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Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day
Chapter 10
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Chapter 10: Anger

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Jun Shiling gave Xia Wanyuan an unreadable gaze that was as deep as an ancient well. Seeing it was almost time for dinner, Xia Wanyuan ignored the warning and brought Xiao Bao into the house.

Nanny Li looked at Jun Shiling’s expression and wondered how Miss Xia had angered Young Master again.

Ever since Jun Shiling was born, he had been very confident in everything he did. Almost no one had escaped his control. But just today alone, he had experienced it twice.

The first time came from the milk candy that his son, who was rarely close to him, gave him. The second time came from this woman whom he could not see through.

Xia Wanyuan and the little master were already seated at the dining table while Jun Shiling was still sitting on the rattan chair in the courtyard. For some reason, Nanny Li could see a hint of loneliness in Jun Shiling’s imposing figure.

Nanny Li mustered her courage and walked over. “Young Master, dinner is ready. Please go and eat.”

But Jun Shiling didn’t move at all. His well-defined side profile exuded a coldness that made people’s hearts tremble. Nanny Li didn’t dare to speak anymore and carefully retreated to a corner.

Xia Wanyuan witnessed what happened while she was inside the house. She was reminded that no matter what, Jun Shiling was Xiao Bao’s biological father, while she had only arrived in this era a few days ago.

In her previous life, she had already tried her best to teach the Xia Emperor, but she could only replace her mother’s role. The loss of a father’s position would be an irreversible tragedy for children, especially boys.

She grabbed the hand of the little bad guy who wanted to secretly steal a chicken wing when she wasn’t paying attention. “Mommy.” Xiao Bao’s eyes were full of smiles when his hand was grabbed.

“Go and tell your father to come in for dinner.”

“Okay, Mommy.”

Xiao Bao had never dared to say it, but in his heart, not only did he want his mother, but he also wanted to get close to his father. Whenever he saw that his classmates’ parents came together to pick them up in kindergarten, he felt extremely envious.

In the past, he used to look at other people’s families eagerly. But now, he could be together with his parents too! Xiao Bao was elated.

Slipping down from the chair, he ran to Jun Shiling with his short legs, reaching out to grab his sleeve.

“Daddy, Mommy called you in for dinner.”

Seeing that Jun Shiling did not react, Xiao Bao boldly hugged Jun Shiling’s thigh. “Daddy, Mommy will be very happy if you eat with us.”

Xia Wanyuan, who had invited Jun Shiling over for Xiao Bao’s sake, had been sold off without her even knowing.

Jun Shiling’s eyes flickered. Was he wrong? Was that woman acting so abnormally to attract his attention?

Fortunately, Xia Wanyuan did not know what Jun Shiling was thinking at that moment. Otherwise, she would definitely laugh and say that his imagination was too strong.

After a moment of silence, Jun Shiling stood up and followed him inside. As Xiao Bao walked into the house, he tugged on Jun Shiling’s sleeve, pulling him along.

Nanny Li, who was sitting in the corner, cursed in her heart. ‘Young Master wanted to go in to eat, right? Otherwise, with Little Master’s little strength, how could he possibly move Young Master?’

The cutlery in the room was already set up. Xia Wanyuan looked towards the father and son who looked so similar to each other, but what she received was Jun Shiling’s warning gaze.

“…” Xia Wanyuan was speechless. It was just a meal. Weren’t modern people very open-minded? Why did it seem like an ancient rule that men and women should not be intimate?

But she did not show it on her face. She told Xiao Bao to sit properly and simply ignored Jun Shiling.

The person whom he thought would tend to him eagerly had ignored him. The mother and son ate happily and left him alone, making him look awkward.

For some reason, Jun Shiling felt suffocated. He sat down at the table with a dark face and ate his meal in a very low mood.

Unfortunately, one of the people at the table was chirping and acting coquettishly towards his mother while the other was engrossed in her food as if she was eating delicacies. No one paid any attention to him.

The more he ate, the more unhappy he became. Finally, after dinner, Jun Shiling put down his chopsticks and walked out the door, leaving behind the dumbfounded Xiao Bao and the smiling Xia Wanyuan.

“Mommy, why did Daddy leave?”

No matter how smart Jun Yin was, he was still a child. In the past, he had grown up by the nanny’s side and knew that his parents’ relationship wasn’t good. He had thought that his parents had reconciled after seeing Jun Shiling and Xia Wanyuan having meals and even waiting for him to finish school together these two days.

But now, it was obvious that Jun Shiling was angry. He was afraid that Xia Wanyuan and Jun Shiling would return to their former state.

Sensing the worry in Xiao Bao’s eyes, Xia Wanyuan pulled him into her arms.

“Baby, no matter what Daddy and Mummy’s relationship is like, it won’t affect Mommy’s love for you.” She paused. “And Daddy’s too. Don’t worry, okay?”

Then, she leaned over and kissed Xiao Bao’s forehead. “Mommy will be with you.”

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