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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 494 - 494 Changes In The Chaos (Part 2)
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494 Changes In The Chaos (Part 2)

Tianmo Lie’s eyes narrowed. He nodded and no longer brought up the matter of killing ancestor Yuan Shan.

In the celestial race’s territory, a discussion was also taking place, primarily regarding their plans in the nine zones.

“Our celestial race has no descendants in the nine zones. In this sense, the demon race has the advantage,” a celestial race expert said.

“Ji Dexin has reincarnated into the nine zones, so he might be of use,” another person said.

“Don’t forget that Ji Dexin was once a member of the human race. Now, he’s just returning to his roots. Would he still work for the celestial race?”

Divine Lord Du watched the experts argue and did not say anything.

In the immortal race’s territory, a sage-like elder was presiding over a similar meeting.

He held a horsetail whisk in his hand, and his aura was restrained, almost as if he was just an ordinary old man.

However, all the higher-ups of the immortal race were very respectful of him.

This old man was one of the second generation ancestors of the immortal race, and was extremely powerful.

Venerable He!

“There are definitely changes in the nine zones. We just have to wait patiently. For the time being, it will be difficult for most to send their wisps of consciousness into the nine zones.”

Venerable He was silent for a moment before he continued, “We can cooperate with the human race.”

“Ancestor, you wish to cooperate with the human race?”

The higher-ups of the immortal race were stunned.

“Why can’t we?”

“The conflict between the immortal race and the human race isn’t irreconcilable. Don’t forget that the human race used to worship immortals and celestials, and that some even joined us.”

“The Great Dao calamity this time around is extraordinary. I’m afraid that some existences hidden deep in the chaos will also appear.”

“There’s not much point in continuing to suppress the human race. The human race is only blessed by the Great Dao in the nine zones, but not in the chaos.”

“The reason why the human race left the nine zones is to redirect everyone’s attention from their weaker cultivators in the nine zones.”

Everyone listened silently.

Venerable He was an influential figure in the immortal race, and had to know certain details that they did not in order to be making such a decision.

“All of us will eventually have to return to the nine zones. The human race is not weak, so we can allow them to occupy territory as well.”

“Of course, the premise for this is that the human race is willing to cooperate and pay some price. As long as we allow it, the other races can’t do anything to the human race. Everything can be discussed.”

“We can even allow the human race’s Daoyuan realm cultivators to enter the nine zones and investigate the current situation.”

Venerable He closed his eyes for a long time before saying, “The chaos will not be peaceful. No matter what, don’t deliberately go against the human race. You can even continue to absorb human geniuses into the immortal race.”

As he spoke, he looked at a certain person in the crowd below and said, “You are a human, so I’ll leave this matter to you.”


That person agreed.

Other than the major races, the other powerful races also had their supreme experts return.

Moreover, these experts all seemed to be thinking along the same lines.

Of course, the prerequisite was that the human race was willing to agree to some conditions and pay some price.

The higher-ups of the various powerful races all realized that some changes had occurred in the chaos.

Otherwise, they would not have given up on targeting the human race.

In the demon race’s territory, Mo Zun had received a message and gathered the demon race’s Daoyuan realm cultivators.

“Stop targeting the human race and focus on contacting the mixed-blood Daoyuan realm demons of the nine zones as soon as possible. If we can take the initiative, our race will have the advantage.”

“Remember this well. There is the possibility that we may cooperate with the human race. That being said, although the human race has advantages in the nine zones, so do we.”

The demon experts were puzzled, “Ancestor, why do we want to cooperate with the human race? What qualifications do those puny humans have to cooperate with us demons?”

“The situation in the chaos has changed. The other races, such as the immortal, celestial, and dragon races, are all hoping to reach an agreement with the human race. Don’t underestimate the human race. If we are tripped up by the human race at a critical moment, the consequences will be unpredictable,” Mo Zun said solemnly.

“Try to cooperate with the human race in the nine zones and take the initiative!”

Mo Zun left after he finished speaking.

The demons did not dare to disobey his instructions.

Furthermore, something must have happened for Mo Zun to give up on targeting the human race. If they could work together with the human race, they would be able to use both of their advantages to make better preparations.

All of the powerful demons present wondered if a powerful chaotic being had arrived.

Did the chaotic beings who had once occupied the nine zones, and were hunted or expelled, want to return to the nine zones to take revenge on the other races? Or was it something else entirely?

No matter which situation it was, it meant that the nine zones were very important, and a key piece of the puzzle in dealing with any changes and uncertainties.

In addition to the races of the nine zones, the races of the Ancient Chaos World also made some adjustments to their plans.

They wanted to obtain a place in the nine zones as well.

The nine zones had always been the territory of the various races of the nine zones. Therefore, if they wanted to obtain a place, conflict with those races was unavoidable.

The various races of the Ancient Chaos World had to unite.

As for the human race, they were favored by the Great Dao of the nine zones. It was necessary to rope them in and cooperate with them.

The human race had always been suppressed and targeted by the other races of the nine zones. If the races of the Ancient Chaos World cooperated with them, the pressure on the human race could be greatly reduced.

In the nine zones, Chu Xuan was unaware of all of this.

Instead, he was bemoaning the slow pace of extending his Dao path.

Of the world origin energy he had received from the system, only a wisp of it was used to extend his Dao path. The rest of it had seeped into the Great Dao of the nine zones, which resulted in the expansion of the nine zones.

He was thinking about how he could improve the efficiency rate of using the world origin energy to extend his Dao path. If a mere wisp could extend his Dao path by 130,000 miles, then the whole thing would do so by more than a hundred thousand miles.

Chu Xuan was looking forward to the reward for the 72-year milestone. Hopefully, the reward would still be the same.

In the meantime, he would continue to cultivate.

Time passed as he continued to cultivate, and the 72-year milestone was approaching.

If the reward was the same, it likely meant that he would keep receiving world origin energy until he reached the 80-year milestone.

If he could improve the efficiency of its use, perhaps his dream of a million-mile Dao path could be achieved quickly.

“Your disciple, Hu Tianya, has undergone a further transformation and purification of his bloodline. He is one of the four divine beasts of the world and has obtained the recognition of the Great Dao. He has shouldered the fate of the Great Dao and suppressed the monster race, unifying them. You have been rewarded with the Monster World and Monster Dao principle!”

The system’s reward suddenly appeared.

Chu Xuan was momentarily stunned.

Hu Tianya was now a divine beast in the true sense.

In addition, Chu Xuan also noticed the fact that the system’s reward mentioned four divine beasts. This meant that the nine zones once had four divine beasts.

However, he did not know why they had disappeared.

He took a glance at Hu Tianya, who was already standing on the highest peak of the Monster Zone in an awe-inspiring manner. He was looking down at the many monsters below.

The might of a divine beast was revealed, suppressing the demon zone.

Even the peerless genius of the Azure Dragon tribe had surrendered.

The monster race had been united by Hu Tianya.

Chu Xuan checked the system reward.

The Monster World…

This would save him the trouble of creating another world.

The establishment of the Monster World was connected to the Ghost World and Buddhist World, as well as the nine zones. As a result, the nine zones became stronger and stronger. This naturally strengthened the Heavenly Dao laws as well.

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