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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 11 - Vice Sect Leader Of The Heretic Cult
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Chapter 11: Vice Sect Leader Of The Heretic Cult

Lu Qiang was the vice sect leader of the Chu County branch of the heretic cult in the Qin Kingdom, and his cultivation was at the third level of the spirit realm.

With his current strength, he actually did not have the qualifications to become one of the leaders of a county branch. He only earned this position because he was skilled at concealing himself.

He had once concealed himself by the side of an expert at the fifth level of the void realm for half a month without being discovered.

It was precisely due to this ability that he had managed to climb through the ranks and become the vice sect leader of the Chu County branch of the heretic cult.

The Chu family had wiped out the forces of the cult in Chu County. Facing the Chu family, which was one of the three great families of the Qin Kingdom, the cult naturally could not hold back.

They had paid a great price to have the disciples of the cult come over to the Chu family’s territory to cause trouble in order to force the Chu family to withdraw some of their personnel back to their territory, which would in turn alleviate the dangerous situation the cult was facing.

In the end, the two cult disciples had disappeared without a trace, and nothing had happened in the Chu family’s territory.

Faced with the mounting pressure from the Chu family, Lu Qiang had no choice but to pay a huge price once more to buy the necessary stealth equipment, after which he acted personally.

With Lu Qiang’s stealth ability, coupled with the stealth equipment, it was not difficult for him to sneak into the Chu family territory.

Of course, it was absolutely impossible for him to sneak into the Chu family’s ancestral residence.

There were many experts in the Chu family’s ancestral residence, especially Chu Tianming, who was at the peak of the void realm, or perhaps even a half-step unity realm expert. No matter how good his stealth ability was, he would be discovered if he got too close.

The signature ability of void realm experts was to merge their spiritual will and power with the void and, from there, control even the slightest of movements. No matter how good his stealth ability was, he could not avoid their detection.

However, Lu Qiang’s purpose was only to cause trouble. He only needed to release the poisonous smoke in the Chu family’s territory in order to create chaos in the Chu family and force them to bring back their experts to defend the territory. It would be enough to reduce the pressure currently faced by the cult.

The poisonous smoke he brought this time was stronger than the one brought by the two cult disciples last time, and it was even more difficult to remove.

Once it was released in the Chu family’s territory, it would definitely cause a lot of damage to the Chu family.

He easily avoided the guards of the Chu family. Even spirit realm guards would not be able to discover traces of his stealth ability.

After Lu Qiang entered the Chu family’s territory, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. The Chu family was a sitting duck now, just waiting for the poisonous smoke to be released.

This was the border of the Chu family’s territory. In order to create better results, Lu Qiang decided to continue sneaking further in. At the very least, he had to get close to the inner area of the Chu family’s territory.

In the entire Chu family’s territory, the defense of this particular section was the weakest. It would be the easiest to sneak in from here, and he would also be able to escape easily in this direction.

Lu Qiang continued to sneak further in. He did not go very far before he saw a small courtyard in the distance.

“The intelligence reports indicate that Chu Qiuluo’s son was expelled from the ancestral residence. It seems that he lives in that courtyard.”

Thoughts flashed through Lu Qiang’s mind. He had a bold idea!

Chu Qiuluo was the peerless genius of the Chu family. He had once dominated his entire generation in the Qin Kingdom.

His son was trash though. In the end, however, he was Chu Qiuluo’s son. If he died, that old ghost Chu Tianming would definitely not feel good, right?

What if Chu Qiuluo was still alive and returned to the Chu family to find out that his son had been expelled by that old ghost Chu Tianming, which resulted in his son being killed by the cult? Would he still be able to stay peacefully in the Chu family?

Perhaps, he might even fall out with that old ghost Chu Tianming.

Although Chu Qiuluo’s son had been expelled, if he wanted to return to the ancestral residence, the servants would not dare to stop him, right?

Even if he could not return to the ancestral residence, releasing poisonous smoke outside the ancestral residence could still affect the Chu family’s ancestral residence.

“What a good opportunity!”

Lu Qiang’s eyes lit up. This was a heaven-sent opportunity!

The more he thought about it, the more excited Lu Qiang became. This was an opportunity that old ghost Chu Tianming had personally created for him!

Silently, Lu Qiang arrived at the courtyard.

However, he did not know that when he approached the courtyard, a silly and cute-looking kitten had been silently following behind him.

Lu Qiang waved his hand and a stream of spiritual power surged out. It transformed into a python and headed toward Chu Xuan’s room.

Spiritual power that could be transformed into form, and that power could be controlled by one’s spirit!

It was symbolic of the spirit realm!

Chu Xuan was speechless. Were these heretics crazy?

Why did they sneak in one by one, and the first thing they thought of was how to control him?

Moreover, the Chu family was too f*cking useless. They had been infiltrated once again.

When Lu Qiang approached the courtyard, Chu Xuan had already noticed it.

He left a spiritual energy body in his place, hiding his real body in a dark corner of the courtyard.

The spiritual energy body left behind by Chu Xuan was life-like, almost like a real person. Moreover, he had attached a trace of spiritual will to it.

Unless it was seen with the naked eye, it would be impossible to notice that it was not his real body.

The python formed by Lu Qiang’s spiritual power quickly tied up Chu Xuan’s spiritual energy body.

“Chu Qiuluo’s son really is trash!”

Lu Qiang sighed endlessly.

He was afraid that this was a bait, so he used his transformed spiritual power to tie Chu Xuan up.

The spiritual power python returned.

Lu Qiang suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Chu Xuan’s body seemed to be somewhat abnormal.

Although there were still spiritual will fluctuations, why did that body not look like a flesh and blood body?

Not good!

The alarm bells in Lu Qiang’s heart rang wildly. That was not his real body, but a body formed from spiritual power!

It was actually bait!

That old ghost Chu Tianming was indeed treacherous!

He was careless!

No matter what, he was still Chu Qiuluo’s son. No matter how useless he was, how could that old ghost Chu Tianming not have any protective measures in place at all?

Lu Qiang’s figure retreated explosively. He was about to escape from the courtyard and release poisonous smoke simultaneously.


Suddenly, his shoulder sank!

A furry thing suddenly jumped onto his shoulder. There was no warning or sound; he did not even have the chance to dodge at all.

Lu Qiang’s scalp turned numb and cold sweat kept pouring down his forehead.

At the critical moment, the spiritual power in his whole body was about to shock the thing on his shoulder to death.

Pa Pa Pa Pa!

His spiritual power dissipated, and his face and head were hit countless times in an instant.

He only felt a small, fleshy paw slapping his face and head at an extremely fast speed.

His face was swollen, and his vision seemed to be spinning in circles.

His head was dizzy, and his spiritual will was trembling. His vision was also gradually turning blurry!

He was going to lose consciousness!

Lu Qiang wanted to put up a desperate final struggle, but it was useless. The moment he fell, he knew that he had fallen for good!

Chu Xuan walked out and looked at Lu Qiang, who was lying on the ground. A mere third-level spirit realm cultivator dared to come and try to deal with him? He was courting death.

The cat easily took him down.

Looking at the cute cat, Chu Xuan could not help but sigh. This cat’s small claws were really fast.

It moved and left a series of afterimages. Lu Qiang did not even have the slightest ability to resist before he fell.

This too was because the cat’s claws had shown mercy.

The cat had landed on his shoulder. It would be strange if he did not fall.

Looking at Lu Qiang, who was lying on the ground, Chu Xuan frowned. What should he do?

Hand him over to the Chu family?

There was a risk of exposing himself that way.

In that case, it was better to kill him.

The spirit-devouring flower sneakily moved over. The flower poked out and prodded Lu Qiang’s fallen body, indicating that it wanted to swallow him.

“Swallow him.”

Chu Xuan nodded.

The spirit-devouring flower was very happy. Its roots climbed up over his body and soon, it had swallowed Lu Qiang.

Lu Qiang, the vice sect leader of the heretic cult, who was in charge of Chu County, left peacefully.

“Take a look at his memories.”

Chu Xuan instructed the Spirit Devouring Flower to retrieve Lu Qiang’s memories and show them to him.

Lu Qiang was the vice sect leader of the heretic cult in Chu County?

His status was not low.

It was just that he was a little weak.

As for his stealth ability, it was useless to Chu Xuan.

He had brought poisonous smoke to wreak havoc again. Was this all the cult could do?

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