “Our loss is my fault!”

“Are you still playing?” asked Leng Leng.

“Nope. I’m not playing anymore today. I have to go offline now,” replied Ye Lingchen.

“Oh.” Leng Leng appeared to be rather depressed.

“Alright. As a peace offering, I’m going to tell everyone a joke,” said Ye Lingchen all of a sudden.

[Streamer is also good at making jokes? I’m all ears.]

[It’s going to be a sick joke for sure. I’m well prepared.]

[If the joke is bad, it will produce the opposite effect and result in the loss of fans!]

As he was speaking, Ye Lingchen had already begun to speak.

At night, the husband and wife laid on the bed. The wife said, “Hubby, we’ll be in trouble if our future child looks like you.”

The husband answered calmly, “Oh, you’re in big trouble if our child doesn’t look like me.”

[Hah! Hah-hah-hah. How will they look like if the child doesn’t look like the husband? Tom from next door?]

[Mind blown from too much information!]

[The story teaches not to simply say anything. Life is full of mishaps.]

[The streamer is so good at gaming. He’s great in charisma too. What a talented person!]

It was a very simple joke yet it filled the entire live stream channel with laughter.

Leng Leng had also sniggered aloud. She realized that she was especially relaxed when she was streaming with Ye Lingchen. Not only was she not stressed out, she felt relieved and joyous on the contrary.

“Alright. I’m going offline now. I’ll see you again next time, everyone.” Ye Lingchen bid farewell to his viewers before he logged out from the live stream channel soon after.

However, just as he was about to turn off the computer, he received a message from Leng Leng.

[Add me on Wechat. You’ve entrapped me so badly. I won’t allow you to walk away from a problem so easily!]

Ye Lingchen replied with an okay hand gesture emoticon. He searched for her Wechat contact and added her before he walked toward the stairs.

At present, Ye Jin was engaged in the process of admitting the old man and the young maiden.

“A younger-looking doctor?” Ye Jin frowned ever so slightly. “I don’t think that there is a doctor that fits your description in our hospital.”

“That’s impossible.” Lin Ruoyu immediately chimed in, “He was dressed in your hospital’s uniform. How can you say that he’s not from a doctor from your hospital? Call him over to see us now!”

“I can bring you our hospital’s doctor list to show you that there is no such doctor here.” Ye Jin shook his head with a bitter smile on his face. “Moreover, he was fully using traditional Chinese medicine’s treatment technique according to your description. Our hospital has never employed any traditional Chinese medicine doctor before, let alone someone with such superb medical skills.”

“I had examined your grandfather as well earlier. I didn’t manage to determine the cause of the condition, let alone treating the condition. Had it not been the treatment of the unknown doctor earlier, I wouldn’t be able to help in treating your grandfather at all if I was in his place.”

Lin Ruoyu had a chagrined look on her expression. She had already realized that Ye Lingchen was no ordinary person. “So is your hospital equipped with a surveillance system? Look him up for me!”

“A small county hospital like ours has yet to be equipped with surveillance systems.” Ye Jin shook his head.

“How can a hospital not be equipped with a surveillance system!” Lin Ruoyu was enraged. It was a long time before she found a tiny strand of hope yet she did not expect that it would vanish in the blink of an eye.

“That’s alright, Ruoyu.” The old man standing behind her spoke, “It’s already my good fortune to survive this time. We shouldn’t be too greedy. A master like this person may come with luck but not for by searching. Let’s go back now.”

“But…” Lin Ruoyu was still slightly recalcitrant.

The old man waved his hand and procured a cheque that was placed onto the table. “All thanks to your excellent hospital this time. This is a 100000RMB cheque. Take it as the payment of my medical charges.”

“Dear sir, this is utterly not a treatment from our hospital. Moreover, there is no need to pay so much money either.” Ye Jin’s expression changed ever so slightly as he hastily refused it.

“I received the treatment in your hospital. Also, I hope that your hospital will take the trouble to pay more attention to the young doctor. Please thank him on behalf of me,” said the old man with a smile.

Ye Jin hesitated for a long time before he managed to speak, “Sure. Our hospital shall safeguard the money temporarily. We shall pass it to the miracle doctor on behalf of you if we do encounter him.”

The old man and young maiden walked out of the hospital and got into a Mercedes Benz MPV. They left without looking back.

“Grandfather, I’m certain that the doctor is still in the hospital. Why aren’t we looking for him?” Lin Ruoyu pouted her lips. “He said that there is hope to cure your condition in the future!”

“Did he really say that?” The old man looked at Lin Ruoyu in astonishment.

“I heard it with my ears! Moreover, he had only simply massaged your body for twenty minutes and you got better.” continued Lin Ruoyu.

“The world is so big that nothing is too strange! So the supreme being does exist in the common world!” The old man could not help exclaiming emotionally. As compared to this miracle doctor, the rest of the so-called specialists and skilled doctors were simply trash.

“Grandfather, why don’t we turn around and look for him now. I’m willing to beg him to treat you even if that’s what I have to do,” suggested Lin Ruoyu.

“Since the supreme being did not reveal himself, it was naturally due to his lack of willingness to let people know about him. It would not be an easy task to look for him.” The old man sighed softly. “He had only massaged for a short while. Yet, I can feel an ineffable ease and comfortable sensation in my entire body. It’s a hundred times better than consuming those so-called branded medicines!”

“Sigh. It’s all my fault. I failed to pay attention to everything else when all I did was celebrating in joy.” Lin Ruoyu was deeply troubled. She attempted to recall continuously yet she could only remember the doctor’s gaze when he glared at her…

In the hospital, Ye Lingchen looked at Ye Jin before he walked over quietly.

“Miracle Doctor, miracle doctor huh!” Ye Jin remained to be exclaiming emotionally. “Lingchen, our hospital has encountered a great nobleman today. Has it not been the favor of this, our hospital is bound to be in trouble!”

‘Is that so. The great nobleman that you’re saying is precisely the person standing before you.’

Ye Lingchen pondered in his heart, yet he said something else, “what happened?”

“There was an old man with a seemingly important background that came by earlier. He was suffering from an exceedingly rare condition. Had it not been the miracle doctor’s treatment and he would have died, then our hospital would be in deep trouble!” Ye Jin felt the lingering fear in his heart.

“Have you found the miracle doctor?” asked Ye Lingchen in a suggestive manner.

Ye Jin shook his head regretfully. Then, he said, “The miracle doctor was skilled in traditional Chinese medicine. His medical skill was so superior that few doctors can come up to his standard. I’ve always thought that traditional Chinese medicine is useless and I’ve been pursuing western medicine painstakingly. Yet, I didn’t expect that it can be so miraculous. I’ve underestimated our ancestor’s art of medicine! I have my priorities wrong all this while!”

‘It’s good that you haven’t found him.’

Ye Lingchen heaved a sigh of relief.

“Oh right. This is the 100000RMB cheque left behind by the old man as his medical fee. I’ll certainly pass this to the miracle doctor when I see him. Moreover, I would like to express my gratitude to him too!” said Ye Jin while holding the cheque in his hands.

‘One… one hundred thousand?’

Ye Lingchen’s eyes were staring straight ahead in shock and he was breathing quicker as he looked at the cheque.

‘It was me, it was me!’

He cried out in his heart.

‘Why didn’t I charge the medical fees first before I left? It was a mistake!’

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