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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion
Chapter 512 - 512 Lu Yang Greets Granduncle (2)
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512 Lu Yang Greets Granduncle (2)

At this moment, all the attention in the sky and river was focused on his palm.

This sword might change the situation of the eight counties in Dongnan!

Lu Yang took a step forward and landed on the deck.

Qian Yunong closed his eyes.

On the deck, all the Mystic Sun Guards knelt on the ground and bowed.

In the sky, all the spiritual light condensed into substance.

“Lu Yang greets Granduncle.”

On the deck, Lu Yang let go of the hilt of his sword. Then he cupped his fists and bowed.

Han Muye turned around and sized up Lu Yang, then said, “Would your father let you call me that?”

Lu Chen had always voiced his own opinions.

They were brothers.

Lu Yang lowered his head and the corners of his mouth twitched. He said in a low voice, “Respect for seniority. My grandfather said that I can’t listen to my father’s nonsense.”

With that, he cupped his fists and said, “With the elders by my side, Lu Yang will listen to your teachings. Please decide what to do today.”

Han Muye laughed and looked at Lu Yang. “What decision do you want me to make?”

Lu Yang looked up at Han Muye and said solemnly, “Granduncle, please tell me how many to kill.”

At this moment, no one in the world had recovered from their shock.

Han Muye and Lu Yang’s conversation was all gobbledegook to them.

Zhang Yaohui, who was half-kneeling on the deck, looked up at Han Muye and Lu Yang with a blank expression.

Qian Yunong slowly turned his head, his face blank.

In the void, the spiritual light that was originally condensed was about to collapse. It was a mess.

Lu Yang’s senior?

On the ship ahead, Xiao Chu and Jia Yang looked at each other.

They had thought highly of Han Muye’s identity.

But they still couldn’t imagine who he was.

Young Master Mu Ye, who looked unusually young and had nothing to do, was actually the commander of the three counties, the elder of Butcher Lu, Lu Yang, and his granduncle?

Lu Yang’s grandfather was Lu Yuzhou, a half-sage who suppressed an entire county. He was the deputy head of the Imperial City Academy.

The brother of this mighty person should be a martial grandmaster, right?

Could a Confucian Grandmaster resolve the current situation?

They didn’t know.

Even if a martial grandmaster could not suppress today’s situation, many changes would occur.

For a moment, the faces of countless people in the sky darkened.

Mu Wan turned to look at Han Muye.

She knew that she could not see through Senior Brother Han.

However, the current Senior Brother Han was getting further and further away from her.

It was the kind of distance that she could not catch up to even if she tried her best.

Even though he was so close, she felt that she could only look up to him for the rest of her life and watch him walk away.

“Hmph, today is a joyous occasion for the Cloud Sweeping Sect. Even if a Confucian Grandmaster comes, he can’t break the rules of our Dongnan Dao Sects.

“If anyone dares to attack today, they will fight to the death with the various sects in Dongnan.”

In the sky, the Daoist from the Fuchen Dao Sect took a step forward with the green jade horsetail whisk in his hand. The spiritual light around his body combined with the surrounding light as he spoke in a low voice.

There was no turning back.

By the time they forced Lu Yang out, they could no longer turn back.

If they could not suppress Confucianism and the dynasty today, the Daoist sects in the eight counties in Dongnan would become scattered sand again.

Han Muye didn’t look at the sky, but at Lu Yang. “I’m very curious. Why are they blocking your path to Dao?”

Butcher Lu’s name resounded throughout the Central Continent. These people from Daoism had nothing better to do and wanted to fight Lu Yang head-on.

“Granduncle, the battle in the No Resentment Realm is urgent and we need reinforcements.

“In the No Resentment Realm, the Dao is achieved through incense.”

No Resentment Realm.

Attaining the Dao through incense offerings.

Everything clicked.

The No Resentment Realm was conquered by the Heavenly Mystic sects and could only subvert.

Those who could become the leaders of the Heavenly Mystic army’s reinforcements were all experts who had formed their own Great Dao and had their cultivation suppressed to the extreme before making a breakthrough.

Qian Yiming had broken through the suppression in the Ten Thousand Demons Mystic Realm. Now the only one who could lead the reinforcements was Lu Yang.

If Lu Yang broke through the suppression today, his Great Dao would be flawed. Even if he led an army to war, he would not be able to suppress everything.

Han Muye nodded and looked at the sky. “They colluded with the No Resentment Realm to split the power of the Heavenly Mystic Great Dao. They deserve to be killed.

“They’re in Daoism. They don’t want to cultivate in peace and they disturb the order of the mortal world. They deserve to be killed.

“Gathering a crowd and causing chaos, oppressing mortals with the power of the world, ruining the matters of the Heavenly Mystic World. Their thoughts are vicious. They deserve to be killed.”

When Han Muye said that they deserved to be killed, Lu Yang’s expression became happier.

His face was full of smiles.

“I will obey the order of my granduncle to destroy the Daoist sects in the eight counties in Dongnan.”

With three sentences from Han Muye, Lu Yang would wipe out the Daoist sects of the eight counties!

Don’t these two people in front of us take the tens of thousands of Daoist cultivators in the eight counties in Dongnan seriously? everyone wondered.

Although the Confucian Dao Dynasty suppressed the Heaven Mystic World, it was not to the extent where they could destroy the Daoist sects with a single word!

Even Wen Mosheng didn’t dare to utter such bold words!

In the void, the clouds surged.

Since Lu Yang had already spoken, this battle was inevitable.

If he wanted to fight, he would decide his life and death!

Whether the Daoist sects would decline or rise would be decided today!

Han Muye looked at Lu Yang.

This guy is really murderous.

“Your father asked you to look for me, but you’re just spouting empty words?”

Han Muye smiled and spoke.

Lu Yang grinned and took out a golden seal with both hands.

Dongshan County, County Governor Seal.

“Lu Yang alone is not enough to wipe out the Daoist sects of the eight counties.

“Granduncle, please help.”

Lu Yang held the seal with both hands and bowed to Han Muye.

He dares to present the seal of the county governor like this?

This is the authority of heaven and earth!

In the sky, the expressions of many Daoist experts changed.

If the Daoist sects had been plotting to force Lu Yang to come, what they were seeing now was a life-and-death struggle in Dongshan County.

If the County Governor Seal was lost, the authority of Dongshan County would be reduced to nothingness.

At that time, even if the Daoist sects went to Dongshan County to seize the authority, the Heavenly Mystic Dao would consent to it.

The experts of the Fuchen Dao Sect were filled with fighting spirit.

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