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The Most Generous Master Ever
Chapter 719 - 719 That's Right, It's Me, It's Me
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719 That’s Right, It’s Me, It’s Me

Hearing Qi Daolin’s words, everyone was shocked. They did not expect such a person to exist in the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands. He could even save someone who had already died. What kind of great divine power was this?

At this moment, everyone from the Jiang Dynasty was shocked and revealed looks of disbelief.

“This… How is this possible? Mr. Qi, does the expert you mentioned really have the ability to revive the dead?” Jiang Ming asked in disbelief.

Mr. Qi smiled and said confidently, “Of course. The world is huge, and there are many great divine powers. What we’ve seen and understood is only the tip of the iceberg. In places we can see and not see, even more mysterious things can happen. If you can find this person, perhaps your father can escape his suffering.”

Hearing Mr. Qi’s words, everyone seemed to have hope reignited in their hearts. Yaya was even more excited because the person Mr. Qi was talking about her Heaven Mending Pavilion. “Sir, what’s the name of the person you’re talking about? Where does he live?”

Bai Junlin couldn’t help but roll his eyes when he heard this. He whispered, “Big Brother, is she really your disciple? Why didn’t she even know your heroic deeds?”

The corner of Ye Qiu’s mouth twitched as he sweated. “Get lost! Do you think I’m like you who spreads how awesome you are every time you do something, as if you’re afraid that the entire world doesn’t know.”

“Hehe… Of course. Why else would I do that? Isn’t it just to be famous and have a good time? Big Brother, you don’t know how awesome it feels to be famous! That feeling of walking on the path and everyone in the world looking at you with admiration, and thousands of women wishing they could throw themselves at you. That feeling is… awesome.” Bai Junlin was not ashamed. Instead, he was very proud.

Ye Qiu shook his head when he saw his serious expression. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This kid didn’t hide anything at all. He bragged, and was very straightforward, and very real. According to his philosophy, he would be an idiot not to show off. No matter what he did, he only had one goal, and that was to show off.

Otherwise, why would I do those things? Why would I cause trouble for no reason and let myself suffer losses?

Thinking about it this way, it made sense.

Although Ye Qiu had wasted a drop of Life Liquid back then, the benefits it brought were huge. Not to mention the treasures given by the various Patriarchs back then, Ye Qiu’s current reputation and heroic deeds had already spread to the various capitals and corners of the stone well.

Even an expert like Qi Daolin knew Ye Qiu’s heroic deeds back then. Its influence was indeed very great!

Ye Qiu was very surprised. Back then, he only saved those people out of guilt. He didn’t expect them to bring him so many benefits.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu smiled. “Hehe, this feeling is indeed not bad. Unfortunately, I’ve wronged you, Senior Brother Qi. I’ll be this good person. I can only wrong you to continue being this demon.”

Poor Qi Wuhui. He still didn’t know that he had been tricked by Ye Qiu. Ye Qiu took on all the good reputations and became a hero. He let Qi Wuhui bear the infamy of being a killing demon alone. The problem was that he didn’t know yet.

Seeing that Yaya was asking so anxiously, Mr. Qi even kept her in suspense and was not in a hurry to tell her. This made everyone present anxious.

“Sir, tell me quickly. I’m so anxious.” Jiang Yue looked impatient and couldn’t help but ask.

“That’s right. Who is this person?”

Looking at everyone’s anxious expressions, Mr. Qi smiled and said, “This person is the Heaven Mending Deva of the Heaven Mending Pavilion, Ye Qiu.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd instantly erupted. Yaya was even more stunned.

“Ye Qiu! Is that the Heaven Mending Deity, Ye Qiu, who has been in the limelight recently and is known to be able to compete with Ming Yue?”

As soon as Mr. Qi said this, the entire place instantly erupted.

Everyone couldn’t believe it. They were incomparably familiar with the name Ye Qiu.

They had never seen him before, but his legendary deeds had long spread throughout the entire Nine Heavens and Ten Lands. It’s actually him! Rumor has it that this person once broke through the Eleven Heavenly Sanctums, broke the legendary record, and stood proudly on his own.

“Among his peers, he even looked down on all living beings. I didn’t expect such a dazzling person to have the ability to revive the dead.” Jiang Ming commented in disbelief. The world only knew that Ye Qiu’s strength was extraordinary and he suppressed the crowd. His talent was astonishing. However, he did not know that he had such a heaven-defying ability to revive people.

At this point, everyone became excited. No matter what, they had to invite such a talented person back to treat their father. They were willing to pay any price!

“Yaya, aren’t you a disciple of the Heaven Mending Pavilion? I believe you know this person, right? Do you think we can invite him back to the palace to treat Father? Feel free to state any conditions. As long as we can do it, we can satisfy him.” At this moment, Jiang Ming was incomparably excited. He pulled Yaya and was about to ask when he asked her anxiously.

When Yaya heard this, she turned around and looked at her master in embarrassment. At this moment, she was completely stunned. She had been looking for the expert for a long time, but she never thought that this expert was actually her master.

The most awkward thing was that she had asked who the expert was for a long time, but she did not know that in the hearts of others, the high and mighty expert had been silently standing behind her.

Yaya was very embarrassed. As his disciple, she actually didn’t know anything about her master. She still had to hear these things from others. When she thought of her actions just now, she suddenly did not dare to face her master.

The corner of Yaya’s mouth twitched in the face of her brother’s question. She said embarrassedly, “Alright, I do know him, and I’m very familiar with him.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was delighted.

“Really? Jiang Ming slapped his thigh and said, “That’s great. I’ve long heard that you’re doing very well in the Heaven Mending Holy Land. Last time Aunt came back, she told us not to worry about you. At first, I didn’t believe it. Now, I believe it. You even know the Heaven Mending Deity. You must be doing better than us.”

Everyone was even more delighted. Jiang Yue went straight to the point and said, “Yaya, we’ll talk about other things in the future. Do you think you can invite this expert back? This is our begging. As long as you can cure Father, we’ll agree to anything.” Since they had seen hope, how could everyone let it go?

Yaya felt a little embarrassed. She turned around and looked at her master. She pouted as if she was admitting his mistake. After hesitating for a while, Yaya finally admitted defeat and said, “There’s no need to invite him. He’s in the palace now.”


As soon as these words were spoken, the entire place fell silent. Ye Qiu was in the palace? For a moment, everyone was stunned.

Seeing this scene, Ye Qiu smiled unkindly. Hehe, wasn’t this the chance to show off? As expected, opportunities were reserved for those who were prepared, and I happened to be sufficiently prepared.

“Ahem… There’s no need to look. That’s right, it’s me, it’s me.”

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