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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 4 - Cultist Spies
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Chapter 4: Cultist Spies

It was not time to eat yet. The servants delivered food at a fixed time, and when the time came, two servants always came together.

The butler had arranged specifically for these servants, and unless there was a unique situation, there would not be a change of staff.

Chu Xuan could see through his will perception that the servant who was delivering the food that day was a new person.

In Chu Xuan’s will perception, there seemed to be something wrong with this servant.

Chu Xuan frowned slightly. Could it be that someone from the Chu family was targetting him?

There was no reason for this.

He was not favored by Chu Tianming in the direct line of descent of the Chu family, and his uncles had never targeted him before this.

As for his peers, he had already been expelled from the ancestral residence and marginalized.

Therefore, there was no reason for anyone target him.

Although the Chu family was a large aristocratic family, the fights between the direct line of descent were not too intense.

Chu Xuan saw the servant come in and start to place food on the table.

He used his will to scan the food on the table and found that there were a few small insect eggs mixed inside the food.

If he had not broken through to the Profound Realm, he definitely would not have detected the insect eggs mixed in with the food.

The eggs of the poisonous gu?

He used his will to determine that it was just an ordinary poisonous gu’s eggs. This was not a threat to Chu Xuan, who was now at the Profound Realm.

The other party did not want to kill him, but instead wanted to control him!

“Thirteenth Young Master, it’s time to eat.”

After the servant placed the food, he lowered his head and retreated to the side.

Chu Xuan was still lying on the recliner. He looked at the servant and said, “This young master is very curious about something. Who asked you to come today?”


The servant was stunned and looked at Chu Xuan. “It was the order of the head butler.”

The head butler was the one who brought Chu Xuan here. He was Chu Tianming’s confidant as well as the head butler of the Chu family’s ancestral residence.

Chu Xuan decided to try the Bewitching Technique on this servant. A servant who had just reached the Qi gathering stage of the Mortal Realm would definitely not be able to resist the control of the Bewitching Technique.

With that, Chu Xuan immediately gathered his spiritual will and cast the Bewitching Technique. Moments later, an invisible wave invaded the servant’s will.

In just an instant, the servant no longer even had the strength to resist as his eyes became dull.

“Tell me, who are you? Who asked you to come here?”

A cold light flashed in Chu Xuan’s eyes. No matter who had ordered the servant, anyone who dared to harm him would not be forgiven.

Chu Xuan was not strong enough, so he had to endure it for now. However, once he was strong enough, he would kill the perpetrator immediately!

“I’m a cultist. No one asked me to come here. I just saw an opportunity to control you and gain the favor of the heretic elders. That is why I came here…”

The cultist sect was the most chaotic factor in the Qin Kingdom, and the force behind it was the Evil Imperial Court!

The Evil Imperial Court was a very special country in the southern region. Everyone in its territory practised evil arts, and not many laws were enforced within the country.

Every day, evil cultivators would fight and devour each other in order to become stronger.

The Evil Imperial Court had the smallest population of any neighbouring country, but it was extremely powerful, and it constantly watched its neighbours like a tiger eyeing its prey.

This was especially true when it firmly controlled the lineage of the Evil King of the Evil Imperial Court. The king’s strength was beyond imagination. Otherwise, how could he rule over all the evil cultivators in the region?

There were evil cults in the eight countries that made up the southern region. The cults were either formed by evil cultivators from the Evil Imperial Court itself or were evil cultivators cultivated by the Evil Imperial Court within each respective territory.

The cultists were secretive and were extremely good at remaining in hiding as well as killing. They were the most unstable factor within the borders of each country.

Cultists did not call themselves saints like certain factions did. Rather, they called referred to themselves as cultists.

Cults consisted of a group of people who practised evil techniques. They knew that they were all evil people, so they never bothered labelling themselves saints.

When Chu Xuan heard that the servant was actually a cultist, he was shocked. Was he being targeted by a cult?

No, only this cultist should be targeting him for the time being.

The Chu family had actually been infiltrated by a cultist spy!

Could it be that the cult was going to launch an attack on the Chu family?

If it was just a cult, the Chu family’s strength was enough to deal with it.

What Chu Xuan was worried about was that the Evil Imperial Court was specifically targeting the Chu family, or possibly even the Qin Kingdom, and was preparing to launch an attack on them.

At this stage, he could not allow anything to the Chu family. If something happened to the Chu family, how could he stay at home and become stronger?

He did not know how many evil cult spies had infiltrated the Chu family. Hence, he had to remind his cheap grandfather, Chu Tianming, to thoroughly investigate the Chu family and find out about the hidden spies!

After the interrogation, Chu Xuan let out a sigh of relief. This operation had been started made by this evil cult disciple on his own initiative.

He saw an opportunity to control Chu Xuan, a direct descendant of the Chu family, so he was prepared to secretly control himself and claim credit from the cultist elders.

However, Chu Xuan realized that since this cultist felt that there was now an opportunity to gain control over a direct descendant of the Chu family, then the other cultists would definitely feel the same.

If there were indeed cultists from the dark realm lurking within the Chu family, it would be troublesome if they all started targetting him.

Therefore, in order for him to stay safe and comfortable, he had to make the Chu family thoroughly investigate the matter relating to the hidden spies.

He had to inform his cheap grandfather, Chu Tianming.

Even so, how could he inform him?

Chu Xuan did not want to expose his true strength. He did not plan to take even half a step outside his courtyard. Moreover, he had to conceal his strength in order to reduce the enemy’s attention on him.

Until he was strong enough, he had to protect himself and stay alive!

As he thought of this, Chu Xuan’s emotions fluctuated, and the Bewitching Technique shook. After all, it was his first time using the Bewitching Technique, and he did not manage to control his strength well. This ended up in him destroying a small part of the servant’s will.

As such, it was impossible for Chu Xuan to hand over the spy to Chu Tianming now. Otherwise, he would definitely know that a small part of the spy’s will had been destroyed.

Chu Xuan’s strength would be drawn into question, and his true strength would be discovered. His grandfather might even wonder if he had hidden his strength for other reasons.

A small part of the spy’s spiritual will had been destroyed. For a man who had just reached the qi-gathering stage, it was an extremely serious injury. He might even become retarded.

Even if he did not become a retard, his mind would still be in chaos and his emotions would be out of control.

If Chu Xuan did not want others to find out that the spy’s will had been severely damaged, he could only kill him.

If he was killed, it would impossible to find out that his will had been severely damaged when he was still alive.

After all, he was only at the Mortal Realm. There would not be any trace of his will after he died.

After Chu Xuan lost control and destroyed a small part of the spy’s will, his face contorted as if he had fallen into a state of chaos.

Not long after, the two servants who were supposed to deliver the food arrived.

Chu Xuan immediately released the cultist spy and pretended to have a big fight with the other party.

The cult spy showed the strength of someone who had only just entered the qi-gathering stage while Chu Xuan also displayed an equal amount of strength to match him.

Moreover, he showed that he had just broken through not long ago and that his strength was not even equal to that of the cultist spy, making it appear as if he were pathetically defending himself. This was the only way to stay true to his character.

He was the scum of the direct line of descent!

“Such impudence! How dare you attack the Thirteenth Young Master?!”

The servant delivering the food heard the sound of battle and quickly rushed over. When he saw Chu Xuan dodge the attacks in a sorry state, he was immediately shocked.

No matter how marginalized Chu Xuan was, he was still part of the direct line of descent of the Chu family. He was not someone that servants like them could offend.

There was actually a servant who attacked a member of the direct line of descent of the Chu family. This was a huge crime!

“A cultist?”

When he saw that the servant was actually using an evil technique, he was immediately shocked.

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