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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 10 - Spirit Cultivating Diagram And Hundred Tempering Divine Technique
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Chapter 10: Spirit Cultivating Diagram And Hundred Tempering Divine Technique

It was the twenty-ninth day of Chu Xuan’s residence in the courtyard, and tomorrow would mark a month.

Ever since he had killed the heretics who infiltrated the Chu family, there were no more heretics who tried to infiltrate the Chu family.

Over the past two days, Chu Xuan had learned from the servants that the heretics in the Chu County, which was the Chu family’s territory, had suffered a heavy blow from the Chu family and had lost a void realm elder.

The entire Qin Kingdom was shaken. All of the forces were shocked by the manner the Chu family had suddenly bared their fangs.

Even the servants knew the results of the battle. It could be seen that the Chu family had obtained a considerable victory in this operation.

As long as the Chu family’s fief was not conquered, Chu Xuan could stay at ease and gradually become stronger.

One month’s time was soon up.

Chu Xuan was looking forward to what the system would reward him with after staying in the courtyard for one month.

“You’ve been in seclusion for a month. Your reward is the Immovable Mountain technique.”

The reward for a month’s seclusion was the Immovable Mountain technique.

Chu Xuan received the reward.

The Immovable Mountain was a powerful defensive technique. It was both a physical defensive technique and a divine soul defensive technique.

Once one succeeded in cultivating it, one’s body would be as sturdy as a mountain and would be hard to shake.

This was especially in terms of the divine soul defensive technique. It was almost as if layers of mountains protected his divine soul. As long as one could not break past the defense of the mountains, one would not be able to harm his divine soul.

This was an extremely powerful defensive technique, even when one reached the emperor realm.

Chu Xuan immediately began to cultivate the Immovable Mountain technique. His body shook as his spiritual power condensed. After a few hours, he successfully understood the rudimentary concepts behind the technique’s cultivation method.

His spiritual will was like a huge mountain that shielded him from external attacks.

At the same time, Chu Xuan broke through to the ninth level of the profound realm.

Time passed by quickly. In the blink of an eye, the end of the second month was about to arrive.

Chu Xuan already had half a foot into the threshold of the spirit realm.

The speed of his cultivation was fast enough to shock countless geniuses.

During this month, Chu Xuan had obtained various rewards from the system. There were cultivation techniques, secret techniques, medicinal pills, spiritual items, and treasured artifacts.

Even though he was in the courtyard, and did not even take a single step out, Chu Xuan was aware of the tense situation in Chu County.

After the cult had suffered heavy losses, they had launched a surprise attack. The Chu family had lost a spirit realm steward and more than a dozen profound realm juniors.

At this moment, the Qin Kingdom was basically using the entire country’s strength to wipe out the cult.

Under the orders of the Qin royal family and the pressure of the three aristocratic families, countless forces and martial artists within the Qin Kingdom had participated in the effort to encircle and suppress the cult.

Besides the Qin Kingdom, the neighboring Great Zhou and the Purple Moon kingdoms also began to take action.

The defenses of the Chu family’s territory were further strengthened. Occasionally, there would be spirit realm guards to guard the territory.

Three days ago, a short battle took place in the Chu family’s territory. It was not far from Chu Xuan’s courtyard.

The battle soon ended, but it also made Chu Xuan worried.

If a spirit realm or even a void realm heretic cult expert attacked, would it not be very dangerous for him to live at the edge of the family’s territory?

He had to break through to the spirit realm as soon as possible.

Now, the encirclement of the heretic cult was no longer limited to just one force of the Chu family, but the combined efforts of the Qin, Great Zhou, and Purple Moon kingdoms.

One had to know that the force behind the heretic cult was the evil imperial court.

Would the evil imperial court sit back and watch the cult be exterminated?

This encirclement of the cult could be said to have been led by the Chu family, and it was also the Chu family that foiled the cult’s previous plot.

If the evil imperial court really made a move, their first target would definitely be the Chu family.

They had to increase their strength as soon as possible before the evil imperial court made their move!

“You’ve been in seclusion for two months. You’ve been rewarded with a box of great spirit pills.”

Great spirit pills were pills used to break through to the spirit realm, and they were also cultivation pills for those in the spirit realm.

Chu Xuan immediately swallowed a great spirit pill to break through.

After breaking through to the spirit realm, Chu Xuan let out a slight sigh of relief. The spirit realm was not considered weak in the Qin Kingdom. No matter how powerful the cult was, there were not many spirit realm experts.

At this moment, Chu Xuan was confident that as long as it was not an assault by a void realm expert, he would be able to deal with it.

In the blink of an eye, it was almost March.

Chu Xuan had been staying in the courtyard for almost three months now. He did not even take a single step out of the courtyard.

The people he saw every day were the servants who delivered his meals and cleaned his courtyard. They did not speak much.

In the courtyard, other than the spirit-devouring flower, there was not even a small animal.

Chu Xuan was very calm. After all, he was not strong enough. It was too dangerous for him to go out now.

No matter how boring it was, Chu Xuan could remain steadfast!

“Do you think it’s too boring to stay alone? I’ll reward you with a pet, a Heavenly Spirit Cat.”

A pet?

Chu Xuan was pleasantly surprised and immediately received the reward.

A snow-white, silly, and cute-looking cat appeared.

“The Heavenly Spirit Cat is a mystical beast of Heaven and Earth. It can enter the nine netherworlds and ascend to the nine heavens. It’s good at hiding and possesses extreme speed. It looks silly and cute on the outside but, once it is enraged, it will release the power of a divine beast, the White Tiger…”

Chu Xuan looked at the information on the Heavenly Spirit Cat and could not help but exclaim in astonishment. This silly and cute little cat was actually a mystical beast of Heavens and Earth, and its strength was extremely terrifying.

Of course, the current one he had was still in its infant stage.

Its strength was only around the third level of the spirit realm.

However, with the Heavenly Spirit Cat’s extreme speed and agility, even a first-level void realm martial artist would be unable to injure it.

Chu Xuan’s residence was no longer dull and monotonous. Aside from reading books, he could also pet his cat!

The cat ate a great spirit pill every day. Chu Xuan sighed. In the entire continent, no one was as extravagant as he was, feeding the cat with great spirit pills.

“You’ve been in seclusion for three months. Your reward is the Spirit Cultivating Diagram and the Hundred Tempering Divine Technique (Part One).”

Chu Xuan’s spirit was roused. The spiritual will cultivation method that he had been thinking about all this while had finally arrived.

The Spirit Cultivating Diagram was a mysterious picture. Displayed on it were twisted and rotating lines, forming a picture that looked like mountains and rivers.

At a glance, one could not help but immerse oneself into it. One could even feel that the lines of the picture were continuously rotating and twisting.

In just a few minutes, Chu Xuan felt dizzy and he hurriedly averted his gaze.

The moment he averted his gaze, the dizzy feeling disappeared, and his spiritual will actually grew a little.

Chu Xuan was pleasantly surprised. Looking at the Spirit Cultivating Diagram could help him increase and cultivate his spiritual will.

The Hundred Tempering Divine technique was a great technique that surpassed the emperor-level scripture. Even if it was just the first part, it was still extremely powerful.

With the help of the Spirit Cultivating Diagram, the strength of Chu Xuan’s spiritual will skyrocketed.

It was even close to that of a void realm martial artist.

Chu Xuan began to cultivate the Hundred Tempering Divine technique bitterly. The stronger his spiritual will, and the wider his perception range, the stronger the bewitching technique would be.

In the future, the condensed spiritual soul would also become more solid and powerful.

The defense of the Immovable Mountain technique would also be strengthened.

Up until now, Chu Xuan had already formed a hundred mountains to defend his spiritual will.

His next goal was to form a thousand mountains to firmly defend his spiritual will.

To form a mountain to defend his spiritual will required the consumption of spiritual will, and it was not something that could be done overnight.

Every time one’s spiritual will was expended and subsequently recovered, it would be tempered, and the spiritual will gradually became more and more resilient.

The Hundred Tempering Divine technique was meant to continuously temper one’s spiritual will, and its quality and quantity would increase at the same time. It just so happened that he could use it to form mountains to defend his spiritual will at the same time.

After staying in the courtyard for nearly four months, Chu Xuan’s strength had broken through to the fifth level of the spirit realm, and the strength of his spiritual will was no weaker than a third-level void realm martial artist.

On this night, a figure stealthily sneaked into the Chu family estate.

Even the patrolling spirit realm guards of the Chu family did not notice this person’s arrival.

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